How To Catch Pets In Monster Hunter World

One of the great features in Monster Hunter World is catching your own pets. This guide will tell you How To Catch Pets In Monster Hunter World so that you can decorate your home with a variety of creepy critters from throughout the game world.

Pets aren’t the most useful addition to Monster Hunter World. They serve as a little decorative element for your home, outside of that they serve no other purpose. However, it’s not as if customizing your house isn’t awesome.

Catching pets is simple. Check your items in the lower right and cycle through until you reach the Net. Press the button to equip it, now all you need to do is fine some bugs and small critters. Chuck your net at it, if you’re successful the game will tell you that you’ve caught it.

After that simply return to your house, speak with your Housekeeper and place your new pet. Only one pet slot is available at the start but these do increase later. That’s everything you need to know for How To Catch Pets In Monster Hunter World.

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