Destiny Armor Shader List

Where To Get Armor Shaders In Destiny
Once you reach level 20 in Destiny you can change the color of your armor by getting armor shaders. Some can be bought and others have to be found in PVP or missions. Check out this Destiny armor shader list to find out where to get the color you want!

Where To Get Armor Shaders In Destiny

This is a work in progress so if you know of any more please leave a comment and we will give you credit. You can change your armor shader by going to your equipment menu on the character screen.

Polar Oak

Found at Eva Levante in the Tower North next to the steps. This will give you a green and white look on your armor.

Destiny Polar Oak Shader

Jester Apogee

Also found at Eva. Gives your armor a dark purple and gold color.

Destiny Jester Apogee Shader

Provincial Royale

Another Eva shader. This is a pink color and you will be pink and teal.

Destiny Provincal Royale Shader

Aurora Blur

The last Eva shader and it is a pure pink color.

Destiny Aurora Blur Shader


This is a PVP reward and it looked orange. I didn’t win it or see the guy next time so I am not 100% what the it looks like. (No pic because I don’t have this one personally)

Oracle 99

You have to redeem this code on to get this shader, RXC-9XJ-4MH. This is a gold and blue color and looks pretty cool.

Destiny Orcale 99 Shader

Double Banshee

You need to enter this code on, 7MM-VPD-MHP. This is a double blue color.

Destiny Double Banshee Shader

Cytherean Bloom

Random reward at the end of a level 18 Strike playlist.

Cytherean Bloom


Random PVP reward, looks orange and silver.

God Of War

PVP Reward.

Destiny God Of War Shader


PVP Reward.

Destiny Cicero Shader


Random PVP reward & Strike Mission, looks white and gold.


Random PVP reward looked orange and silver.

Lunar Energy

It’s dark blue with orange accents. Unlock unknown


Found from the Cryptarch when I reached Crypto-Archeology level 5 a blue grey base with dark blue and gold accents


Bought from the Queens Servant once you hit rank one in the Queen’s Wrath

Destiny Shader RoseGold


Given to me by the Post Master when I ranked up with the Cryptarch, it could be any faction but it was that one that was given to me.

Destiny Shader Thunderdevil

I will update this list as I find more so check back often!

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Heroic Contributors

Austin Slusher
Ryan Mcguire
The Real Misko
Cal Hunter
Krump Wizard
Travis Phalin
Thomas Elfmurder
Mavrick Savard
Chelsey Patterson
Donnie Ramsey
  • Cal Hunter

    It’s Aurora Blur, not Blue, just in case anyone else got confused.

  • Krumpwizard

    I got one in pvp called bloodpact its white/gold

  • QueenLuLu

    This is good stuff!

  • Travis Phalin

    Found 18327496-64703388 from the cryptarch when I reached crypto-archeology level 5 a blue grey base with dark blue and gold accents

  • Thanks for all the feedback heroes! It’s a great help. We’ve got a few of the GH staff grinding out PvP but not having much luck with the shaders 😀

    If you do come across any we don’t have listed and want to help further, grab a screenshot and post it here so we can update the guide 😀

  • Mavrick Savard

    Cytherean Bloom, random reward at the end of a level 18 Strike playlist.

    • Thanks a ton for including info & picture. Updated and credited 🙂

  • Thanks for the help! 😀

    • seems odd with shaders named with numbers and not real names. Could be a possible bug and should be rapported to bungie.

      • Alpha Stoner

        I’d say it’s by design – it makes sense since it’s a Cryptarch reward & that guy is all about cryptography.

  • Added, cheers 😀

    • Hep, Ill add my other comment here as this seems to be where it was rapported.

      “Giglamesh and gilgamesh is probably the same shader. Gilgamesh is just a typo from the reader rapporting this colour.”

      • Derp! Not sure how we missed the duplicate one 😀 Have updated and credited, thanks.

  • The Real Misko

    I got Achilles once I had accumulated 100 total kills in the crucible, it was the reward for doing so

    • I literally just got this one myself but thought it was random. Have updated, thanks 😀

      • Kyal Tweedy

        I’ve had at least 100 pvp kills [got the titan kills trophy] no shader

        • Kyal Tweedy

          Over 3 days & no reply. Ok guess this page is pretty dead then.

      • Kyal Tweedy

        Also i don’t see “chatterwhite” on this list which is for completing vault of glass normal mode and is a kind of shiny white on white on white shader

  • Giglamesh and gilgamesh is probably the same shader. Gilgamesh is just a typo from the reader rapporting this colour.

  • Either try again or wait until youre lvl 20 (if you arent yet)

  • Did you log out afterwards as the site suggests you relog to get the items? 🙂

    • Koen Timmermans

      I think I did. And redeeming them again doesn’t work. Anyhow I lost my interest in those codes.
      Thanks Captn Camper and twinkling82 for the reply. Much appreciated

  • Oh I just remembered. Some of these items by code are picked up at one of the shops in Tower.

  • Chelsey Patterson

    Got two shaders for you

    Purple shader (Rosegold) Bought from the Queens servant once you hit rank one in the queen’s wrath

    Greyish shader (Thunderdevil) Given to me by the post master when I ranked up with the cryptarch, it could be any faction but it was that one that was given to me.

  • Chelsey Patterson

    here’s the pictures

  • I got Lunar Elegy from a lvl 24 strike and Blood Pact from a lvl 18 strike.

  • Kyal Tweedy

    Not sure if this is from any strike or just phogoth runs but deffo got this from a moon strike reward. Also yeah the name in the list needs an edit. It’s elegy not energy

    • Kyal Tweedy

      Have thunderdevil and undercity too. Not sure if there’s any other ways to get them but both can come from cryptarch rank reward packages. Will add pics of the shaders i have when i get chance if i don’t forget

  • Sorry for the delay updating the new Shaders guys. We’re a little swamped at the moment. Article will be updated before days end 😀

  • Alpha Stoner

    Just got God of War in a Postmaster delivery for increasing my Vanguard rank (this was on my Titan, which hasn’t been in any Crucible matches yet).

  • Chelsey Patterson

    I have most of the shaders you have listed that need pictures. I’ll get them for you on Sunday or Monday!

  • Donnie Ramsey

    Achilles, shader 100 pvp kills, wrong never got it, think it’s a random drop

    • Thanks Donnie. We actually had Achillies in there twice, once as random and once as 100 kills. I’ve removed the 100 kills one, thanks 😀


    I got Boradsword shader from leveling up the Cryptarch and its green camo. I love it.

  • Mavrick Savard

    Blacksmith, dark grey and gold shades, a pre-order offer for pre-ordering Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PSN.

  • Guest

    This is Achilles

  • phippski

    This is Gilgamesh

  • Guest

    Lunar elegy

  • phippski

    I have lunar elegy, Gilgamesh and Achilles but can’t post pics? Can I email them?