Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Online Tips And Tricks

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Online Tips And Tricks

It’s not question that if you bought Modern Warfare 3 you bought it for the multiplayer. The story is kind of fun but it isn’t really worth the money. So if you are going online you might as well get some tips and tricks from me before you go. So let’s get started.

Think you have a tip or trick I didn’t post? The let me know in the comments and I’ll add it and give you credit!

Call of Duty MW 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 1 – Something I didn’t know that I kind of wish I did when I started is that support kill streaks carry over even if you die. If you simply cannot get a streak going that switch your strike package to support so you can at least help them team and get some extra points. This is just a nice addition because everyone has bad games. The assualt strike package is nice to as long as you keep within your limits. Don’;t do crazy kill streak rewards if you can’t get to them.

Call of Duty MW 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 2 – Find a gun that works for you. Not everyone is going to good with the same weapons. If you are having trouble with one gun you should switch to another one to see if you have better luck. Plus now with the prestige shop if you find that gun you are really good with you can keep it throughout every prestige which is nice.

Call of Duty MW 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 3 – Although at times it doesn’t seem like it this is a team game(unless you are in free for all). Stick with your squad and if you have friends to play with then use them as well. The game is much different if you have 4 buddies with you and you can control the map. If not just stick with the team. If they suck they will die but at least you can clean up from time to time.

Call of Duty MW 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 4 – Kind of goes of the last one. There is always a couple guys on each team who wants to check everything out and will go in first. Try to find that guy and follow him. He will go out into the open and get picked off and you will be able to see the enemy on the radar. This will give you a much better advantage going into the fight.

Call of Duty MW 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 5 – Use the radar. It is a really basic tip but you’;d be surprised how many people don’t actually use it. You can at least get a general idea of where the enemy is unless they have the perks that don’t let you see them. A UAV can really turn it around for a team.

Call of Duty MW 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 6 – Use the grenades and special grenades when you can. It is pointless to die with all your equipment still on you. You don’t get a bonus or anything so just use them whenever you can. Sure using it at the wrong time could cost you but not using it at all is pointless so at least take a shot.

That will end the Call of Duty MW 3 multiplayer tips and tricks. Don’t forget, check and favorite our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Complete Intel Walkthrough Guide for a chapter by chapter guide on all the intel locations in the game.

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  • If you want to level up quick you should put your 2nd perk as hardline and put your strike package as specialist.what does it do? when you get your first kill you will get 250xp two more kills and you will get 500xp another two kills and you will get (750-1000)xp I done it and I levelled 23 times within an hour. GOOD LUCK HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU !!!!

  • Gixxer B

    When rounding a corner, or approaching an area where it’s obvious someone can come running out by surprise (ie…approaching a corner or open area with avenues of approach), aimdown your sites ahead of time. This technique is amazing because your site is already aiming level, on the area most likely to be occupied by a tango. Speeds your reaction x2 because you cut down having to notice tango, lift gun up, and aim in. You’re practically already aimed in. I started doing this and went from 10 kills a game to 18-20 a game, in just one game automatically. This technique drastically improves your kill ratio. The only time you should not be aiming is when running from one spot to the next in a quick sprint. Believe me it works.

  • Retrace your steps. Most of the time where ever you pass someone will come by too.

  • a good tip is to use surpressers on long range guns 4 example snipers and stuff but the gun should also be good so you can pwn them

  • EpiKill

    Select a kills freak you are likely to get not just the reaper, ac130 and the osprey if you are a noob

  • Yea all those tips were a big help thanks and also wen u see ur guys looking at one place a lot and they been there for a while it helps to look the behind u from time to time 🙂

  • start out with blind eye and assassin, therefore you wont get killed by lousy air support, or be on radar. use specialist and have sleight of hand first, your own preference for 4th kill perk, and scavenger for 6th. if using a sub-machine gun with rapid fire, have you noticed the insane recoil? use dual attachments and pop on a silencer with your rapid fire. :). and best tip i can ever give is, DONT SPRINT!

  • This is what I do to make sure I get my killstreaks, well first of all the best killstreak is predetor missile, reaper, then pavelow ( only set this if you can get it ) and what I do is be a defensive / offensive player. I will try to get all up in the enemies base and where they are at then I will be in a spot get 1 – 2 kills then move to a possition where I can see where I have just been, so when people come to kill me where I last was I can see then and pick them off, I keep repeating this.

  • Primary: Acr with silencer and kick.
    Secondary : skorpian akimbo.
    Grenade : Your choice
    Secondary grenade : also your choice.
    Perk 1: scavenger since acr is a fast reloading gun.
    Perk 2: Hardline
    Perk 3: Marksmen
    killstreak: care package, attack hellicopter, reaper
    Deathstreak: Your choice.

    • acr’s suck!! whoever uses them r mega noobs

  • i tried the hardline thing and it got me to 3rd prestige. its just like boosting

  • its at the bottom of the page

  • euhmm! wtf acr. really

  • use smoke grenades to plant/defuse bombs and capture flags and if lots of your opponents are in one spot through down some smoke prone and fire