Cadence Of Hyrule – Hyrule Castle Statue Puzzle Guide

Just before you enter Hyrule Castle there’s a small puzzle room. This Hyrule Castle Statue Puzzle Guide will walk you through solving the puzzle as it’s quite easy but without the correct equipment, it can be much more difficult.

The entrance to this room is directly left of the main entrance to Hyrule Castle, after you have cleared the magical barriers with the four magic instruments. You need to open the door using a switch in the Hyrule Castle courtyard, it’s hard to miss.

Hyrule Castle Statue Puzzle Guide

In order to complete this puzzle easily, you need the bow and Longshot. Check out our special item guide if you’re missing those. Once inside, clear out all the enemies.

The small box behind the railings, you need to stand on the platform to the South and shoot the box off with an arrow. Then move the box to the position in the image above. You can then jump onto the platform with the small fence. From there it’s a simple Longshot to each of the statues to jump across to the other platforms.

Then just head up the stairs.

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