Darksiders 2: Karkinos Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2: Karkinos Boss Fight Guide
The next vicious Boss Battle in Darksiders 2 is against the giant Earth Crag, Karkinos. This is easily the most difficult Boss Guide so far, so even if you’ve walked through the Ice Giant, War and Gharn, you better be prepared for a bigger challenge. This Darksiders 2: Karkinos Boss Fight Guide will highly the abilities of Karkinos as well as the best techniques to kill him quickly and easily.

How do I defeat Karkinos in Darksiders 2

Karkinos is the final boss fight at Drenchfort and he’s a pretty tough one. To start the fight you need to power push the orb at the strange land formation in the middle of the room, but be careful, as soon as you do so the battle will begin. Once you’ve started the battle you’ll notice Karkinos’ strongest ability straight away, a ferocious charge. It’s easy to dodge but you need him to collide with a wall so some objects fall from the ceiling.

The objects falling from the ceiling are Crag eggs. Once Karkinos collides with the wall, it becomes stunned for a few seconds. You need to use that time to power throw the eggs at it. Be careful, other additional enemies may hit you while you’re trying to throw, so make sure the area is clear before wasting time. Once you’ve hit it with an egg, unleash every strong ability you have. Teleport slash, summon your minions, whatever you’ve got.

Once he reaches half health he’ll return to the middle of the room and go underground. Root like things will then follow you around doing damage, this stage happens 3-4 times before the end of the fight. To dodge the roots you need to roll in large circles. Only use the 1 or 2 stage roll, hitting dodge too quickly 3 times will result in a pause and you’ll take damage.

After he gets back up, repeat the first step of taunting it into a wall and launching the eggs back at it. The fight doesn’t get really ugly unless you fail to throw the eggs, then he can launch a large AoE attack that can hatch them all at once. You want to avoid that if possible.

If you’re still stuck let me know, I’ll help if I can.

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  • Okay, so i do that, but everytime i hit him with the egg, he just will reject it, i did this for like 30 mins, but then i said oh cmon, no hp in 30 mins, and i think it’s a bug
    some help?

  • Tim

    Im having the exact same problem…. Except i spent 2 hours, 12 deaths, and a great deal of wrath. No luck either. It should also be noted this was the PC version. Maybe a code error? Seems like everytime the minions hatch he also gets up.

  • It took me about thirty minutes as well before I stumbled on this article. Before you throw an egg at him, he has to charge you and run into the wall. Otherwise, the egg won’t do any good.

  • Did anyone manage to beat this boss on PC? Since am doing it over and over, making him charge, he hits the wall, the egg drops, room is clear, then i start to role and aim at him and then nothing he just bounces off him and the moment he gets up the egg cracks and those little mobs show up, its nearly impossible to know when you push the egg to him so that it would blow up the moment he gets up. Some help how to know when the time is right to throw the egg?

    • I haven’t tried the PC version but it wouldn’t be normal to totally change boss mechanics. I’ say it’s a bug. You can collect boatman coins and stuff while you wait for a fix

  • same thing like sacreddany happends to me too, he reject the egss, nothing happend

  • I’ve emailed THQ directly and it has been forwarded to the correct department. If nothing else, you can at least be assured that they’re aware of it. I’ll update you guys as soon as I get any information.

  • Somnium

    You guys should try hitting his lower legs/ the last ones when he’s stunned. It doesn’t always work but if you aim right, you can do it. ( Worked for me at least, the boss fight took about 15 minutes.)

  • wildgamer2

    I have been fighting this boss for over and hour and everytime he goes down i punch an egg st him but it doesnt do anything. Its really annoying. help or fix plz….

  • rob

    you hit it with the egg and then you go and slash it with your weapon.

    • its not working for us, the pc version has a glitch or something

  • KillerTheLord

    Ok so for PC guys it is not a bug. Took me a while to figure out. You have to hit Karkinos with the egg on edge not n the center. Aim for the edge of his body. It is hard and best way is to hold the ball such that you are in straight for his legs. (I completed this on PC).

