Cadence Of Hyrule Lost Woods Puzzle Guide

You can’t have a game in Hyrule without the Lost Woods in it and Cadence Of Hyrule has them. The puzzle can be really confusing if you don’t have the right items. Check out this Cadence Of Hyrule Lost Woods puzzle guide to get through them quickly.

Cadence Of Hyrule Lost Woods Puzzle Guide

When you enter the Lost Woods you will have four ways to go. Clear all the enemies and then go south and you will end up in a place that looks like this.

Cadence Of Hyrule Tingle Puzzle

Go into the tree stump and inside you will find Tingle sleeping. You need to go up towards the statue and it will wake up causing the boulder to move around the music notes. It will play the Lost Woods theme and then you will be hit with a music puzzle. You just have to move to the beat and when the green lines get into the golden triangle. It doesn’t have to be dead in the center but if you miss you have to reset. I parked myself here and used right on the dpad to match the music.

Tingle Music Puzzle

It might take you a few times, but the song isn’t that long. When Tingle wakes up he will give you the Dowser and that can help you get through the Lost Woods. When you use the item near one of the exits of a room, your controller will rumble if that is the right way, like really rumble. My path through went like this from Tingles area in the Lost Woods. From Tingles place on the map go right, then down again, then right again and finally up. This will lead you to the Lost Swamp and the dungeon in the area.

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