Deus Ex Mankind Divided Guide: Praxis Kit Location Guide

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Guide: Praxis Kit Location Guide
In Deus Ex Mankind Divided you need to acquire Praxis Points in order to improve Adam Jensen’s abilities and augmentations. This Deus Ex Mankind Divided Guide: Praxis Kit Location Guide lists all of the Praxis Kits we’ve discovered including purchasing from vendors, finding in hidden stashes and collecting from allies.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Guide: Praxis Kit Location Guide

Praxis Kit 1 – After leaving your apartment, head down the first set of stairs and you will run into two guys in front of an apartment. Go inside the apartment and below the painting you can find a stash with a Praxis point in it.

Praxis Kit 2 – You will get a Praxis point each time you level up also.

Praxis Kit 3 – You can’t really miss this one because it’s a story mission. After helping out Koller in his place, he will give you two Praxis points to use.

Praxis Kit 4 – In Jensen’s apartment complex thee is a shop keeper you can buy items from. You can buy two Praxis Kits from him for 10k each, sell weapons and other collected items to get closer. After you complete a few main story missions he will sell a third as well, I was able to buy it right before I left Prague.

Praxis Kit 5 – At the end of the story mission “The Rucker Extraction” you will enter a room to find some evidence from Rucker. There is a safe on the wall that is hack level 5 and inside is a Praxis kit. I had to use a hack tool because I couldn’t find the code for the safe.

Praxis Kit 6 – You will have to pick the Bank Heist mission at the end of the Prague Mission line in order to get this Praxis kit. You also need to have found the medical vault key card from the Scientist’s Apartment during the side mission Mystery Augs. As you are escaping up the elevator shaft there are two major vaults on the right side, they sort of look like storage buildings. You need to pull them out with the computer next t them and then use the key cards to get in. The Medical one is where you will find the Praxis kit, inside the safe in there. I had to use a Multi-tool to get in because I didn’t know the code.

Praxis Kit 7 – Also inside the bank but on the lower levels you can find two executive safes. Inside executive safe B you will find a Praxis kit in one of the safes. I hopped into the security kiosk while stealthed and hacked the doors up from the terminal there. The kit is in the locked safe on b07.

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