Cyberpunk 2077 Choices And Consequences Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Choices And Consequences Guide
Cyberpunk 2077 is full of choices and consequences throughout the entire game. Check out this Cyberpunk 2077 Choices and Consequences guide to make sure you don’t mess something up badly. This way you will know what the outcome is even when you pick a different choice in game.

Cyberpunk 2077 Choices And Consequences Guide

We are going to break up the first few sections into your starti:odang background (Street Kid, Corpo, and Nomad) so scroll to find yours. When it opens up we will list them by main quest and side quest respectively. If a choice isn’t here, it doesn’t matter.

Cyberpunk 2077 Street Kid Choices And Consequences

When you first start as a street kid, you can drink a shot and then fix your nose, or just fix your nose.

Nose Fix
You can fix it without the booze, and you won’t be drunk. If you take the shot, your world will be kind of floaty to indicate that you are drunk for a few minutes. Not a big deal either way.

Kirk Choices
When you start to speak with Kirk, you will get a few choices.

Not sure I can pull it off
You tell Kirk you aint a thief, and stealing something like that won’t be easy. Kirk says that it is easy, and he will clear Pepe’s debt and pay you if you do the job for him. Long story short, you are taking this job. You can talk to Big Joe if you want, but he basically ignores you.

I do this and the debt is paid?
Kirk says yes the debt with Pepe is squared and you get yourself a nice pay day as well.

After he explains the security, you get another choice.

Kirk will say glad to hear it, you always were smart. You can then head to your job.

Better keep your word
Kirk will say easyyyyy bud, job is gonna pad your wallet also.

6th Street Soldier
While in the car with Padre, a 6th street Soldier will come and be rude to Padre. You can speak up if you want or let him keep going.

Do you know who you are talking to?
You get mad and make yourself known the the soldier. He tells you and Padre that you better watch your backs. Padre is happy to know that you have a spine though, says people often get soft when they leave here. He will then give you his card in case you have to contact him.

Ignore the soldier
Padre will give the man a counter offer. Padre will inform the man that his mother will wake up alive and well in the morning if the soldier leaves. Either way the soldier tells you and Padre to watch your backs. Padre will say that Atlanta broke you, made you soft. There isn’t like a respect meter or anything, but it seems like he might have lost some for you. You still get Padre’s card.

Stealing The Car
While attempting to steal the car, Jackie will pop up and put a gun to your face.

Gun It
You try to drive away, but the car isn’t working. Then the cops show up.

Easy now
You say easy does it, and Jackie says you can get out or get beat down. Doesn’t matter though since the cops show up.

There are a couple of quick choices after this, but they don’t matter so pick what you like.

Talking With Jackie After The Police Leave
Stints wouldn’t do that
You say Stint’s wouldn’t do that, but Jackie isn’t so sure.

Same here
You agree with Jackie and keep on chatting.

Then there are other choices.
Unlikely it would have worked
You say nah, the job was toxic from the start. No way you would have gotten out with the car.

Nah my fault
You say nah it was your own fault. You think that the tech you used triggered the alarm.

We buddies all of a sudden?
Jackie says if you help his homies then you are okay in his book. The two of you go get some lunch.

Jackie says you guys need to go eat his mama’s chili since it is the best in town. The two of you go grab some grub.

Cyberpunk 2077 Nomad Choices And Consequences

The sheriff ones at the start don’t matter much, say what you want.

Border Crossing
When you start to cross the border, you will be flagged for further inspection.

Is this routine?
You ask if this is routine or not. The guard says it might be, he isn’t sure yet.

I know the drill
You say you know the rules, and hand him your papers. He then waits for your bribe.

He then asks which clan you drive for.
That isn’t your concern
You say it isn’t his concern, he isn’t happy about that choice. He gives you some lip, but he lets you go after.

I don’t drive for any clan
You say no clan and you drive yourself. He thinks that isn’t a good idea, and he prefers to be on his side of the table. After that you are free to go.

I thought maybe we could talk our way out of giving the bribe, but you can’t. Don’t forget your gun on the way out.

Talking With Jackie In The Garage

You think it was my fault?
You tell him that the border guard told the Corpo where we’d be.

Calm down
You calm him down after you tell him what happened.

After that you get another choice.

You pay my transport fee
You tell him we crossed the border, now we go our separate ways after he pays you. Jackie is light right now, but he can get you later he says.

I could ask you the same question
You tell him to stop whining, and Jackie admits he can’t pay you right now.

You tricked me
Jackie just laughs it off and apologizes for offending a smuggler’s moral code.

I appreciate the honesty
You tell him you are glad he told you the truth.

He then asks if you have any plans for Night city.

No plans at the moment
You admit you have no plans at the moment. Jackie says he will help you find a place to stay.

Why do you ask?
Jackie wants you to be his comrade and do some jobs with him.

After that you get a couple more options.

You thank Jackie and you head into Night City.

I don’t need help
You say you don’t need the help. Jackie says it’d be a shame to waste this shot to be partners.

Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Choices And Consequences

The first choices don’t matter, pick what you want.

Talking To Frank
A guy talks to you on the way to see Jenkins. Frank calls you wayyyyyy deeper into the game regardless of the choice here. He gives you a side mission if you are Corpo.

