Call Of Duty: WWII Basic Training Guide

Call Of Duty WWII Basic Training Guide
Want a list of all Basic Training and its effects? This Call Of Duty: WWII Basic Training Guide lists every Basic Training that you can unlock and tells you what each of the effects do. Basic Training is a new feature in Call of Duty: WWII that gives your soldier some unique perks and benefits. They are all unlocked through natural progression in initial levels, while some are specific to a Division or reaching Prestige. Below is a list of all the Basic Training perks and what they do.

What Does Espionage Do?
Enemies you damage and scorestreaks appear on your rader

What Does Launched Do?
Bring a launcher as a secondary

What Does Requisitions Do?
Scorestreaks don’t reset when you die, but take longer to get and can only be used a single time

What Does Instincts Do?
Detect enemy explosive equipment. Warned when targeted.

What Does Rifleman Do?
Carry two Primary Weapons, switch between them faster

What Does Hustle Do?
Reload faster when you are Sprinting

What Does Lookout Do?
Enemy nametags appear at a greater range, increase mini-map size

What Does Gunslinger Do?
Fire guns when sprinting and when you dive for cover

What Does Ordnance Do?
Scorestreaks cost less. Can re-roll Care Packages

What Does Primed Do?
Less flinching when shot. Additional attachment for primary weapon

What Does Undercover Do?
Hides death location and reticles do not change when you are targeted

What Does Serrated Do?
Take a melee weapon as your primary with faster melee attack. You also get two throwing knives and an additional tactical

What Does Duelist Do?
Take duel wielding pistols, extra pistol ammo

What Does Forage Do?
Swap weapons quicker and take ammo from fallen enemies

What Does Bang Do?
Bring a MK fragmentation grenade as lethal and an additional Tactical slot

What Does Flanker Do?
While sprinting you are hidden from Recon Aircraft

What Does Scoped Do?
Improved speeds while aiming down sights and less sway

What Does Energetic Do?
No fall damage and quicker times between sprinting

What Does Hunker Do?
Advanced warning on grenades, take less damage from explosives

What Does Inconspicuous Do?
Makes movement more silent, increased speed while crouching

What Does Concussed Do?
Bring an extra piece of lethal equipment and a British N69 in your tactical slot

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