Dark Souls 2 Newbie Q&A Tips & Tricks

Dark Souls 2 Tips And Tricks
Entering the world of Dark Souls II for the first time can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of Dark Souls 2 tips & tricks that are sure to help new and old players alike. As always here at Gamers Heroes, if you’re struggling feel free to post a comment. If you have other information that you feel could benefit the Dark Souls 2 community, please let us know and the guide will be updated along with your name as a contributor.

How do I level up
It might seem like a silly question, but I was genuinely confused at the start of the game. As opposed to leveling up at Bonfires like in the previous Dark Souls, you can now only level up by speaking to the Emerald Herald in Mejula. She will also take your Estus Shards to increase your Estus Flask stacks, and of course give you (minimal) guidance through the story.
How Should I Spend My Souls
The biggest increase in damage comes from upgrading your weapon, so I would recommend spending your first souls on fitting the weapon requirements and after that prioritizing weapon upgrades. Buying the Titanite itself however is not optimal because you can easily find six Titanite shards at the start of the game. (There are four shards in Mejula alone.)
Why can I not get into dual wield stance
Through personal experience I’ve found that you need a higher strength requirement to enter a dual wield stance with a weapon, than to actually wield the weapon. Also the move set needs to be very similar. With 50 Strength I’ve been able to dual wield Ultra Great Swords, pretty cool.
How Should I Spent My Souls?
The biggest increase in damage comes from upgrading your weapon, so I would recommend spending your first souls on fitting the weapon requirements and after that prioritizing weapon upgrades. Buying the Titanite itself however is not optimal because you can easily find six Titanite shards at the start of the game. (There are four shards in Mejula alone.)
What are some good rings to level with early on?
Ring of Binding! This ring reduces the health penalty from dying to a maximum of 75%. This is amazing for preserving your hard earned Human Effigies. You may find it before the Old Dragon Rider’s Fog Gate in Heide’s Flame Tower.

Ring of Restoration
This ring gradually heals back your missing health, which makes it great for sustaining when far in between bonfires. Found in The Forest of Giants after getting the soldier key you may access the door across from the bottom of the ladder at the far fire bonfire.

Ring of Blades
Simply increases your damage, which is awesome for obvious reasons. You get the Ring of Blades after defeating the Pursuer.

Ring of Steel Protection
Makes you a bit sturdier, especially useful for those who have difficulties preventing damage. This Ring will be given to you by … after reaching a 100 deaths.

How do I relocate my stats?
You will need to obtain a Soulvessel and here is how.
Go down the ladder at the Cardinal Tower bonfire and go left while facing the ladder, take another left, walk through the fog gate, and make your way up the tree trunk. Once you are at the top look down to your right and try to roll up on to the roof. One of the enemy archers stands up on a wooden platform to your left once you get on that roof. Jump on to that platform and kill him. Jump down to the lower platform and enter a cave, inside this cave there will be a rolling ball similar to Sen’s fortress, wait for it to pass by. Continue upwards to where the ball came from and you will find an NPC on his hands and knees named Cale

Talk to Cale the Traveler and hear his story and he will give you a key. Now go back to Mejula and enter the biggest house that was previously locked. Venture into the basement and you will find a skeleton guarding an Estus flask shard and the Soulvessel. Make sure to search the rest of the house for more treasures. There are more Soulvessels in the game, but this one is the most accessible.

Take this Soulvessel to the Fire Keepers in Things Betwixt and one of them will prompt you for a relocation of points.

How to get the Soapstones and what do they do?

The White Sign Soap Stone

Used to help fellow travelers in need. Found by talking to Patey The Mild-Mannered in The Forest of Giants. He will warn you of a trap, but also treasure. Go claim the treasure and talk to Patey again. He will grant you the White Soapstone.

Small White Sign Soap Stone
Used to help fellow travelers in need. Found by taking the stairs up at the second bonfire that will lead you to a room with chest, only accessible with Soldier’s key.