I remember
You ask Frank how he has been. He says he is fine and then you get some more options to use on him, if you want.

I’m in a rush
You say sorry and that you have to go. Frank understands.

When Talking To Jenkins
Have you worked together long?
He says that they have been going at it for a long time.

Its not the first time she’s screwed you
You remind him that this isn’t the first time he was set up. He acknowledges this and you guys stand up.

He then asks what you would do in his position.

Defend yourself
You tell him to defend himself, and he agrees. He then gives you a mission.

Nothing you can do
You remind him that she has Night City board on her side, which makes her hard to fight against.

Harry Choices
If you go into your office, a man named Harry will chat with you. He then gives you a choice.

Pull him out
Harry gets him out of danger. Harry had a good point about him cracking under pressure.

Keep him digging
You say you’ve invested too much in him at this point. Harry questions it, but does so anyways. This might have ramifications down the line, I’ll update if it does.

Life Coach Choices
While you are on the chopper, a Life Coach calls you.

Everything’s Dandy
You tell him that everything is good. He will then tell you think about the last session, and he gives you a recap.

Things are only alright
He tells you think back to the last session and to do you relaxation exercises.

Jackie Trust Choice
When talking about the hit to Jackie, this choice comes up.

Thought I could count on you
Jackie says that a hit, isn’t his style. He also mentions that it isn’t yours either.

I need someone I can trust
Jackie says it isn’t delicate, it’s a hit job plain and simple.

After you can choose to drink with Jackie or not.

You share a drink with Jackie and keep talking.

No thanks
You say you don’t drink and Jackie drinks both.

After the drinks Jackie says you might be losing your soul to this job.
Those are the rules
You wanna be on top, you have to have some skin in it. Jackie then reminds you that you are not at the top.

Think I have a choice?
You remind Jackie that you’ll lose everything if you don’t listen. Jackie says let them take it all, including the vice grip they have on you.

Arasaka Agent Choices
These guys roll up while you are chatting with Jackie.

Who are you again?
The agent doesn’t answer, and he hacks your body.

Task isn’t your concern
You say no, and they hack your systems and basically fire you.

At the end you and Jackie chat.

No Jack, I lost everything
You tell him you lost everything you had. Jackie reminds you that you still have the cash from the hit job.

Still have a friend?
You make a joke, but Jackie says you got that cash for the hit job still.

Cyberpunk 2077 Main Story Choices And Consequences

Ripperdoc Choices
The ripperdoc will give you the upgrade freely, assuming you come to pay him back.

I’ll pay once the job is done
The Doc says this is the last time, but he will hook you up.

Pay him 21000 right now
Maybe if you do new game plus you can pay right now, but I was no where close to that amount of cash.

When you are being worked on you will get another choice, this one doesn’t matter so much.

Just like the dentist
You will say this seems like the dentist, since he is giving you a play by play. The doc says don’t be mean and performs the procedure.

You say same as always, can’t feel a thing. Doc says he still has to check just in case.

Dex Convo Choices
When you get into the car with Dex, you will have a few choices.

How they remember you is what counts
You say it is first place or no place, cost doesn’t matter. Dexter says that is what he expected you to say and gives you respect.

Nobodies don’t survive in Night City
You say you are either somebody, or you fizzle out in Night City. Dex says that he tries to be mister Chill, but some people take advantage of that, which leads to this job.

This some sort of test?
You ask if this is a test, and Dex says it is just a topic he likes to know about.

When the Corp you are stealing from is mentioned, you will get two more choices.

Not at all
You say that Corps don’t deserve special treatment, and Dex is happy to hear it.

That’s a death sentence
You say no problem, it is just a death sentence. That turf belongs to a powerful group and it is dangerous. Dex says high risk, high reward.

The client and the Maelstrom option doesn’t matter, you get to pick both.

Maelstrom Or Client First
It is up to you, but the Client should go first. You speak with the client, get more info for the bot and on Maelstrom, and your job becomes easier.

Im Looking For Evelyn
When you speak to the bartender, he will ask who is asking for Evelyn.

Name’s V
You say you are V and you and her have a date. He says you will have to look around the bar and a woman will walk up to you. She introduces herself as Evelyn Parker and slides you a drink.

Answer the question
You say just answer the question. The barkeep says you seem a bit tense, and sends you off. Evelyn shows up anyways.

A big tipper
You tell him a big tipper, if you get the answers you need. The bartender says thanks, but he gets paid to keep his mouth shut.

When Evelyn shows up.

Why didn’t you come over sooner?
She says she wanted to get a good look at you first.

You drink the Tequila and she says that she took her time to figure out what you liked to drink.

Like wat you see?
She says if she didn’t, you’d know about it.

Then two more options pop up.
Let’s talk shop
Evelyn says okay, but not here.

Why meet here?
You ask why you want to meet here. You say this doesn’t seem like her kind of place.

Speaking With Evelyn In The Longue
When you go to the longue you will speak with Evelyn in private

Don’t know him well
You admit, you and Dex haven’t worked together long. Evelyn is curious why Dex chose you then.

Let’s cut to the chase
Evelyn will ask you if you know what the target is, which you do. She wants the data on the bot and tells you where it is stashed.

