Borderlands 3 Eden 6 Side Quest Guide

Borderlands 3 Eden 6 Side Quest Guide
Eden 6 is another large area with plenty of side quests in Borderlands 3. The quests are petty easy to find, but some are difficult to complete. Check out this Borderlands 3 Eden 6 side quest guide to complete them all.

Borderlands 3 Eden 6 Side Quest Guide

Dont Truck With Eden 6
You get this quest when you get to the first road in Eden 6. Talk to Miller up at Knotty Peak, follow the story to get to it. You have to destroy two vehicles to lure out the target. Try to kill them as they spawn, or else they will drag you all around the swamp with a chase. When the two enemies are dead, go meet Bloodflap. He will jump out from the log and you have to kill him, he is in a truck. If you have the sticky bomb attachment, use that to blow him out quick.

Get Quick Slick
This quest can be found here on the map.

Get Quick Slick Borderlands 3

Quest kind of sucks because the cars handle like a bowling ball on ice, but it has almost no recharge on the boost. For the last jump watch out for the log that comes overhead. I lined myself up with the jump, boost started, boosted again on the ramp, stopped before the next jump, and finally boosted up the last ramp. Destroy the car on the lonely island and loot the fridge to complete the quest.

Malevolent Practice
This quest opens up after you rescue Sir Hammerlock and clear the Jakobs Mansion. You have to go back to The Anvil and find clues about Hammerlock’s gang. The first one is just a tape. The second one has you facing off with two anointed. Killed them and then melee them to get the clue you are looking for. The third one is basically a fireball that roams around. After it explodes 5 or so times thee human is revealed, that is when you can freely attack. The last one is basically a boss. He will shield himself and spawn adds that you need to kill before you can harm the boss. I used the pillars in the room to avoid getting blasted over and over, but its still annoying.

Irregular Customers
This quest unlocks after you retake the city of Reliance. This is a hunting quest where you have to kill two large named enemies. Kill the first one, clear out the adds, and turn on the generators. Kill the second one and loot the building before leaving.

Capture The Frag
This is another quest that opens up after you retake Reliance. You have to go to two camps and clear out the enemies inside. After the first camp, shot the crane that has the bomb to keep it moving to the other camp. Clear out the second camp, drop the bomb, grab the loot, and turn the quest in.

Swamp Bro
This is another quest that opens up after you retake Reliance. You will have to kill three Grogs and collect their guts. If they aren’t there, leave the area, and come back to have them spawn. Follow him around and kill any enemies you come across. This quest got all sorts of buggy for me. You have to jump off Reliance to the swamp below. The NPC warped across the gap to a cliff on the other side when I jumped. I then had to climb back up, jump across, and rez him. Thankfully when I jumped the sheriff joined me and went and rezed him so I didn’t have to. From there you just have to collect the cans, connect them to the elevator, shoot the ignition, and complete the quest.
Dynasty Dash Eden 6
This is a delivery quest that you will need a car for. The faster you beat it, the more you get paid. If you can somehow do it in less than a minute you get the most money. Drop the food off and return to the quest giver to get paid. This quest is repeatable if you want some extra cash.

Raiders Of The Lost Rock
After you do the main mission in Ambermire, this side quest will open up at Reliance. Go to Ambermire and follow the trail until you get to some closed doors. They will open and you have to kill some Jabers and collect rocks. That’s right, you are literally collecting rocks for a side quest.

Borderlands 3 The Anvil Side Quest Guide

On The Blood Path
This quest can be found here on the map. It is after you rescue Sir Hammerlock.

Borderlands 3 On The Blood Path

Go to the waypoint and find the key. Use the key to face off with some of Shanks men. Clear the arena and then go search the cell for Holden. You have to move the metal part on the floor to go below the cell and find Holden. You will have to choose to side with Holden or open the door for Ramsden.

If you side with Ramsden you will get a rare shotgun as a reward. It only has one shot before you have to reload, but it does a ton of damage.

Borderlands 3 Jakobs Estate Side Quest Guide

Witchs Brew
You find this quest very early on in Jakobs Estate. Go to the way point and interact with the tube there. You have to follow a creature around like a truffle pig and find some items. When you have them all, drop them into the vat and you are betrayed. Kill the mutated creature and then go to the quest giver. You have to drop the red items into his soup to get a quest gun. The gun is called the Burning Black Flame and it is used to destroy the green goo vats. YOU have to have this equipped in order to see the quest objectives. Destroy all four vats and the witch will reveal herself.

This quest is found within the Jakobs estate itself. Open the closet and check out the body. Find the locked Jakobs chest and spin the head near there, be careful as it explodes. Hit the button underneath and follow the wire. You have to then shoot three golden heads to unlock the chest in the room. One is on the bookshelf in the bedroom, the second is across from where you fond the quest, and the third is outside of the room to the north, next to a red chair. Loot the chest and listen to the recording.

You will then have to progress in the main story until you can reach the servants quarters. Check the note on the floor to find out the servants were being evicted. Continue the story until you can make it to the cellar. You will have to jump up to get the note in the cellar. Then you have to find two notes in the grotto, and finally go speak with a woman named Clare. Talk to her, check the bed in the shack, and return to Wainwright to complete the quest.

Borderlands 3 Voracious Canopy Side Quest Guide

Rumble In The Jungle
This quest is found early in the Voracious Canopy. You have to kill the Jabbers in the are and find clues as to what happened. At the first house you need to shoot the target through the window to open the door. The second house you need to climb up to the roof and go through the window. When you have all the clues, free the robot and follow it to the Jabber camp. Clear the agility trial, kill all the special Jabbers for the strength one, and jump into the lava pit for the wisdom one. You die and respawn, but it counts as complete. Grab the recording from the king and go find the secret lab. Go the lab and jump up the cages. Shoot the lock and jump into the hanging cage to get the log.

Go into the bunker and kill the enemies that spawn. Head back to the terradome and kill both the boss enemies to finally complete this quest.

Borderlands 3 Ambermire Side Quest Guide

Kill Red Jabber
You get this on Sanctuary before you even have access to Ambermire. Once you are in the Ambermine, go to the marker and kill the target.

Kill Unstoppable
You get this on Sanctuary before you even have access to Ambermire. Once you are in the Ambermine, go to the marker and kill the target.

You’ll find this quest as you progress with the main quest in the area. You can either die in the trap, or destroy the cameras. This is meant to be a trap for that annoying bad guy. I shot out the cameras and took the cash.

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