Destiny Year 1 VIP Rewards Available Now

Destiny Year 1 VIP Rewards Available Now
If you have been playing Destiny since the game came out, you might have heard of the VIP rewards. These are rewards for players who have put enough time into the game during year one. Check out where you can get the rewards here!

Destiny Year 1 VIP Rewards Available Now

If you didn’t meet the requirements by now, you cannot get these rewards. You either needed BOTH DLC packs by August 31st or you needed to be Light level 30 by then.


According to Bungie you will need to delete the items from your inventory before THe Taken King hits or you will miss out on the quest line!! Avoid getting them for now! Bungie Link . You can risk it and pick them up still but delete them before The Taken King hits!!

Make sure you read above before picking these up or you risk missing out on the VIP quest!! You will get a bonus Shader, Emblem and a Sparrow. You can get the Emblem and Shader from the Emblem collection and the Shader art the Shader collection, they are under the promotional tabs. The Sparrow can be found at the Vehicle Koiosk under the promotional tab as well.

If you are having trouble getting them, log in and out of Destiny a few times and try again. The servers are a little wonky at the moment so you might have to try a few times.

Here if what the Old Guard Shader looks like on this hunter (not me). Again, Delete these items before The Taken King Launches or risk messing up your VIP quest!

Destiny VIP Reward Shader

The Old Guard destiny Shader

Check back soon for Destiny The Taken King Guides!

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