I’m the best
You say you are good at what you do. Evelyn says that she has higher expectations then you just being a cleaner.

You don’t care what Dex thinks
You say you don’t care what Dex thinks, and we both know that. Evelyn says you have a problem accepting compliments.

You can ask her why she is so interested in Dex after
You ask if she is writing Dex’s bio and admit you don’t know him well. She says it is interesting that Dex chose you for the job despite not knowing him well.

Brain Dance
Most of the Brain Dance choices don’t matter, but right before you go into the main BD you bring up T-bug coming in.

You can trust her
You say that T-bug is a professional and you need her help. Judy doesn’t like it, but Evelyn convinces her it is okay.

Relax Judy it’ll be fine
Judy does not like this option. She gets mad at you but Evelyn calms her down.

Evelyn tells her to trust you on this.

Do the job for Evelyn
Evelyn wants you to do the job for her, no middleman, no Dex.

I’ll think about it
You say there will be hell to pay if you betray Dex. Evelyn says she will offer you 50% of the take if you accept. You tell her you will think about it.

No way Dex trusts me
You say no way, Dex took a leap for you and you owe him for that.

I’m not about to screw Dex over
You say no, it isn’t just about the money. You say you won’t betray Dex for money.

Meeting Meredith Stout
Shake her hand and you can get on to business. Long story short, you get jacked homie. She will then ask if you are here alone.

I got backup
You claim to have snipers watching over you. You are hooked up so she will know you are lying.

I am alone
You admit that you are alone, but Stout still sends out a dron.e

After she brings up the contact.

Don’t know him
You say you don’t know him, which the line confirms.

Let me go
You tell her to let you go, she calls you a name and demands you answer.

When she releases you, you talk business.

Take Credchip
You say that sounds good, and you take her chip. She says pay with the chip, and there will be no problems. After the Maelstrom incident, she will offer you more work as well.

No way not happening
You say no, and your offer just came off the table. Stout leaves and tells you that you just made a huge mistake.

How To Handle Maelstrom
Three choices here, unless you denied Stout’s card then only two.

Doubt this goes smoothly
You and Jackie are figuring this will end in bloodshed.

Pay with Militech cred
You tell Jackie that you and Militech found some common ground. Jack says that is a lot of money you two could split, but the option doesn’t happen.

Pay 10k yourself
You can offer to pay yourself if you have the 10k.

Take the drug inside the Maelstrom Hideout
You are asked to take a drug inside the Maelstrom hideout. The drug itself makes it so you take less damage.

I’ll pass
Dum Dum calls you a straight edged princess but otherwise doesn’t seem to mind. The Flathead is then brought out anyway.

Take a hit
You take a hit and Dum Dum is happy. Then you can get down to business, as the bot is brought out.

Royce Puts A Gun To Your Face
You will have two choices when you get the gun put in your face.

You expect me to pay for this thing twice?
Royce says you will pay twice, because Royce says you will pay twice.

Let’s make a new deal
You take a hit and Dum Dum is happy. Then you can get down to business, as the bot is brought out.

After you choose, it comes down to payment.

Militech Card
You hand him the card and he checks it out. Turns out the chip has a vector (whatever that is) and Royce goes ballistic. A fight breaks out and you need to start dropping fools quickly.

Militech Card(virus)
If you are a Corpo you will know there’s a virus on there and you can hand it over and tell them that. They will clear the card and take the credits, leaving the bot with you. Militech will NOT be happy about this but you can leave without a fight.

How about a discount?
Royce does not like this option. He asks who sent you, and you respond. From there you have three choices, draw your weapon, or take him down if you have enough strength. If you let the timer run out, he will revert back to the other two options.

Pay yourself
If you pay them the 10k, you get the bot with no issues. Militech isn’t happy about it, but you got the bot. Just don’t draw your weapon or take down Royce and you can get out.

Set Off Charge or Disarm Charge
When you are trying to escape from Royce’s men, you will see a small green icon on the map, in the second room of combat. Brick is in there, being held prisoner. Right next to the door where Brick is being held is a Detonator. You have two choices here:

Set Off Charge
If you choose to detonate the charge, it explodes. Brick also explodes. Brick is dead.

Disarm Charge
If you disarm the charge and then enter Brick’s cell, by hacking the keypad, he is grateful and promises to have your back if you ever meet again.

Dex Asking About Evelyn
When you drop the bot off, Dex will ask about Evelyn.

Pretty well
You say it went pretty well, then explain the Braindance you had to go through.

She wants to cut you loose
You admit that Evelyn made you another offer. He now knows she wanted to ditch him and offer you a 50/50 split. Dex will reward you with 40% of the cut for your honesty. Well he says he will, he doesn’t but there is nothing you can do about that.

Payment from Dex
When Dex tells you what your cut will be.

Sounds about right
You are happy with the cut and then Dex goes over the rest of the job.

Seems pretty low
You tell Dex it is a kind of low, and Jackie agrees. Dex asks if you are sure you want to go down this road.

Eddies aren’t ever most important
You let him know the Eddies aren’t the most important part of the job. He will then ask you want it is you are mostly interested in.

The challenge
You say you like the challenge. Dex says you young folk making us old folk look bad and keeps going on about the plan.

