Darksiders 2: Karkinos Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2: Karkinos Boss Fight Guide
The next vicious Boss Battle in Darksiders 2 is against the giant Earth Crag, Karkinos. This is easily the most difficult Boss Guide so far, so even if you’ve walked through the Ice Giant, War and Gharn, you better be prepared for a bigger challenge. This Darksiders 2: Karkinos Boss Fight Guide will highly the abilities of Karkinos as well as the best techniques to kill him quickly and easily.

How do I defeat Karkinos in Darksiders 2

Karkinos is the final boss fight at Drenchfort and he’s a pretty tough one. To start the fight you need to power push the orb at the strange land formation in the middle of the room, but be careful, as soon as you do so the battle will begin. Once you’ve started the battle you’ll notice Karkinos’ strongest ability straight away, a ferocious charge. It’s easy to dodge but you need him to collide with a wall so some objects fall from the ceiling.

The objects falling from the ceiling are Crag eggs. Once Karkinos collides with the wall, it becomes stunned for a few seconds. You need to use that time to power throw the eggs at it. Be careful, other additional enemies may hit you while you’re trying to throw, so make sure the area is clear before wasting time. Once you’ve hit it with an egg, unleash every strong ability you have. Teleport slash, summon your minions, whatever you’ve got.

Once he reaches half health he’ll return to the middle of the room and go underground. Root like things will then follow you around doing damage, this stage happens 3-4 times before the end of the fight. To dodge the roots you need to roll in large circles. Only use the 1 or 2 stage roll, hitting dodge too quickly 3 times will result in a pause and you’ll take damage.

After he gets back up, repeat the first step of taunting it into a wall and launching the eggs back at it. The fight doesn’t get really ugly unless you fail to throw the eggs, then he can launch a large AoE attack that can hatch them all at once. You want to avoid that if possible.

If you’re still stuck let me know, I’ll help if I can.

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