Red Sign Soap Stone
Used to invade or duel other players. Found by joining the Champions of Blood covenant after defeating the Chariot boss in the Huntsman Copse.

How Does Upgrading Your Weapons Work?
There is a separate guide dedicated to how upgrading your weapons work in Dark Souls 2.
How Do I Get More Estus Flasks?
You can increase the number of Estus Flask you can carry with you by turning in Estus Shards at the Emerald Herald. It is important to note that you can increase the potency of an Estus Flask by burning Sublime Bone Dust in The Far Fire by Majula. Go here for a list of Estus Shard and Sublime Bone Dust locations.
Where can I find spells to cast


On your way to the boss in No-Man’s Wharf you can see a man standing on a dock next to the dock where the ship resides. He can sell you spells, provided that you have points invested in intellect.


You can find Licia of Lindeldt by the second bonfire in Heide Flame Tower. Exhaust her dialogue and she will relocate to start of this area to show you how to work the device. She also sells The Ring of Prayer which boosts Faith.


The Pyromancy Flame can be found after defeating the Flexile Sentry. Make sure to pick it up before you examine the globe, because examining the globe will cause you to move unto the next zone. To learn Pyromancy spells you can use a Fragrant Branch of Yore on a statue named Rosabeth before entering the Shaded Woods. She can teach you Pyromancy and you can dress her up.

How Do I Join A Covenant In Dark Souls 2?
For Information on Covenants you should look at our list of Dark Souls 2 Covenants.
How Do I Use Pharrus Stones?
Pharrus stones are basically keys that allow you to unlock certain mechanics that will usually benefit you in some way. They remove strong enemies, expose new loot, or open up new areas of the game; however, other times they may trap you. Make sure to be on the look-out for these stones. Also the Pharrus holes to put the stones in look like face made out of stone in the walls and floors. You can buy your first one of the Old Hag, or you can get one from Cale The Explorer.
What does "Alas Nothing Happened" Mean.
These Giants are resting deeply, but can be woken up with an item later in the game called Ashen Mist Heart.
*SPOILER ALERT* How do I get the Ashen Mist Heart
The Ashen Mist Heart is given to you by The Ancient Dragon to relive the memories of the Withered Giants. In their memories you may find a Soul of a Giant, which supposedly make fighting King Vendrick near the end easier.
What do I do with boss souls?
You can do two things with any boss soul, either crush it for 10-20k souls, or you can trade it in for awesome unique boss weapons.  There are two boss soul traders in the game.

Straid of Aaphis

He can be found as a statue blocking a bonfire in The Lost Bastille just before entering Sinner’s Rise. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore on him to revive him and as a token of his gratitude he will allow you to trade most boss souls with him, and buy more advanced magic spells.


This Harpy can be found in The Shaded Ruins locked away in the Basilisk pit. The key to her cell can be retrieved from a Lion statue near the exit of the basilisk pit. Use the Fragrant Branch of Yore on the statue and kill the Lion to get the key. After freeing Ornifex she will tell you to find her at her home where she can repay you by trading even bigger Boss Souls. Her home can be found really close to the Lower Brightstone Cove bonfire.

How do I get rid of these statues blocking me off!
You will need an item called the Fragrant Branch of Yore to bring those statues back to life.
*Besides the boss weapons, where can I find some cool weapons?!
Some of my personal favorites.

  • Zweihander – The Iron Keep
  • Greatsword – No-man’s Wharf/Shaded
  • Blacksteel Katana – The Iron Keep
  • Black Knight Halberd – The Shaded Ruins
  • Black Knight Greataxe – The Iron Keep
  • Black Knight Ultra Greatsword – Brightstone Cove
  • Claymore – Shaded Woods
  • Twinblade – The Lost Bastille
  • Washing Pole – Drake Shrine
  • Murakumo – Sold by Ornifex in Lower Brightstone Cove
  • Shotel – The Gutter
  • Mailbreaker – Forest of Fallen Giants

If you guys have any other questions about Dark Souls 2, feel free to leave a comment.

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