Wanna be remembered
You want to be remembered in the future. Dex says he gets it, you want to build your cred and rep. Then he goes over the rest of the plan.

You admit you want to give Arasaka a little payback.

Jackie is right
You agree with Jack and you want more than thirty percent. Dex bumps up the pay to 35% but that is it.

Where To Deliver Jackie
After the suite mission, you have a choice to make.

Wait for me here
You tell the car to leave Jackie here and to wait for you to come back. Long story short, you aren’t coming back anytime soon. After everything is said and done, the Car will send Jackie home.

His family
You tell the car to bring him back to his family. After the events unfold, Mama Welles will invite you to his funeral.

Vik Vektor’s
You tell the driver to drop Jackie off at Vik’s place. Mama Welles will be very upset that she doesn’t have the body and you won’t get the funeral. Vic says Arasaka took the body and he doesn’t know where it is. This does not bode well for Jackie’s body. Later on it is mentioned that the Arasaka have his Jackie’s engram.

Dex Choices After Heist
Doesn’t matter what you pick here, it only ends one way.

Chatting With Takemura About Evelyn
Eventually, four choices will pop up when Takemura asks if you think Evelyn works for a corporation.

No idea
You say you have no idea. Takemura says Evelyn had alot of knowledge about the relic so she could be a Corpo.

I think so
You say you suspect she is, and Takemura says it seems like she has the right connections to be one.

Don’t think so
You say you doubt it and then explain why.

Asking too many questions
Takemura says it is because you have many interesting things to say.

Eventually Takemura and the vendor get into a argument, you can tell Takemura to chill if you want. Either way the situation will be defused without violence. Then you choose which target to go for first.

Evelyn Parker
You say you will track down Evelyn and see if she can help. Takemura doesn’t think she can help you this time, but he won’t stop you.

Relic Engineer
You know who invented the Relic and he should know how to get rid of it safely.

Let Judy Know How Evelyn Is Doing
After you meet with Judy, she will ask you to let her know how Evelyn is doing after you find her.

Sure I’ll call you
You tell her you will call her and Judy thanks you.

Sorry no promises
You tell her you can’t promise anything. Judy says she gets it, but she hopes you will call and let her know.

Better if I didn’t
You say it’d be better if you didn’t. Judy says I guess no means no.

Clouds Partner
When you get to Clouds you will pick a partner. I went with Skye so my answers are based on that. Safeword ends the convo.

First she mentions that you are dying.

I’m looking for a girl
Skye says you need answers, but not the ones you think you need.

How did you know
Skye says you fear death and cower before it.

What am I afraid of
Skye talks about something deep inside that you are hiding. She then suggests that you let it out.

This is what fulfilling my fantasies means?
You say you were not expecting this and Skye says these are you true desires.

So I just give up?
You say sure, let me just curl up in a ball and die. She then says you have given up on your dreams.

I died once
You tell her that you died once, and now you have to do it again. Skye says you are scared because you gave up on your dreams.

We are not having this convo
You say you aren’t having the convo with her.

I’m alone
You talk about Jackie and say he’s gone now, and you have no one at your side. Skye says that you are sad because you gave up on your dreams.

Still wanna be the best
You say you’ve never gave up on that goal, but it isn’t looking good. You just want the world to know that you were here.

Pure Fantasy
You say it was a dreamland. You just wanted the world to know that you are here.

I’m scared of the unknown
You say that you are afraid and you do these things to fill the void.

Can’t imagine what it is like to be someone else
You say you are afraid of becoming someone else, and Skye says you are already becoming someone else.

After Using Your Safeword
You will get some options after you use the Safeword.

What do you know about Evelyn?
You ask about Evelyn and Skye doesn’t know a ton about her.

That wasn’t what I expected
You say you were hoping for thrills, not the gloom that you just experienced.

Thanks for the chat
You thank her for the chat, but you still need info on Evelyn.

After Skye stands up.

Need your help please
You ask nicely and say you just want to know if Evelyn is ok. Skye will fill you in on what she knows.

You’re good looking
You threaten her for info. She tells you that someone beat on Evelyn, and that’s all Skye knows.

I’ll pay for info
You pay her 900$ and she gives you the info on Evelyn.

Chatting With Woodman
You will get some options after you use the Safeword.

You look reasonable
You tell him you two can work something out. Woodman calls you psycho and says he is listening.

You don’t understand what is at stake
You tell him he doesn’t understand what the situation is right now. You will then get some more choices, scroll down a bit.

Tell me where Evelyn is
You don’t have time for games, tell me where Evelyn is. Woodman tries to shoo you off and you go back to the choices.

If you call Woodman reasonable.

I’ll pay for info
You offer to pay him for the info. He says he doesn’t need your money. More choices pop up, but he isn’t taking a bribe.

Sorry, done playing nice
You say I tried and Woodman says you are pissing him off and some more options open up.

If you are a Corpo, you can choose this option. Tell him the girl is linked to the Arasaka and he will tell you the info you need.

Your bosses should know how you treat customers
You tell him you will let the bosses know how Woodman treats his customers. This causes Woodman to laugh at you and some more choices pop up.

