Destiny The Taken King Guide: The Taken War Petra Guide

Destiny The Taken King Guide: The Taken War Petra Guide
This mission seems like it would be another walk in the park Destiny mission. After doing it for about an hour, you quickly find out it is not as easy as it first seems. Check out this Destiny The Taken King The Taken War Petra Guide to get it done quick!

Destiny: The Taken King The Taken War Petra Guide

You get this from Petra on the Reef. You should bring a Fireteam for this mission because you will be facing lvl 40 enemies.

The first objective is simple, collect Fallen Ether. All you have to do is run around earth killing Fallen and collecting the items they drop. You might have to kill 50 or so but it won’t be that bad compared to the rest of the quest.

The second objective is to collect Blighted Ether which is gotten from Fallen. You can get this easily from main story quests or from the skull and crossbones patrol quests. I guess you could also get it when you fight the Fallen Champions but I already had it by then.

Here are the two tricky objectives. You need to defeat 2 Taken Champions and find the Curious Object. The units don’t just roam around the area so finding them can be difficult. What you want to do is head to The Divide and wait. You might have to wait for around 10 minutes but eventually The Taken will spawn. Here is where you get you Taken Champions and your Curious Object.

The Champion is the boss. After you put a whoppin on The Taken a boss unit will spawn, that unit will have the Curious Object, kill him to collect it. You will have to do it twice for two champions.

This is by no means easy even at level 40. It is highly recommended that you bring a fire team!

The best spot to find The Taken on Venus is the Ishtar Cliffs. Same us before, kill the captains to spawn the boss and get the item. You need to kill two bosses again, which means two waves. They can spawn in a couple different spots along the Cliffs so check around if you don’t see a captain. If you are having trouble, go between The Shattered Coast and Ishtar Cliffs for more spawns.

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