Borderlands 3 Promethea Side Quest Guide

Borderlands 3 Promethea Side Quest Guide
Promethea is the second planet you go to in Borderlands 3. While you are here you will run into a few side quests you will have to complete. Check out this Borderlands 3 Promethea side quest guide to complete them all as you go along.

Borderlands 3 Promethea Side Quest Guide

You will start getting side quests pretty early in this area.

Healers And Dealers
This quest is found while you are doing the mission Hostile Takeover. It is from a poster on the wall near the hero of this area. Go to the way point and speak with the doctor there. He needs you to collect some supplies for him since he can’t leave. When you meet with the black market dealer you can either pay him or threaten him. If you pay him you will get 15 Meds and one bloodpack. The man will also be happy.

This quest is a murder mystery that you have to figure out. Go to the way points and then go inside the elevator and take it up. You have to choose who to kill. I spared Max and the quest giver said that was the right choice. After you leave you have to go back up and kill the other one.

Rise And Grind
You will get this side quest when you enter the Meridian Metroplex. The commander needs her coffee and you are the only who has to get it. You will have to go through a bunch of hoops to get the commander her coffee. Then at the end you will have to kill the coffee commander.

Dynasty Dinner
Now that she has coffee she wants to eat. Head to the dinner and you will have to kill some enemies there. When they are dead, kill the Ratch enemies and the queen. Make the burger, follow the bot, and kill the boss. Return the burger to Lorelei to complete the quest.

Technical Nogout
This one can be found here on the map.

Technical Nogout Borderlands 3

You need to head back to the Meridian Outskirts and the blue barrier that normally blocks this place is now open. Kill the enemies inside the base and then speak with the scientist. He will give you a vehicle so you can capture some creatures for him. Get three of them and return to his lab. You will have another fight on your hands, and a big one to boot. When the bad guys are done, the quest is complete.

Kill Killavolt
This one can be found here on the map.

Kill Killavolt Borderlands 3

You have to enter Lectra city and kill 3 targets. This quest sucks because this zone is rough and you can’t drive. While you are killing the targets, Moxxi will tell you to get some batteries for her as well. The targets are easy to find, but hard to kill. The batteries can be a bit more tricky. One is found here on the map.

Kill Killavolt 2 Borderlands 3

Kill Killavolt 1 Borderlands 3

Kill Killavolt 3 Borderlands 3

The next one is found here on the map. You have to jump up in a tight alley way here.

Kill Killavolt Borderlands 3 4

Jump up this part and turn around to see a ladder. Get a running jump to that ladder and climb up to the battery.

Kill Killavolt Borderlands 3 5

Kill Killavolt Borderlands 3 6

Third one is easy, just don’t fall into the water.

Porta Prison
This one is found in Lectra city. You have to help a guy get out of a toilet. Go down to his crew and kill all of them. Then you have to spray some graffiti, kill some cop bots, and install the AI into the crapper. Kill some more cop bots and then a janitor bot to complete the quest.

Proof Of Wife
This is another quest found in Lectra city. Go down into the subway tunnels near the poster and go to the way point. This quest is rough, if you die then you are going to have a hard time getting back. Go down to the way point in the subway and you will be sent back up to free a bandit. Kill the cops, free the bandit, kill the bandit, and take her mask. Now try your best to go back to the subway you left from and go back to Tumorhead’s base. You have to put the mask on one of the dead bodies outside of the door and wait for it to open. When it opens you need to kill all the bandits.

You can get down to the subway here if you get lost.

Subway Entrance Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Skywell Side Quest Guide

Skywell is another part of Promethea.

Opposition Research
Finding this quest is easy, getting it done can be tricky. The first Intel location is locked behind story progression. Use the key in the room near the first Intel spot and clear out all the enemies. Now you can go through the locked door and find the dead body. Follow the blood to a toilet, open it up, and grab the item. For the second piece of Intel you will have to check a locker. The key is on the interrogator that comes out, kill him and open it up. The third one you have to defend the spy. The main quest leads you right to him, so follow that. Make sure you grab the item from the spy before you leave. Head to the last point and you have to fight 3 waves of enemies before completing the quest.

Borderlands 3 Atlas HQ Side Quest Guide

Ratchd Up
After helping out Rhys at Atlas HQ, he will ask for your help with a Ratch problem. Head down to the lower level of Atlas HQ and go to the one door that was locked in the area. Go up to Terry’s room and look behind the XXX Jug to find the secret switch. Then you have to go kill some Racth enemies and collect a brain. The enemies didn’t spawn, so I had to quit and come back, it worked after that. Complete the quest and you will be done in Atlas HQ for now.

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