Could end you with my bare hands
You call him a stump and threaten to beat him down. You guys then fight and you have to kill him. He had an epic assault rifle for me but it wasn’t Iconic.

Let’s not make this harder then it has to be
You say you’d rather settle this without anyone getting hurt. Woodman scoffs at you but another option pops up.

One way or another I will find out
Woodman is getting sick of you so he caves and gives you the info you want.

After Woodman laughs at you.

I know you are stealing
You tell him you know he has been skimming from Clouds. He says he isn’t but you can push him further.

You’re higher-up then I thought
You tell him you didn’t know he was so high up. He says it’s about time you noticed. He then stands up and tells you what he knows about Evelyn.

Wonder what Tyger Claw bosses would think
You say it doesn’t matter, but you wonder what the leadership would think if they found out. Woodman doesn’t seem to care, and after that he draws a gun and you have to fight him.

Chatting With The Thugs Near The Clinic
After you meet with Judy, she will ask you to let her know how Evelyn is doing after you find her.

Don’t want any trouble
You tell them you just want to go through. The thug gives you some lip, but let’s you through anyways.

Looking for Fingers
The thug will ask who is asking. You can say you got a busted up chip and need some help. The Thug will ask if you are a whore or not.

You say you are an escort for special tastes. The thug says Fingers will like you and let’s you through.

No but you are
You say that you are, which he doesn’t like much. You can either apologize after or just kill them and walk in.

Piss off
You tell them to kindly move, and then you can apologize or not. It doesn’t matter, this option leads to you fighting the thugs.

Don’t Start
If you have high enough body (6) you can walk in without any issues.

Let Fingers Finish His Work Or Not
You need info on Evelyn and you can force Fingers to tell you quickly or wait for him to finish his procedure.

Not waiting
Fingers gives in, and tells his patient to wait.

You wait for Fingers to finish on his patients eye. She screams a bit but she gets up and walks away after. Fingers will then be ready to chat.

Questioning Fingers
Your call how you want to play this.

Check your logs
He says he doesn’t log things like this, but you jog his memory. He still says he doesn’t remember, but Judy will call him out if she is with you. You can calm her down, threaten to punch Fingers, or tell him not to talk to Judy like that.

Don’t talk to Judy like that
Fingers says she insulted me. You tell him the quicker he spills, the quicker you two are out of his hair.

The name Forrest
He says no, but then you tell him you know him as Woodman. Let him know you two talked and Fingers will give you the info you need. Again, you can let Judy call him names or calm her down, either way you get to the info you need. You can still punch him if you want, I did.

You punch threaten to punch Fingers and he spills the beans. You can then choose to punch him or not, your call. He still acts like he doesn’t know but he does give you a lead. You can still punch him if you want, or you can just leave.

Smoking A Cig For Johnny
After rescuing Evelyn Johnny will ask you to smoke a cigeratte for him.

Don’t smoke
You say smoking is for posers and it stinks. Johnny gives you some crap and then you guys head inside.

You smoke one and Johnny is happy. This might have consequences down the line, but for now you’re safe. I’ll update if it bites me in the butt later.

Chatting With Mitch And Scorpion
During another Main Mission, you will be chatting with two men named Mitch and Scorpion. After intros are done, you can try to talk the two into helping you and Panam. If you choose to go after Nash, he will drop an Iconic Rifle called Widow Maker. She will also elude to sleeping with you down the line, I was playing male V so I am not sure if female V gets the option. She won’t tonight, but later she will.

Could use your help
You say you need their help and explain the situation to them. They are busy with the leader of the clan at the moment and say they can’t help.

We’re wasting our time
You tell Panam that time is short, and you have to move. She tries to convince the two to join up and help you. Long story short, they have other work to do and Panam does not like that they won’t help.

Don’t need them
You say we can do it without them and Panam tells you to shut it. The two of them say they are staying here and it is about the clan. You two are on your own. You do get some ammo and stims, but you get them either way.

Could really use your help
You again say that you really could use their help. They won’t have it through, the clan comes first and they need to stay behind. They still give you some stuff, but they won’t be helping.

Go For Nash Or Deal With 6th Street First
After you get the car for Panam, she insists that you go after Nash instead of Sixth Street.

Nash hunt wasn’t part of the deal
You convince her that she doesn’t know where Nash is, and he might not even be at the hide out. She will then force your hand, help her or tell her no.

Let’s do Sixth Street first
You tell her you want to do the deal first. Panam insists that you do it now and you are left with two choices.

You wanna raid the Raffen Base?
You two argue for a bit and then you are left with the same two choices, hit the out post or go to the deal first.

Ok so where is the hideout?
You agree to help her and she will drive you guys there.

Fine where is the den?
You agree to help her and she will drive you guys there.

No not what we agreed
You tell her no and she gets mad. You tell her you know Nash made a fool out of her, but a deal is a deal. You then get some more options, but she doesn’t respond. She will still help you with Hellman.

Mitch Hostage Situation
When Mitch is taken hostage, you get a few options one what to say the the pilot that has him. No matter what choice you make it ends the same, the pilot dead before he gives you any useful info.
Will You Help Or Stay With Mitch Choice
After dealing with the pilot, you have a a choice to make; bring Panam or go alone. Either choice she is coming with you so it doesn’t matter. At the end of the mission there is another choice between Saul and Panam, but this one also doesn’t change anything.
Hellmen Interogation
After getting Hellman back to your motel, the questions can begin. To be honest these don’t seem to make a difference either, the outcome is always the same.

