Control Side Mission Quest Guide

Control Side Mission Guide
Control has a number of hidden side missions and quests that offer some great rewards. This Control Side Mission Quest Guide will tell you where to find all of the Side Missions we’ve discovered on our play through including locations and details on the rewards available.

Side Missions are optional objectives that you can complete. They are often hidden throughout the game, requiring you to discover a certain location or speak with a certain person to unlock. They often reward you with special items and progress once complete, so they are worth the time. Most of the rewards are random materials and weapon/personal mods.

Control Side Mission Quest Guide

A Merry Chase
A Merry Chase
When the main story takes you to the Maintenance Department, you’ll see a small room with a flashing red light inside – it’s just before you speak with Ahti the janitor. As you head toward the room, you will automatically receive this mission. Once you enter the room, grab the item from the box. Shortly after, the floor gives way and you head to the Astral Plane. You must complete the mission and cleanse the Merry-Go-Round Horse Object of Power. This is how you unlock the Evade ability.
What A Mess: Burn The Trash
What A Mess: Burn The Trash
During the story, when you meet Ahti in the Maintenance Department. During this conversation he gives you access to Clearance Level 2. After speaking with him, check the nearby notice board on the wall. This is where you begin this side mission.

Following the main story you will eventually reach the Furnace Room. Inside are a number of barrels with a green biohazard symbol on them. Throw all of the barrels into the furnace.

A Good Defense
A Good Defense
During Mission 3, when you’re tasked with fixing up the power station. Once you head through the NSC Control Room doors towards the Energy Converters. There’s a small document at the exact location I’m standing. Once you interact with the document, you unlock this Side Mission. You need to travel to the NSC Power Plant and follow the signs to the Central Maintenance area. Once inside, you’ll find the entrance to the Training Course here:

A Good Defense Location

Once you arrive, the entrance to the Field Training room is blocked by the Hiss. In the area there are three little red gatherings of Hiss. Throw stuff at it to destroy it so you can enter the Field Training Room.

How To Enter The Field Training Room

You must complete the obstacle course within the time limit to reach the Safe Object of Power. Clear the Astral Plane to unlock the Shield ability.

A Captive Audience
A Captive Audience
During Mission 4. Follow the main story, following the Old Boys’ Club mission. Near the end of the mission the objective will change to “Speak with Marshall on the intercom next to the elevator”. Nearby, on a desk at the location I am standing above, there is a document. Pick that up to get this Side Mission.

Head to Research and go into the Hypnosis Lab. There’s a small room with a computer. You need to use the computer to unlock the door that leads to the Object of Power. I’m not sure where to find the solution to this puzzle. I got frustrated and spammed the directions, then it worked. This was the symbol for me.

Update: You can find the solution to this puzzle in the previous room, a piece of paper resting against the wall. Big thanks to DrkFX on Twitter for the feedback.

Then simply head to the Object of Power and complete the Astral Plane to unlock the Compel ability.

What A Mess: Clear The Clog
What A Mess Clear The Clog
This Side Mission can be found inside the Janitors Office after you complete Mission 4. Head to the Pump Station, the entrance is inside the NSC Coolant Pumps room. Once inside, solve the basic puzzle with the two yellow power blocks then activate the pumps. Take the stairs down, destroy the blob, job done.

Old Growth
Old Growth
This Side Mission can be a little tough to find. Head to Central Research and go down to the bottom area, as shown above. There’s a very deep hole further into the dark mist stuff. Drop down to the very bottom of the hole (use the dodge ability to nullify the drop damage) and then proceed through to the next room. You need Clearance Level 4 to enter the small room where Underhill waits inside. You are tasked with finding 5 unique pieces of mold. Unfortunately, as you are under the Research area, the map here is pretty useless.

Type E: Grows Near The Pit
Type E Grows Near The Pit
The first large room you enter after you leave the area with Underhill. It’s hard to miss as there’s a huge purple pit in the center. Be careful of the ground here, certain places deal damage. You’ll find this mold on the floor, near the desk.

