Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies Guide – N31L Challenges Guide

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies Guide - N3IL Missions Guide
One of the new activities in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies is N3IL the cheerful robot. This Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies Guide – N31L Missions Guide will tell you all of the challenges N3IL can give you as well as information on reward, time limit and tips and tricks to complete the challenge quickly.

Don’t forget that you are able to pause the current NE1L Challenge at any time if you are near N31L, just follow the on-screen prompts. This can help pause timers between challenges or waves, or useful for when a few of your allies need reviving.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies Guide – How To Build N31L Guide

To activate N3IL’s Challenges you first must find his head and attach it to his robot body. Check below for a screenshot on where you can find N3IL’s head before heading to the next location to attach his head to his body.

Where Is N31L's Head

Where Is N31L’s Body
Where Is N3IL's Body

N31L Challenges Stage 1
Where Is N31L’s Head

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies Guide – N31L Challenges Guide

Kill X Of Zombies While Jumping
Kill zombies while the jump animation is working

Do Not Go Into Last Stand
Do not get downed during the time period

Kill X Zombies From Distance
Kill zombies from a distance

Get X Multikills
Best completed when using grenades. Kill 2 or more zombies at once.

Melee Kill X Zombies
Easier in the beginning rounds. If you get this challenge later try picking up the Slappy Taffy buff to make the challenge easier.

N31L Challenges Stage 2
These challenges only become available after you complete the steps for N31L to leave and return with The Hoff and a new Kit skin.

Protect X Player
Don’t allow chosen player to

Kill zombies up close
Kills zombies within a close range

Kill crawlers
Destroy zombies legs and then kill them as crawlers

Dismember zombies
Destroy zombies legs before killing them

N31L Challenges Stage 3
Kill zombies within marked area
A yellow area will appear nearby, kill enemies inside the area to complete the challenge

Kill specific zombie marked with white aura
A marked zombie will appear, marked by a white outline. Kill that zombie before any other zombies die or you fail

kill without headshots
Kill zombies without headshots

Do not bleed out
You can go into last stand but do not die

Dismember zombies
Take off zombies arms before killing th em