Darksiders 2: Basileus and Achidna Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2 Basileus and Achidna Boss Fight Guide
The first real double boss fight in Darksiders 2 features the Dead Lord Basileus and the arachnid, Achidna. Achidna is also the target of a Side Quest that you unlock in The Forge Lands. This Darksiders 2: Basileus and Achidna Boss Fight Guide will explain the abilities and skills of both bosses, as well as easy techniques you can use to take them down.

How To Kill Basileus and Achidna?

Stage 1
The first stage is relatively simple. It’s just Basileus by himself and first. He has two main attacks, quick melee strikes and a short range AoE. You only have to dodge and counter 2-3 times to begin stage 2. If you’ve got Ghouls, summon them straight away as Basileus hits far harder than Achidna.

Stage 2
Bit more difficult this time round as Basileus mounts Achidna, bringing in a whole new selection of skills and abilities into the fight. She’s far weaker than her Dead Lord counterpart so she’s not much to worry about. She’ll have a field of lightning around her and then charge you, all you have to do is a simple dodge as she’s very slow. With her back turned, unleash all of your skills until Death pulls Basileus off his mount.

Stage 3
Back to just Basileus again although Achidna jumps in for double team moves. All Basileus will do this stage is stay at range and then pounce at you, followed by another jump attack. Keep an eye on your surroundings, if you see dirt falling from the ceiling, Achidna is about to drop down, so be sure to get out of the way. Dodge Basileus once as he charges, and straight away again. Then counter. Wear him down with the gun if you can’t get close.

Stage 4
They’re both back in the fight again. Like before, Achidna will chase you with her lightning storm on. If you’ve still got a potion or two left, just get in and damage her as much as possible. She does minimum damage to you so you should be fine.

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