Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Week 2 Challenge Guide

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Week 2 Challenge Guide

A nice new addition to Call of Duty MW 3 is the weekly challenges. This week’s challenges are pretty simple you just have to use a could of support kill streaks and do some hipfire killing. This week 2 challenge guide will help you get through it quickly. Let’s get started.

Week 2 challenges – 50 hipfire kills with steady aim

Call in 10 SAM turrets

Call in 10 Air drop traps

Nothing to complicated just a bit time consuming.

Call of Duty MW3 week 2 challenges guide – The first challenge I would focus on is the 50 hipfire kills. The fastest way to get this will be domination or ground war. Ground war domination will put you with the most people and you can watch the letters to find people easier. Spray when you can not all the time or else you might ruin your k/d. I recommend speed and a SMG for this one.

Call of Duty MW3 week 2 challenges guide 2/3 – We will do the next to as one because they are pretty easy. While you are doing the hipfire kills challenge pick a support strike kit and use Airdrop trap and the SAM turret and something below that. Since it is support you will get them even if you die as long as you can get the right amount of points to send them in. That makes it really easy and you may even be able to do it twice a game. Stay in domination since capturing a point also gives you a streak point.

Doing those two things will surely get you then Call of Duty MW3 week 2 challenges complete in no time!

  • on mw3 challenges theres a challenge in basic training “destroy 2 enemy equipment havnt got a clue how to do it help!!!

    • If it’s anything like MW2, that would mean destroying claymores, sentry guns etc. I’ve not played MW3 yet but have you tried that?

  • hi, week Challenge on ps3 is 50 kills with your second pimary weapon , any one know which gun it is

    • You would need to use the perk that allows you to use two primary weapons. Then you use it and get the kills