Where To Catch Eevee In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Where To Catch Eevee In Pokemon Sun And Moon
Eevee is another Iconic Pokemon that you can catch in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You will have to progress a bit into the game before you can find one. Check out this guide to find out Where To Catch Eevee In Pokemon Sun And Moon!

Where To Find Eevee In Pokemon Sun And Moon

You cannot catch Eevee until you hit the second Island. Early on your mission will be to go to a Pokemon Ranch. On the way to the Pokemon Ranch you can find Eevee spawns right before the Town near the Ranch. It is kind of rare but I had a couple spawn on me during my play time. You can also find them on the other side of the map, on Route 5 coming down from the Ranch. Eevee will often call for extra help so be prepared for that. You can still evolve Eevee into multiple different forms, more then I even remember. I caught mine at night, but I don’t think that matters for Eevee.

When I start finding Stones that Eevee can use, I will add those to the guide to help people find them as well.

Water Stone – Found this pretty quickly after getting Eevee. It is on Akala Island, Route 8 near the Forest Trial. Before entering the forest there is some water to the left. Enter the water and the stone is under the water near the guys training Karate.

Fire Stone -This one is also on Akala Island, after the grass Trial. You can find it in Diglett’s cave next to the stair case leading up. Use the rock smash ability to get back there for the item.

Stone Store – This is a Stone Store on Akala Island as well. You can find it in Koni Koni city as you start to finish the island, it is the place with the Fossil inside as well.

Moss Stone – You can find this in the Jungle where you take the trial. Thanks to Jay Carr for the info in the comments.

  • luis martinez

    where did you found him?¿?¿ im trying all the places around the ranch and still dont see it

    • They are found south of the ranch, in the grass around that area. Also I should mention I found them during the day on Sun. If you have fought someone who has one, you can look them up in the Pokedex for their locations as well, this applies for any Pokemon on the islands.

    • Kit13kit

      There in the egg you get at the breeders

    • Kit13kit

      There in the egg you get at the breeders

    • Fayla Wheatley

      You can only find them on routes 4 and 6. It’s easiest to catch one in the grass right before entering the ranch but on the left side of the chef trainer.

  • Cipher

    Can i catch two? I really want a sylveon and an umbreon! they are my favorite pokemon ;-;

    • I caught multiple.

    • Kit13kit

      I duno if you can cetch two but you can bread the one woth ditto

    • Fayla Wheatley

      You can catch as many as you want, I have all but 2 of the evolutions so far.

      • Jeremy Frost

        Takes minutes to breed em if you didn’t get them all right away. Just ride Tauros in the little square area under the nursery.

  • Jay Carr

    There’s also a Moss Stone in the Jungle it looks like.

    • Can Eevee use that to evolve in this one? I haven’t evolved Eevee since gold and silver so I am way behind. I’ll add it regardless.

  • Cindy Minks

    Eevee evolves into umbreon at night, espeon during the day, for sylvion your friendship has to be maxed, vaporeon, flareon, and jolteon, you use stones as well as leafeon which is a moss stone in Pokemon Sun and moon, not sure about how to evolve to glaceon yet.

    • Mertukan Irnis

      Sylveon is 2 hearts affection in pokemon refresh and knowing a fairy move. If it was friendship it would evolve into espion or umbreon, for day and night respectively. Also for glaceon you need to level up eevee near the big stone inside the caves of mount lanakila

  • Ronnyramone

    The ice stone can be found on the right side of the mansion in Po Town outside. You can also get stones by making your Pokemon go searching for strange stones on poke pelago.

    • AbstractPresence

      While the ice stone is indeed located there, Eevee is not able to use it to evolve into it’s ice evolution Glaceon. It’d have to be at an ice rock (at Mt. Lanakila).

  • AbstractPresence

    The ice stone is located in the cave at Mount Lanakila. I believe you know when it is a legitimate Moss/Ice stone when you’re able to press A on it and it’ll describe the stone (smooth texture for Moss, could freeze you solid for Ice). It does do this for the rock at Lanakila.

  • Fayla Wheatley

    You cannot catch an Eevee on route 5. Only on routes 4 and 6.

  • Fayla Wheatley

    I currently have sylveon, espeon (eevee called one for help. I got lucky), flareon, vaporeon, leafeon, jolteon. I’m currently working on my umbreon then will go for my glaceon after I finish catching another eevee.

    • Damoncord

      Eevee will call for help to either another Eevee (all the time) or at night Umbreon, during the day Espeon.


    I can’t get one. All I’m seeing are lilipup and rattata

  • Tucker S.

    I encountered that lilipup about 72 times and I can’t stop

  • Megan

    Where is the water?