Daymare 1998 Lab Temperature Puzzle Guide

Daymare 1998 Lab Temperature Puzzle Guide
In order to get the sample you need in Daymare 1998, you will have to clear the temperature lab puzzle. Check out this Daymare 1998 Lab temperature puzzle guide to get through it quickly. This one can be confusing if you don’t know what to do or where to look.

Daymare 1998 Power Terminal Puzzle Guide

For this one, you will want to run around the lab and check for all the temperatures on each container. Write them down, you will need them later. I had -15 on container 1, 20 on container 2, 5 on container 3, and 0 on container 4. Now head to the terminal and activate it. You can only remove one of the power nodes at a time on the terminal. Start up at Chamber 2 and press the minus button. Now press the plus on Chamber 4 and it should read 0 degrees, which is where you want it. Now grab a second one from Chamber 2 and place that one on Chamber 1 to get 15 degrees.

Now move down to Chamber 3 and hit the minus button and place that one onto Chamber 1. Take the last one off of Chamber 3 and place it on Chamber 1. Chamber 3 should now read 5 degrees and Chamber 1 should read -5 degrees. Now return to Chamber 2 and hit the minus button again. Bring that over to fill up Chamber 1 and it should read -15 degrees which is where you want it. Finish it off by remove the last one from Chamber 2 and all of the containers will open. This does spawn a mini boss that you have to kill to get the sample. Don’t be afraid to use your SMG here to help get through the mini boss.

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