  • I have this prblem to,and i know others ho have it,but its strange i read in some place that other people mangaed to kill the bosss, maybe its a matter of timing and aim ,not sure might be a bug ,anyway hope for some news about this or at least a fix or something

  • On PS3,it’s glitched.I’ve pushed that ball around the entire room,and nothing happens.

    I’ve seen what’s supposed to happen on Youtube,but absolutely nothing is happening.

    I just tried to fast travel out of there,but since the door is locked and there’s a high gate on the other side of the room,I’m completely stuck.

    • Ok,nevermind,I figured it out.

      • Would be great if you could leave your technique. Just in case anyone else has the same problem 😀

  • monkeyzzz

    Change to lowest screen solution and try again. Worked fine for me and a lot of other players.

  • Valeris21

    Im having the same problem too!Are there any patches or something?

  • Jo

    I have the same bug on my pc. The whole game is jittery and the sound is off too. I dodge Karkinos, right? Then Karkinos crashed into the wall and falls down. I ‘alt’ to the fallen egg, press F to re-target Karkinos, press E a couple times, then again to start rolling the egg, then I hit X (i changed it from scroll). But my computer (or the game?) lags, so the camera changes and suddenly the ball misses Karkinos entirely. I try this again and again, and finally I hit Karkinos while the ugly crab-monster is down. The egg bounces right off. I feel a bit pissed off, because the first game was really glitchy on my pc too. I thought THQ had corrected all the problems. I guess I was wrong. Now I’m taking a break from Darksiders 2. Looks like I shoulda waited until I got it.

    • nisashi13

      for those have problem with it just change ur scene revolution. I low my down to 800×600 & finally pass the boss.

  • Brownkit

    people with prob go to your game option and go to screen resolution in game make it all the way low.. it works i had same prob before.. have good gaming 🙂

    • I tried doing that but it crashed my game and i han to re install it………

  • GtheNoob

    Hello Every One
    I Killed the Damn boss On PC . And yes there is a Bug
    So i Made the resulotion back to as low as it gets and it helped a bit but i found a better Way
    Make hit the Wall next to The door you came from
    When The egg falls roll it twards him and when you get close hit him on the side .Worked perfectly for me
    G.The Noob

  • Hello everyone
    Sadly it is a bug. But it can be done don t worry
    1- lower the resulotion to the minimum
    2- Make Karkinos hit the side of the you came from or the gate
    3-Don’t Throw the egg directy towards her .roll it untill you get close then hit her
    4-Sometimes it doesn’t work but i passed it that Way
    Hope it works for you
    G.The Noob

  • how the hell do u do a POWER THROW?

    • Ryan McBride

      very carefully with much skill and effort

      • Really how do you power throw it tells you in the very beginning of the boss fight how to pay attention and put the pipe down for a minute dumb fuck

      • Really how do you power throw it tells you in the very beginning of the boss fight how to pay attention and put the pipe down for a minute dumb fuck

  • Frustrated

    any tips where to hit him with the ball stuff? can’t knock him down.. been playing for 3 hrs now.

  • ok xbox 360 I cant even get death to grab on to the ball. I hit B to my hearts content and he just wont grab. The eggs always bust before I get a chance.

  • Even i got the same problem here. I think the pc version’s got a glitch…..

  • So Karkino’s rams the wall and a egg drops and when you try to hit him with the egg nothing happens?

  • who the fuck created this Boss anyway???….spend like 30min evri time but nothing helps

  • Still no fix for this bug?
    I was enjoying this game. Now I can’t go any further.
    I mean shit, I program things and I have less errors than this. You’d think this would be a pretty serious error. Didn’t they do any testing?
    Buggiest game I’ve played in years. 😐

  • Dedicance

    The thing is i tried so many times hitting it with the eggs from every side and stuff but he wouldn’t roll and i can’t damage him at all :\

  • for the pc version of darksiders 2, jus simply change the resolution setting of gameplay into 800×600 and then restart the application, then u may toss eggstone and flip karkinos