Darksiders 2: Forge Lands Side Quest Guide

Darksiders 2: Forge Lands Side Quest Guide
Darksiders 2 is filled with dozens of Side Quests, some challenging, others easy as pie. This Darksiders 2: Forge Lands Side Quest Guide focuses on the Forge Lands area, providing hints and tips on how to complete the available Side Quests, as well as any potential rewards that may be earned. If you’re looking for Collectibles Guides, check out our Boatman Coin Guide, Sticks & Stones Guide, and Book of the Dead Guide. If you’ve already completed Forge Lands, we also have a Kingdom of the Dead Side Quest Guide, although there’s hardly any there.

Darksiders 2: Forge Lands Side Quest Guide

The Maker Warrior
This is one of the first Side Quests you come across in Tri-Stone, although it’s very difficult at level 2. You can start the quest by speaking with Thane at the combat dummies just next to the entrance. It may be possible to defeat Thane when you first arrive, but the amount of time it would take wouldn’t really be worth it, it’s best if you wait until level 5 although again, it is possible at level 4 once you have the gun. If you wait until level 5 and use the weapon gained from the boss fight, you should down him pretty easily just dodging to attack his rear. Be cautious of his three hit combo attack when he says “Is that all you’ve got”. After completing this Side Quest you unlock 4 more quests

9,000 exp
1200 Gil
Access to Kill X Quests below

Find and Kill Bheithir
This quest can only be attempted after you’ve got access to Deathgrasp. Bheithir is the flying flame bird located in the basement of The Nook. To get to him, just jump on both the Deathgrasp hooks. Be cautious, there’s not much room to fight here. When you hit the platform, you have about 10-15 seconds before he lands on the South end. He does have a knock-back attack that initiates when he lands, so keep your distance. I attempted this at level 11 and it was very difficult using normal means, and the weapon dropped is for level 15, so I’d imagine it’s meant for higher level players.

To defeat Bheithir, it’s rather simple. Keep your distance and continue to shoot with you gun, it does tiny damage but it hurts. When Bheithir gets close, use Teleport Slash to travel to the other side, and then dodge backwards twice to avoid the jump AoE that knocks you down. Ensure to stay at max range as much as possible to avoid the flame attack. Just rinse and repeat this technique, I killed Bheithir in about 5 minutes doing this. You can also switch into Reaper Form for a few back attacks after using Teleport Slash.

603 Experience Points
3000 Gilt

Find and Kill Gorewood
Gorewood can be found inside The Weeping Crag dungeon in the 3rd level basement floor. He’s pretty easy to get to, just get the skeleton key from inside and unlock the outside door. He’s a pretty simple boss fight also. There are some roaming vines that you have to avoid, or else they’ll route you. other than that, simply dodge and attack from the rear.

603 Experience Points
3000 Gilt

Find and Kill Achidna
You will find and kill Achidna automatically as you progress through the main story. She’s a main story boss so feel free to check our detailed guide if you’re stuck. You can find it here.

3000 Gilt
603 Experience Points

Find and Kill the Deposed King
The Deposed King is in his lair inside the Kingdom of The Dead. It’s one of the more difficult boss fights in the game, especially if attempted before level 18. Check out our full guide here if you get stuck. Alternatively you can check a user submitted guide to this boss in the comments below, thanks to Wolfrin.

3000 Gilt
603 Experience Points

Shaman’s Craft
You obtain this quest by speaking with Muria on the West side of Tri-Stone. She asks you to collect a variety of materials in order to create a special Talisman. Your first task is to track down Karn, he can be found at the entrance to the Cauldron, you automatically encounter him during the main quest line so you can’t miss him. Just remember to speak to him about the Shaman’s Craft. He’ll tell you that Stalkers Bone can be found from Stalkers deep within the Cauldron. This is another area you have to travel through for the main quest line so you can’t miss it, it’s also where you get introduced to possessed weapons. Once you’ve got the Stalkers Bone, don’t waste your time quick traveling to speak with Karn again, you can do it at the end of the dungeon. The next part of the quest requires you to collect Mordant Dew from Stingers in Drenchfoot.

Again, you arrive at the required area during the main quest line. After you get the gun and blow open the big door, you’ll encounter stingers as your first enemy in the new Drenchfoot area. You need to complete a few of the main quests before you can continue. You’ll see Karn during your travels when you head to The Lost Temple. You’ll get the Carven Stone when you meet the floating head.

Grim Talisman

Sticks & Stones
This quest is ongoing through a number of areas, check out our Sticks & Stones Quest Guide for more information.

Silent Stone
This is another quest that takes some time to complete it. To unlock the quest you must travel to The Fjord and head to the watery area in the South West. From there travel to the furthest South West corner, just South East past Vulgrim. Walk to the dead end and speak with yourself (action button) this begins the quest. You can’t complete this quest until you complete the Drenchfort and obtain the Maker’s Key. Once you’ve restored the Maker’s Forge, you need to head back to the Fjord to the same location you discovered the quest. Just South West of the store. Oran asks you to find the missing parts of his body and gives you the next quest in this quest chain

Wandering Stone Quest

Wandering Stone
You obtain this quest by completing Silent Stone. You’re tasked with finding 4 parts of Oran’s body. The Right Leg can be found in the Fjord, North East of Oran’s location. If you check the map, it’s in the slight indentation down to the South before reaching Drenchfoot. His Right Arm can be found on the Shadow Gorge path. It’s impossible to miss as it blocks half of the road. The Left Leg can be found South East of Baneswood, just after the second archway on the way through to the Charred pass. The final body part can be found South East of the entrance to The Cauldron, just outside the entrance to the dungeon Scar.