Got a problem and you will help me kick it
You say nobody sent you, but you got a problem with your chip. Hellmen will ask what it has to do with the Biochip.

Nope no offer
You tell them there is no offer, you just want info.

Your tech is tryin to kill me
You say his tech is killing you, and that isn’t how it is advertised. You then tell him about Silverhand in your head..

Got Silverhand’s construct in my head
You tell him you have Silverhand’s construct in your head. Hellmen doesn’t believe you and wants to know where you got the chip.

Johnny Convo Outside The Hotel
You can listen to Johnny talk with you outside if you want, this adds more to his story and back ground. If you let it go far enough he will let you know why he hates Arasaka. He will also mention that to get revenge he WILL take your body if he needs to. You can pop the pills to end the convo at any time.
Give Me One Good Reason I Shouldnt Report You
When meeting with Wakako, she will ask you to give her a reason not to rat you out.

We come with biz
You tell her Eddies is why, making cash is the plan. You tell her the info, and she gives you a chip.

Simple. You’re curious
You tell her she would have made the call if she was going to. You then give her the info and she gives you a chip.

If you are a Corpo you get a special choice here. You basically tell her that called the Arasaka will blame her as well. She will then ask about Dex.

You know everything
You tell her you already know she is working on it. She will then hand you some shards with info.

Goro remind me
Goro tells her that Dex is dead, and you tell her that his body is in a dump. She asks if that was told in a threatening manor.

Just the facts
You tell her they are just the facts, Dex is dead and that is why he can’t be reached.

Netwatch Agent Convo
After dealing with the Vodoo boys in the mall, you will meet a Netwatch Agent who offers you a deal. Long story short, the Voodoo boys will not be happy if you cut a deal with the Netwatch agent. At the same time, they set you up so when you jack into the Netwatch agent you kill him. Regardless of the outcome, you get the info here. Netwatch will remove the virus from you that that Voodoo boys put in you, but they will put one of their own in.

The question is do you want the Voodoo boys to be alive or would you rather help out Netrunner. If you kill the Netrunner you never really find out that the Voodoo boys betrayed you. If you don’t you have to fight your way out of the chapel after getting the info you need. Nothing major in the story changes, you just get another big fight.

Who are you
He introduces himself and says he is a special agent. He then says his pockets are much deeper then the Voodoo boys.

Incapacitate agent
You knock the agent out and jack into him. This results in you being rebooted and the agent dying. The voodoo boys betrayed you. Either way you get betrayed by someone.

If you are a Corpo you can select the option here. The man will tell you that they have deeper pockets and can pay you more.

I need an in with the Voodoo Chief
You say it isn’t a money job for you, you need to meet with the chief. He says that you are being used by the Voodoo boys.

Care to back that up?
He tries to prove to you that you have been infected by a virus already. You have to run two system checks and he will point out that they are exactly the same.

Alright what’s you offer?
He says he will remove the virus and free the two you need freed, all you have to do is let him walk with the info.

Ok fine
He is happy, Johnny is not, and the virus is removed form your system. The man also says he will be seeing you again. He puts a virus on you that you don’t catch until later. That virus will fry the Voodoo boys when you are jacked into Silverhand’s memories.

Brigitte Remove Chip Convo
At the end of the convo, you have the choice to go with Brigitte or to check your other options first. She says she can help you remove the chip, but she is also the one who set up the job that got Jackie killed.

Go with her
She will bring you back to the church and lead you to a chair. You will get so see some more of Johnny’s memories here and see that he started to lose it. It’s a pretty long mission so be ready for it.

Check other options
This is basically, I’ll come back later. This is a main mission and you will have to do it eventually.

Silverhand Memory Choices
Silverhand’s story is set in stone minus some minor details, your choices all lead to the same outcome. Pick the ones you want to hear.

Kill Or Spare Oda
After beating Oda in combat, you can finish him or let him live.

Kill Oda
Killing Oda will make Takemura upset and he will say that he will remember this. You had to get rid of the loose ends. If something else happens down the line I will update.

Spare Oda
Takemura will thank you, I will update if this comes back to bite me or not.

Let Johnny Take Control Choice
After the parade, you and Johnny have a heart to heart. He wants to take over and speak to Rogue. There are other choices before this, but it all leads to this.

I’ll give you control
You say you will do it for him and he asks you to take him to the Afterlife. This opens the side quest Chippin In.

Not gonna happen
You flat out refuse and you say the discussion is over. You can still do the side quest if you want, you just have to select it from your journal.

Need to think on it
Johnny says sure, he gets it. He also says that it is important to him so consider it. This one also gives you the side quest.

Arasaka Help Or Panam/Other Romance Options Help
As man V, I only had Panam as an option to ask for help. If you play female V or hook up with the Cop guy as Male V, you will have other options.
You take a chance on Arasaka, which Johnny does not like. Johnny then mentions that he thinks you will regret this choice. You can then get a reading from Misty if you want, while waiting for your ride. Your call here, doesn’t change much but it is fun to do. At the end of the mission, the chip is removed from your head and Johnny and you part on bad terms. The old CEO of Arasaka takes over his son’s body and reclaims Arasaka. This is the bad ending in case it wasn’t clear.

