Cadence Of Hyrule Windmill Hut Music Note Puzzle Guide

One of the puzzles you will run into in Cadence of Hyrule is the music note puzzle in the Windmill Hut. You have to listen to a tune and then replay it on the notes. Check out this Cadence of Hyrule Windmill Hut music note puzzle guide to finish it quickly.

Cadence Of Hyrule Windmill Hut Music Note Puzzle Guide

When you enter the Windmill Hut you will see two sleeping NPCs and a play button on the floor. When you step on the notes it will play a version of the Song of Storms. You can recreate it by going Light blue, dark blue, purple, light blue, dark blue and purple again. Then switch to yellow, dark green, yellow, dark green, yellow, light green, red. The south bottom middle gray note might confused with blue, do not hit the bottom middle note. This will wake the brothers up and you will be rewarded with the downward slice, an ability that lets you jump off of ledges and kill enemies. Don’t worry, we have a crate puzzle guide here as well if you need help getting through that.

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