Zelda Breath Of The Wild House Upgrade Guide

Breath Of The Wild House Upgrade Guide
After you purchase your house in The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, you can start to upgrade it. Some of the upgrades are abvious while others are a little bit confusing. Check out this Zelda Breath Of The Wild House Upgrade Guide to find out which upgrades you should get.

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild House Upgrade Guide

Each house upgrade will cost your 100 Rupees a piece.

Gear Displays

Weapon Mounts – You can get three weapon Mounts in your house and you can place any of your weapons on them. This is a good way to save weapons for later use if you don’t have the room for them on you.

Bow Mounts – Just like the Weapon Mounts, you can have a total of three Bow Mounts where you can place bows. I never really had a huge amount of bows but if you need more space there is an option for you.

Shield Mounts – Same as the other two, three Shield Mounts to display your shields.


Bed – You can use this to sleep at your house, it is a normal bed not a soft bed. This means you don’t get the bonus heart for sleeping here.

Lighting – This will put some lights in your house and give you a porch light, it is actually pretty nice.

Door – A front door, really screwing you for every Rupee they can at this point.

House Exterior

A Sign With My Name – This will put a Sign in front of your house that says “Link’s House”.

Plant Some Flowers – This will pretty up the property and place some flowers around the area.

Plant Some Trees – They will add some trees in the flowers, they are small trees. I waited about 10 in game days and they didn’t grow any higher.

After you get all the upgrades the guys will throw in some free furniture and you will beat the quest.

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