Type B: Grows Near Toilets
Type B Grows Near Toilets
In the same room as the Pit. In the corner of the room, just before you climb the pillars to the next part, there’s a small exit to the restrooms. As you enter the restrooms, you’ll see a broken toilet sitting on a ledge. Climb up, then up again, you’ll find this mold there.

Type C: Grows Near Televisions
Type C Grows Near Televisions
Continue past where you found the toilet mold and you’ll reach an entrance to Lab 05. It’s a room filled with televisions. Go inside and you’ll find the final mold.

Type D: Grows Near Staircases
Type D Grows Near Staircases
Directly after Type B mold, you go up the pillars and into a small room then down a staircase. You’ll find the mold right here.

Type A: Grows Near Corpses
Type A Grows Near Corpses
After you find Type D follow the path to the Control Point. In the corner of this area is a small room, as shown above. You’ll find this mold inside the room.

Once you have obtained all five, return to Dr. Underhill. She will ask you to wait while she prepares something to allow you to venture deeper into the mold area. This is not actually timed. You must progress through the main story and complete Mission 6. Once you complete Mission 6, fast travel back to the Active Threshold and speak with the Doctor. Once you take the pill, follow the Pit all the way to the end and defeat the enemy there.

Mold Removal
You get this mission immediately after completing Old Growth for Dr. Underhill. She asks you to kill Mold Hosts around the building. This is a simple mission. Just travel to each of the areas and kill the Mold Hosts there. Each area has more than one. When looking for them, check for small mold like growth on the floor, they are always nearby.

Mold Hosts Around Ritual Division
One is inside the bathroom near the Northern Shelter.
Another is in the Ritual Office, use the elevator near the Control Point.
The final one is in the Synchronicity Lab

Mold Hosts Around Central Research
First one is in a Hidden Area. From the control point, look over the edge and down to the right. There’s a small window with mold growing from it. Levitate inside to find the first.
Head to the bottom floor, near the Shelter, there’s a door to Lab 1. Head inside to find it.
Final one is in the ladies toilets, near the cafeteria

Mold Hosts Around Parapsychology
First one is inside the Extrasensory Lab
Second one is in the Astral Exhibition
The final one is in Parakinesiology

Once you’ve killed them all, return to the Dr to complete the mission.

What A Mess: Talk To The Plants

This is another clean up quest that you can find on the message board inside the Janitors Office during or after Mission 6. Head to Central Research. You need to speak with a number of plants here, potted plants that have wilted. Below is a general location for each.

Plant #1
Plant #1
Outside the door that leads to Parapsychology

Plant #2
Plant #2
Directly below the door to Parapsychology. Take the stairs down, outside the safe room.

Plant #3
Plant #3
On the bottom area of Central Research. Near the cafeteria, outside the toilets.

Plant #4
Plant #4
Against the wall, just outside the cafeteria

Plant #5
Plant #5
On the upper levels, near the elevator entrance, on a desk by the blocked Ritual Division area.

Plant #6
Plant #6
On the top level, sitting outside Dr. Darlings Office.

Fridge Duty
Fridge Duty
Follow the main story until it takes you to containment to find Dylan. Once you arrive, use the elevator to go up to the 4th floor. You’ll find a man stuck in one of the cells with a fridge. You cannot go any further in this side mission until you complete Mission 6. Once you have completed the mission, return to the man at the fridge. Then speak with Langston to open the door before returning to the fridge and completing the Astral Plane. It’s a tough boss fight. Wait until the balls it throws are close then return them with Launch. Avoid the holes in the floor. Vague to avoid spoilers. Return to Langston to complete the mission.

Langstons Runaways
After you complete Fridge Duty, Langston will give you another mission. This time you are tracking down other Altered Items scattered throughout different sectors of the game. You need to find the following items in the corresponding sectors.

Traffic Light – Containment (Panopticon)
Traffic Light - Containment (Panopticon)
Head back inside the Panopticon and head up to Floor 4. You’re looking for this entrance. You must chase the traffic light but only when it turns green. When it turns orange, stop before it goes red, otherwise you’re pushed back to the start.

