How To Buy Shops In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

How To Buy Shops In Xenoblade Chronicles 2
In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you will eventually be able to buy Shops for extra bonuses and boosts. It takes a little while to unlock, and when you do you can easily miss how to buy shops. Check out this guide to find out How To Buy Shops In Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

How To Buy Shops In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This does not unlock until chapter 3 and you have to do a side quest to unlock it. I forgot the name of the quest but the goal is to buy every item in the Llysiau Greens store in Torigoth. When you do, a new item will appear at the bottom and you can buy that to get a boost and own the store. If it doesn’t appear, leave the store and it should refresh. Sadly there you don’t get any money from the store just some buffs. You can do this to each store but most stores won’t have all their items out for sale unless you raise the development level of that city. If you need a hand doing that, check out our guide here and it will help you out. It will take you some time and some gold to buy all of the stores in the world.

You can also buy Fishy Fishy in the Argentum Trade Guild as well, assuming you have level one development. Have a look at our Shop Bonuses guide for the different bonuses you can find.

As well as raising the Dev level in an area, you also have to complete Merc Missions to obtain special contracts that increase the stock available in stores.

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