494 Experience Points
1200 Gilt
Spellbinder Talisman

The Hammer’s Forge
You can get this quest by speaking with Alya after they’ve created the Maker’s Key. She asks you to go to the Shattered Forge and retrieve her brother’s lost hammer. The Shattered Forge can be found on the Shadow Gorge passing to the West side of the map. It’s a pretty simple dungeon, although there is a Book of the Dead page inside that you won’t want to miss. After you’ve got the hammer from within, head back to Alya.

110 Experience Points
1100 Gilt
Access to better weapons from Alya

Spark of Life
You can obtain this quest from Muria (The blind maker) after you’ve delivered Nathaniel’s scroll to the Chancellor. You’ll automatically encounter Nathanial during the main story. It’s a pretty straight forward quest but if you struggle, use our Ghorn Boss Fight Guide to take him down easily.

548 Experience Points
2500 Gilt

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  • OK! The form king of the dead. He’s a pain, but he is doable at around level 13 (assuming you have decent gear and you can dodge) you can wait if you would like. His location also has the vault you get for the Book of the Dead quest. Up to you. The special weapon he drops is lvl 20ish if that gives you an idea of what level you should be before doing him.


    The King has 4 attacks. Which I have named Shield Rush, 1-2 combo, Oh god make it stop!, and Twirl.

    Shield rush is very straight forward. The king drops his shield and deflects incoming attacks. If you continue to attack you will lose your footing and open to an attack for a few seconds. The king will then rush you with his shield and smack you. At level 13 I took a decent amount of damage but nothing to worry about or cry over. Your pistol is useful for telling when he is deflecting. When he starts deflecting get ready for the rush. Ghouls and crows can bypass his defenses.

    1-2 Combo is straight forward and easy to dodge. The king smacks the ground twice with his mace. Straight forward attack. Easy to see. Easy to dodge. Moderate damage. The king will give you a few moments after the attack to hit him. Somethings he yells at you. For that I hit him harder.

    Oh god make it stop! Is the insta-give kill for lower level players. The attack is easy to see coming, but it has a very large AoE range from the impact area. Also, if you get hit you will be frozen in place and take damage over time. The way you get out of the ice block is to hit your action key repeatedly. At level 13 and tweaked out armor this attack would drop me to an 1/8th of my full health. Below I have strats for how to handle the king’s attacks, but I’ll mention the strat for this attack here as well. Stay very close to the king and side roll. Can not stress that enough. The king draws back his mace for around 2 seconds and smacks the ground. He hits so hard that his mace is stuck in the ground for a long while. If you manage to dodge you have plenty of time to lay on some damage. If you get hit and survive you basically have enough time to heal yourself.

    Twirl is annoying. Not very painful, not very challenging to dodge, just annoying. The king lifts his mace over his head like some kind of victory pose. That’s your cue to head to the other side of the fighting area. The King will begin to spin around and around heading your direction. If you have ghouls you can summon them to distract the king, but honestly it’s not necessary, and you need your wrath for other things during the fight especially if you are a lower level. It’s best to wait for him to be done and smack him around a bit.


    In all honesty, the King is a push over. All of his attacks have massive tells and all of them are basically dodged the same way. Roll to either the right or the left, which ever area is more open. For those players that like to stay away from the enemy and attack from afar DONT!! Most of the kings attacks are made to be mid ranged. His uber mace hit is mid to long ranged. Stay close and side roll. The only time you should ignore this advice is for Twirl. When you see that tell head as far away as possible.

    Bring a faster attack secondary weapon. Fast attacks build Wrath faster and the attack chains are easier to roll out of (IMO). For lower levels this is a must. If you are around level 20 just have fun. The king won’t be a threat so use whatever. If you find yourself short on wrath, pistol. Pistol is an amazing way to get that little bit of wrath for a match changing spell.

    – Necro

    For slightly squishy caster types this fight is going to be tricky. At lower levels you really cant afford to take a hit. However, this fight will be done faster for you because of your damage output. Here’s how. Ghouls! Preferably explosive ones. When the King drops his uber mace and gets stuck summon them immediately and begin wailing on him. Giving the ghouls full time to attack and explode will whittle the King’s health down faster than Harb spec. If you get caught by a rouge hit you can heal with Murder. It’s not something to rely on, but every point of health counts in these kinds of fights.

    – Harb

    Harb fighters are very straight forward for this fight. When the King drops any attack but his uber just attack him as much as possible. When his mace gets stuck in the ground POP EVERY BUFF YOU HAVE AND GO TO TOWN. By the time he drops the mace again you should have enough wrath to repeat. If you dropped a point or two into your ghouls refer to the necro strat for what to do with them.

    If you are doing this at the 13-15 level be patient and don’t risk anything. If you dodge and take the safe path he will fall. It may take you a try or two to get synced with his rhythm. If you are looking for a challenge doing him early is a nerve racking fight. The higher your level the less care you need.

    Hope this helps someone!

    • Thanks for such a thorough guide Wolfrin! I’ve added a comment at the boss fight so users know where to look 🙂

  • It’s my pleasure. I figure if anyone is crazy enough to give it a try they should at least know what they are getting themselves into.

  • Where’s is Carn’s Compass?

    • Carn’s Compass? What’s the quest? Doesn’t ring any bells

      • 6

        yu will find on the quest …while searching for the three stone…

    • Dan

      Towards the latter part of the lost temple, sitting on a platter in the middle of a gazebo-like structure. I think the enemy around it was flying stingers, no hive.

  • help me after Kill Basileus and Achidna