Dark Souls 3 Guide: Estus Shards Location Guide

Dark Souls 3 Guide: Estus Shard Location Guide
Much like Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 has Estus Shards that you can use to upgrade your Estus Flasks. The Estus Shards are scattered throughout the game world and easily missed by anyone not searching everywhere. This Dark Souls III Estus Shards Flask location guide will help you find them all as you play the game!

Dark Souls 3 Estus Shard Location Guide

Estus Shard Location 1
You will want to start at the Tower On The Wall Bonfire for this one. Take the stairs down and enter the room with the wooden floor, watch out for the enemies inside. Go down the set of wooden steps and then exit out the doorway to some more steps and a dead dragon corpse. You can see some of the Undead worshiping on the roof across from you, there is one of those leech monsters in the pack so be ready. He is the one without the shirt and can’t be targeted. You can run up and hit him without targeting him to prevent him from changing.

On the roof that all the Undead were on you can see a wooden platform and a wooden ladder. Take the ladder and enter the door way at the bottom. There is a knight with a great shield and a spear patrolling in here so be ready. After you deal with him, take the doorway he was guarding. Before you go to far there is a doorway on the left and the right. First off the doorway on the left side of the hall has an Undead waiting to ambush you, deal with it first. The right will lead to a sword that has magic scaling on it. Before you drop down you should deal with the Undead on the ledge opposite of where you can drop off. He will toss fire bombs down at you if you don’t kill him. I used throwing knives to finish him.

Now for the tricky part. The lowest floor has about 5 enemies on it. Three strong Undead enemies and two dogs. If possible use the oil barrels down there to kill any you can with fire bombs. After that you just have to go for it. I normally drop attack a strong Undead and kill it before the others can get in on the fight. You can run up the stairs to create some distance between you and the slower Undead ones and deal with the dogs also. The key is down some stairs on the bottom floor.

Estus Shard Location 2
Can’t get this one until you get to the Undead Settlement. Warp to the Undead Settlement Bonfire because it is the closet. Follow the path from the fire to the house on the other side and enter. You will have to get through the building and out the other side. There are a few enemies inside so if you have a torch use it for light. When you are outside you will see a big tree with a fire at the base, the Estus Shard is there. You will have to clear out the Undead in order to get to it. Take the smalls one out first then lure the big one out.
Estus Shard Location 3
Go to the Crucifixion Woods Bonfire to get close to this Estus Shard. If you look around you will see a stone building down a path near the Bonfire. Go there and keep going until you see the fire with a guy sitting at it. This guy will get up and charge you so be ready to fight him. GO to the fire and to the left you can see an item, that is the Estus Shard.
Estus Shard Location 4
This is actually at the Firelink Shrine but at the top. You will need to get the Tower Key from the vendor here and go to the roof. Drop off the tower to fall on top of the Firelink Shrine. Drop down to the lower platform and follow it around until you are back inside the Shrine but up top. Follow the beams to the item out there and grab it for another Estus Shard. Also, if you go to the end of the beams you can break the wall and get a chest.
Estus Shard Location 5
Go to the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire to get close to this. Leave the church out the doors that lead to a statue. There are some women worshiping it there and at the base you will find the Estus Shard.
Estus Shard Location 6
Go to the Farron Keep Bonfire to get this Estus Shard. Go out into the swamp and head to the small island on the left with a fire on it. If you look into the swamp you should see a downed tower. Run over to the downed tower and you can find the Estus Shard there.
Estus Shard Location 7
Go to the Anor Londo Bonfire to get this Estus Shard. You will need to run up the steps and go into the large building with all the mages inside it. If you run along the left side of the wall in there you will find a chest you a Estus Shard in it.
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