You become an experiment on an Arasaka space station.

Smash Guards Head In
You then get the choice to smash a guys head in, if you have enough body points. Hellmen loses his mind at this, and you have to fight your way through the area.

You make up a lie about Abernathy, and as it turns out she killed herself two days ago. Long story short you have to fight your way through now.

Hanako is expecting us
He says stay where you are, and Hellman runs him over. You’re fighting your way through here on way or another.

At the end of the space station, you have a choice to make.

Sign contract
You say you want to live and sign the contract. You surrender to Arasaka and hope you are brought back in the future. The credits roll and who knows if you ever come back.

Don’t sign
You refuse to sign and are brought back to earth. You go home to die and the credits roll.

Panam/Other Romance Options
They should be similar enough, just not the exact same. Sorry I can’t get the exact details on the other lovers, but I’m only one person.

After you call Panam you have a reading from Misty. She pulls The Fool, The Magician, The Lovers, and The Moon. Then Panam arrives and takes you back to the hideout in the desert. Panam, Saul, and their crew agree to help you break into the tower via an underground tunnel.

They help you get on the net where you speak with Alt and secure her assistance breaking into Mikoshi. Saul makes you a member of the Aldecaldo and you’re given an Aldecaldo Jacket. You assault the facility with the tank and then break into Arasaka Tower. Saul is killed by Smasher, before you and Panam take him down.

You then have a choice on whether or not to kill Smasher. After deciding his fate you meet Jackie on the roof of a building but he doesn’t recognize you. You then meet Alt and Johnny and learn that Alt had already used Soulkiller on V. You then learn that, once Alt transfers your soul back into your body, you will die, after about 6 months.

You then make the final choice. To return to your body and die within 6 months, or go with Alt into the digital space and leave Johnny to live in your body. If you choose to let Johnny keep your body, you cross the bridge with Alt. Johnny returns as V and takes a kid shopping for a guitar. Johnny then visits a cemetery and leaves V his pendant. Johnny takes a bus and leaves Night City.

If you decide to return to your body, Johnny says goodbye and tells you to never stop fighting. V wakes up in the badlands and talks with Panam. Panam, the Aldecaldo, and V look to start a new life in Arizona, not quite ready to leave V to his fate.

Board Meeting Choices
Choices here don’t matter, it ends the same way and you have to fight your way out of the area.

Cyberpunk 2077 Side Gigs Choices And Consequences

Woman Of La Mancha
This side gig involves a police officer you can either kill or persuade to leave.

Here to warn you
You tell Anna it would be a good idea to drop the investigation.

I can tell you who took the job
You have to fight Anna and kill her.

Yeah that was a threat
Again, you have to fight Anna.

Just wanna help
You try to talk her down and this leads to more options.

It doesn’t matter
She says it does and gets upset.

Your cop buddies
She says she knew it and agrees to drop the investigation and leave.

What’s next for you?
She brushes you off and tells you to piss off basically.

Anna says you aint no different from the people that sent you here, but she lives.

Heroes Item Choice
If you delivered Jackie to his mother, you get to pick an item to bury him with. This is purely flavor, pick what you want. The belt seems in poor taste so I’d avoid that. I went with the book for the record.

Heroes Tell Misty To Come Or Stay
Misty and Mama Welles are on bad terms, but you can convince her to show up anyways. If she comes you can tell Mama Welles to have dinner with Misty to sort things out. There bad blood will be cleared. If you don’t care you can tell Misty to stay away.

Last Login Charles Choice
Charles is a Ripperdoc you run into after doing the Last Login gig.

I believe you
He is lying, but this will get you out of the mission quickly and give you access to him as a Ripperdoc.

You’re lying
He say you are right not to believe him and he will offer you a discount. If you don’t take the discount he will run.

I read your mail
You need to have read the mail on the laptop downstairs to have this option. You can use this to get a deal on Ripperdoc upgrades, which I recommend.

Riders On The Storm Agree With Panam Or Saul
After fixing the heat, you will have a convo with Panam and Saul.

Saul has a point
You say that if war is coming, you could use the allies. If you are a Corpo you can explain why.

Panam’s right
You agree with Panam and tell Saul it is not a good idea to ally up with Corpos. If you have the Corpo background, you can explain why.

Don’t involve me
You say keep me out of it. They tell you that they are used to having these spats.

You can then try to make a move on Panam, but it won’t work yet. Keep working it and you will eventually be able to hook up with her down the line. Just be sure to stop her before she leaves. Don’t worry you’ll see the choice.

Panam Chat In The Tower
After you find the punch cards in the tower, Panam wants to talk with you. If you are looking to hook up with Panam, now is not a good time to piss her off. The ideal options are for her are, Missed You, Any, Any, So Far, So Good, Either, Impulse, Touch Pananm’s Hand.

What’d you wanna talk about/strong>
Panam will ask you why you came to help.

Know it’s important to you
You say because you know how important it is to her. She then basically says she really doesn’t want to mess things up between the two of you.

