Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guide

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guide
Lost Sectors are one of the more unique additions to the Destiny universe with the release of Destiny 2. This Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guide will tell you everything you need to know about Lost Sectors, where to find them, what loot they can drop and other information to help you complete them quickly and easily.

Every planet on Destiny has Lost Sectors, special hidden and forgotten area that contain a number of enemies, a powerful mini-boss and a loot cache. When you first reach a planet you are not able to see the Lost Sectors on your map but once you have progressed through the first couple of story missions on a planet, you will unlock the scout for that planet. Once the scout is unlocked the map is expanded and you get the locations of Lost Sectors displayed with an arc symbol that has a sphere below it.

Once unlocked, Lost Sectors can be freely explored and complete. Each Lost Sector contains a group of enemies and a mini-boss. You don’t have to kill the enemies, you only need to kill the boss. Once the boss is dead you are given the code to unlock the cache chest. You can then unlock the large chest in the area. You can clear the additional enemies if you want, it’s up to you.

The first Lost Sector chest you open on each planet gives you a special Emblem. There is also a very small chance to receive Shaders and Emotes – although these can also be found in the normal loot chests contained on that particular planet.

Every planet contains a number of Lost Sectors. Check out our guides below for a planet by planet guide:

If you have any further questions on Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, post a comment below and we’ll help you out.

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