Darksiders 2: The Guardian Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2: The Guardian Boss Fight Guide
Arguably one of the most epic boss battles in Darksiders 2 pits you up against the colossal Guardian. This Darksiders 2: The Guardian Boss Fight Guide will teach you about The Guardians abilities, as well as the tips and tricks you’ll need to defeat it.

Darksiders 2 Tri-Stone Quest Guide

Stage 1

The boss fight against The Guardian has more in common with Shadows of Colossus than in does Darksiders 2, but it’s easily one of the most exciting boss fights in the game. You begin the fight riding your trusted steed, Despair. I tried half a dozen times to dodge the hammer while mounted, and failed every time so I suggest you dismount for this fight. You’ll also want to make sure you have both Redemption and Deathgrip on your quick access keys. Wait for The Guardian to lift his hammer high and then dodge like crazy. Ideally, you want to dodge to the outside of his arm. It doesn’t do all that damage so it’s not too bad if you take a hit

When he hits the floor, you’ll have a couple of seconds to target the Shadowbombs on his arm, you’ll need to use your gun for this. If you’re lucky enough to hit one, he’ll become vulnerable. Don’t worry if you miss, just rinse and repeat this step, dodging to the outside of the hammer. As soon as he goes down you MUST use Deathgrip to launch at the heart, attacking it normally will have no effect. You’ll need to do this technique at least 3 times to totally destroy your arm.

Alternate Method To Stage 1
If you’d rather use your mount, it’s possible and probably easier, I just didn’t have the aim. When he swings his gigantic axe, run straight towards his leg. He’ll miss you every time. You just have to be quick to turn and target the Shadowbombs.

Stage 2
After you’ve destroyed his arm, The Guardian starts to throw explosive projectiles at you from his remaining arm. You have to use Despair on this one or you won’t be fast enough to dodge it. Make sure to stay under his arm, not in front of it, that will give you time to dodge the projectiles when he fires them. He only fires one at a time but it will chase you. Lock on with your gun and shoot it down until it stops moving and begins to shake. You then want to run through/behind The Guardian before the ball tries to hit you and explode. It should instead hit The Guardian and open him up for more damage. This time it’s a bit more challenging. As before, get him down to one knee and then damage the heart piece. However, you now have to climb a peg and get onto a beam before jumping off and using Deathgrip to attack the heart. You’ve only got to do this twice, and it’s really good fun anyway.

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  • I’m getting a crash right after I kill the guardian.The camera pans over his ruins and it starts to load and never stops.I try to go out of the game but when i press esc only the back round of the menu appears no the actual menu and i have to stop it from the task manager.I fought the boss again and I got it again.Please help:C

  • Thanks so much for the strategy, it helped lots. I just thought I’d mention we ran into a glitch the first time when shooting the bombs off the arm, the bombs exploded but the arm didn’t detatch and the bombs didn’t regenerate, so you couldn’t progress in the fight. This was on PS3.

  • He ment if you are stuck o nthe fight not some random technical poor pc error

  • i love this game but so many gliches have happend in one day i saved then pressed select and the screen turned black then i could do everything except move death and attack and doge and this happend at my friends house to with his own copy is it cuz its ps3 is it ganna be like skyrim and have more gliches on ps3 than xbox

  • hey, im having the EXACT same issue as slinky, and yes, im on pc. any ideas on how to fix this?

  • I thought it was actually easier to stay on the horse the whole time. For the first round if you just lock on the guardian and ride around in a circle towards the left you have a clear view of the hammer arm. Once you see him start to raise up you can do a few speed bursts and if you timed it right which happens most of the time, you won’t get hit at all the first round.

  • tom

    I have the same problem as Slinky and fac12. I’m on PC as well. I’ve tried installing patch and editing savegames but nothing helped… Please, if you have any idea what to do, help us

  • und3r

    i shot the bombs, his arm didnt detach, they never respawned, i eventually died and the game crashed…so that sucks

    • You can’t shoot the bombs when his arm is in the air. You have to wait until he tries to attack you and his arm hits the ground..

  • Im having the same problems as many here… Right after the guardian falls after death’s beautiful death form combo, its just feezes, you can switch the gear and if you try to mount up it says that you cant, but other than that, you cant do anything…

  • I play the game on XBox… After I defeat the guardian,he starts to hammer the gate with eye in it. Guardian hits two times and then it does nothing.. Blue walls stay and i cannot leave the area… No cheevos or anything!!!!

  • The guardian will not do the final flash attack and so the eye of corruption stays and then I`m STUCK. Love the game but this glitch…. Any advice on XBox??

  • Problem solved,I went back to foundry so game saved couple times. Then I fought The Guardian fourth time and he did the Flash attack,breaking the Corrupted Eye!! Thank God….

  • Playing on the PC, Steam version haven’t gotten the yellow bomb to blow up on the Guardian once, I’m trying it on Despair, but Guardian keeps stomping me off, lol…

  • I had the same crash on the guardian fight for Xbox I just skipped the scene when he goes to kill the corruption and it worked hope this helps

  • Shane

    Hey , I have got the same Gaurdian stage Bug in PC too..any work around or fix for this …It just keeps on loading after i defeat the Gaurdian , I am able to change the weapons and when i mount the horse he is not mounting …Wat to do ??

    • Nothing you can do I’m afraid. I had a similar bug towards the end, I had to restart.

    • You’ve tried changing your resolution right? A few have had success with that.

  • I tried and tried..Could complete the destruction of his arm but the rest i couldn’t

  • epooc

    i m having problems with camera angles.
    as i can only see either the horse or the flashbomb.
    as i turn back to see flash bomb horse also turned back and hit the flash bomb.

  • When i tryed it he shot TWO projectiles, this stage is hard any tips to avoid two?

  • i play on ps3 and when i first started the game it did not tell me to log in but give me the crow armour then would not let me continue my game it would not load past cut scene so i restarted let me past but lost the crow armour thq sort your game before selling millions you bunch of cowboys

  • Kathleen

    I finally figured out that with a PS3 you have Redemption when you are on Despair and the Death Grip when you are off. This made it easier to ride Despair, use Redemption to shoot the shadowbombs, keep riding until you are close to the jeweled arm when it falls, dismount and aim with Death Grip to mount the arm and use your scyth.

  • Kathleen

    I finally figured out that with a PS3 you have Redemption when you are on Despair and the Death Grip when you are off. This made it easier to ride Despair, use Redemption to shoot the shadowbombs, keep riding until you are close to the jeweled arm when it falls, dismount and aim with Death Grip to mount the arm and use your scyth.

  • 92013

    For some reason I can’t fire Redemption while on mount. I couldn’t get the chest in the foundry because the stone golem wouldn’t fire his chain thing on the wall, no matter what I did… this has got to be a bug, I’ve checked every keybinding and everything.