Hand Chair – Containment (Medical Wing)
Hand Chair - Containment (Medical Wing)
Head to this room in the Medical Wing. There is a hand protruding from the ceiling. Hit it with a shot or Launch ability and then cleanse it when it hits the ground.

Moving Letters – Executive (Dead Letters)
Moving Letters - Executive (Dead Letters)
Fast Travel to Dead Letters in the Executive area. When you arrive you will see a red item on the floor not far from the fast travel point. Interact with it. It will start darting around. Stand near one of the desks, as I am above, and just wait. Eventually it will stop right in front of you. Grab it, then grab it again. That will cleanse this item.

For letter number 2, levitate up to the upper floor. It’s in the office there. The final one is on the very top area of Dead Letters, sitting atop a desk.

Japanese Paper Lantern – Containment (Sealed Threshold Hall)
Another easy one but you must first complete A Matter Of Time in order to reach the area you need to be at.

Old Friends
Head back to Executive and speak with Arish, I was at the start of Mission 7. He asks you to retrieve six pouches worn by his old ranger buddies. Firstly, Fast Travel to the Atlas Center, defeat the boss there. Then head South to Black Rock Processing, followed by the NSC Energy Converters. Then hit up Ventilation, Coolant Pumps and Black Rock. This is a simple mission, just kill the enemy in each area. Return to Arish to complete the mission.
What A Mess: Clear The Mold

This is available from the Janitors Office after you start Mission 7. Head to this area, there are mold modules sitting on the walls you need to shoot. They are all in the same area, easy to find. The hardest one to find is inside the small room with a door at the end that is blocked by a large puss of fungus. Look through the door to find another mold to destroy.

Self Reflection
Self Reflection
During Mission 7, when you are heading towards the Prime Candidate Program, there’s a small office. You’ll find a document inside that gives you this Side Mission. Head to the Research Sector and into Synchronicity. There’s an entrance to Mirror Testing inside that area.

Self Reflection Location

You need to match the panels as they are on the monitors. As you go up the left stairs the shutters should be down, up, up. On the right side, up, down, down.

Self Reflection Left Side Puzzle

Self Reflection Right Side Puzzle

Mr. Tomassi
After you complete Mission 7, return to the Executive area and speak with Pope inside the Board Room. She will inform you that Tommasi has been see at the Turntable in Containment. Fast Travel to the Transit Corridor and then head into Turntable. The door to Sterling AWE on the left is now open. Go inside. Not much else to worry about here except for a boss fight.
What A Mess: Even More Mold
This is another Side Mission from the Janitors Office, I picked it up at the start of Mission 8. Head to the NSC Coolant Pumps area and clear on the mold. It’s all on the upper levels/ceiling, so use Levitate to reach the upper tier and search there.
What A Mess: Take A Break
After completing What A Mess: Even More Mold, I returned to the Janitors Office to see if there was another Side Mission. This mission automatically began once I entered the room. Take a seat on the chair, wait for a short period, then pick up the Janitors Assistant Outfit.
A Matter Of Time
A Matter Of Time
I did this post-game but it is available much earlier. Go to Logistics in Containment. From the fast travel point, head to the giant map on the wall and take the small door at the side. The next room has a small tree. Go up the stairs and you will hear someone calling for help. He sits outside the Shelter Room. Use the nearby light switch to enter the Ocean Motel.

Once inside, check the reception desk. There is a bell and a clock. Check the time on the clock. In each of the three rooms are other clocks, you need to make sure the time is the same as the one at reception. Once you are done with the puzzle, you gain access to Sealed Threshold Checkpoint. Simple follow and escort mission.

Thanks to Brandon Thomas for the help!

The Enemy Within
The Enemy Within
This mission is unlocked as soon as you complete A Matter of Time. Head to the Shelter in the Sealed Threshold Hall. You need to defeat the Anchor. It’s an easy enough fight. Wait until he faces your side then throw the red clocks into the center, once he opens to attack. Thanks to Brandon Thomas for the help!
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