Destiny 2 – EDZ Treasure Map Hunt Guide

Destiny 2 - EDZ Treasure Map Hunt Guide
Once you complete Destiny 2’s campaign there’s a new mission available. This Destiny 2 – EDZ Treasure Map Hunt Guide will tell you everything you need to know about getting the quest from Cayde as well as the rewards you get for seeking out each of the treasure chests.

Once you have completed the Destiny 2 campaign head to the city under the Tower. Once there speak with Cayde and you will see he now has several new Treasure Maps for sale. These are all Treasure Maps based on Earth, European Dead Zone.

Purchase all of the maps and this will then show the locations of each of the Treasure Chests on the Earth map. None of them are very difficult to find, simply head to the point on the map and you’ll see them.

What Do You Get For Finding All The Treasure?

Depending on what order you collect the EDZ treasure chests, you rewards may differ in order from the list below. However, most of the items are static so you should look forward to gathering all of them once you’ve found all the chests.

  • Way of the Wolf (Emblem)
  • 2x Rare Mods
  • 1x Rare Weapon
  • 1x Rare Class Item
  • Letter Fragment

You can turn in the Letter Fragment to Cayde but it doesn’t do anything.

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