Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Complete Walkthrough Guide

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Complete Walkthrough Guide
A complete list of all of Gamers Heroes Guides for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. This complete walkthrough guide will include our Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Guides for Survivor Location Guide, Magazine Guide, Security Box Guide, Combo Card Guide and Zombrex Location Guide.

How To Get Gold In Terror Is Reality
Struggling to get Gold in Terror Is Reality? Follow this easy guide to get Gold in one run through

Survivor Location Guide
This guide lists the location, PP rewards, Combo Card Rewards, name and age of each Survivor we’ve found so far.

Zombrex Locations
Use this guide to locate the vital Zombrex so that you’re not struggling to find it when the time comes close.

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Card Combo guide

Looking to create the meanest zombie slaughtering weapons imaginable? Check out this guide for the top cards, how to get them and what you need to make them

Security Box Guide
This guide will list all the Security Box Keys we find so you can loot the bank for everything its got

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Magazine Locations Guide
A list of all the magazines we’ve discovered so far

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Boss Fight Guide
Videos for all the difficult boss fights, easy strategies, quick victories

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Hidden Costume Guide
A guide created by Guest Heroes that lists all available Hidden Costume Pieces and how to obtain them.

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  • mike allegretto

    can you verify the location of gambling mag 1 in Off the Record? i found gambling 2 in the restaurant but cannot find gambling 1. also do bank keys show up in sandbox mode? i have not found any in the locations that they appear in in story mode.

    • Gambling 1 is in Palisades on top of the bar area in the middle. With the slide. It’s sitting on a table up there.

  • Anybody know how to kill Seymore? I can’t get close enough to hit him, and when I try to shoot him, he always shoots me first.

  • bank keys dont show up in sand box mode