Wanna see how it plays out
You say you want to see how it pans out. You say it is because you want to make sure she is around for later. She smiles and walks off to rejoin the others.

Not doing it for free
You say you aren’t in this for free. Panam says oh because you need another fire arm?

Yeah for one
You say yeah and she says I’m sure we can find something to suit your tastes. She walks off pretty mad at that comment.

Something wrong?
She says it is her bad for forgetting what Night City is like. Tit for tat, and she storms off mad.

Meant you not the gun
You say you didn’t mean a gun, you meant her. She says she was thinking something similar, but not quite like that. She storms off and says that she doesn’t pay in that currency.

Trust issues again?
You say you thought you guys hashed all the trust issues out.

Come on
She caves and says okay and thanks you. She then walks off to join the others.

Meaning nobody from outside the family
She says maybe we could both take a second to figure out what that means. She walks off not to happy.

Cold feet?
She says yes, but not about the convoy. She will then ask why you came to do the job.

Missed you
You tell her that you missed her and she gets kind of flustered a this. She wasn’t ready for you to say that.

So let’s start
No time like the present.

Wanted to chat about something else?
You check to be sure that is what she wanted to talk about, she says yes but not just so openly.

Don’t have to if you don’t want to
She says that she also wants to talk about it.

Great Plan
You ask what went wrong? Panam says that you saw right through her.

Don’t see a problem
Panam say she isn’t very good at the talking about feelings thing. She is worried about messing it up.

Ok but we can skip the tiptoeing
You tell her you want to skip the tiptoeing and she basically says she doesn’t want to mess this up.

Guess you gotta start somewhere
You tell her at least that is a start. She then says she normally acts before thinking, which you know by now.

So far so good
You say she is doing fine so far. Panam says that is because she has kept her mouth shut so far.

Don’t feel any impulse
You say it sucks that she doesn’t feel an impulse right now. She is worried she will say something foolish.

Why is it different with me?
You ask her why you are different, and she admits she cares. She doesn’t want to mess it up and lose you.

Touch Panam’s Hand
You actually touch her shoulder but whatever. She touches your chest and walks off happily after saying you’ve been warned.

You’re overthinking it
You say you don’t scare so easily and the convo is over. She walks off to join the others.

Panam After The Tank Mission
Panam will basically say you could join her clan. You don’t really have a choice here, you can’t due to the implant.
Billy Goat Or The Other
After hanging out with Johnny you decide to get a tattoo. This is a purely cosmetic choice and you’ll likely take it off as soon as you leave anyways.

Billy Goat
You get this tattoo which gives you no bonuses to your hand slot. Probably best you replace it.

The Other
You get a tattoo that says Together Forever. It doesn’t give you any sort of benefit either, so go to a Ripperdoc and get it replaced quickly.

Left Or Right Pill?
Reference to The Matrix, left is red, right is blue. Red is the right choice here, even though neither of them do a thing.

Kill Or Spare Grayson
Kill Grayson
You kill Grayson and get the key from him.

Spare Grayson
He will give you a keycard for a crate on the other side of the boat. This is to open a crate in Johnny’s car down the line. He hasn’t showed up again.

Violence Take Body Or Leave Body Choice
Take The Body
You tell her to sleep soundly and that you will take care of it. You tell Lizzy to get checked out, but she says she likes what is happening to her. You later get paid 4k.

Leave The Body
You don’t think something about Lizzy’s story doesn’t add up. She tells you to leave and shut the door. That will end the Violence side gig.

Take Rachels Payoff Or Stay With Josh
I never did figure out how much you get paid for these.

No way
You stay with Josh and see how it plays out.

You get double the pay and walk away.

You say you know what kind of budgets BDs get and you will get triple your pay.

Light That Never Goes Out Diner Chat
This mission seems like it has a bad ending, but you get a call from them later.

Can we change the subject
You ask if you can talk about something other than faith. You suggest Josh pick something since it is his night.

Remake kicks the original’s butt
You tell him it is much better, but Rachel says enough of that pointless chatter.

Nothing like the original
You say the original is 10x better and Rachel butts in.

Never saw either
You say Braindance isn’t your thing. Rachel says that the chatter is pointless.

Tell Me About The Brain Dance
You want to know more about the Braindance, Rachel fills you in.

Can we please stop talking about faith?
You change the subject.

What’s your part in this?
They tell you how they edited the script a bit.

Sound like an actor
You tell him he sounds like an actor that is trying to get a part. Rachel cuts you off and eventually they leave.

What are you trying to convey to the world
He tells you, and then Rachel cuts you off.

Eff off already
You tell her to butt out, you and Josh are talking. Rachel does not like that one bit. She tells you that your job is done, and you all separate.

What do you do to relaxed Rachel?
You tell Rachel to relax and Josh agrees. Rachel admits that she meditates.

Didn’t take you for the spiritual type
You say you didn’t think she had a spiritual side. She gets angry at this and then asks why you are here.

Glad it works for you
You say it is great to have an outlet. It leads to the same choices.

Tell me why I am here
You say you’ll tell her, but she cuts you off and she leaves the dinner with Josh.

Back off
You tell her to back off you, and Rachel tells you to leave since you are not part of the group.

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