Deus Ex Mankind Divided Securing The Convention Center Secondary Objectives Guide

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Guide: Securing The Convention Center Secondary Objectives Guide
During the main mission “Securing The Convention Center” in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, you will get a secondary objective. The secondary objective is for those who prefer a more stealthy approach to the game. Check out this Deus Ex Mankind Divided Securing The Convention Center Secondary Objectives Guide to help you beat it with no trouble at all.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Securing The Convention Center Secondary Objectives

First thing you want to do is go to the red roped off area and speak to the guard. He will tell you to go away but eventually he will also walk away. To his left there is a vent you can go in, to that and follow it to the room. Inside that room you can use the security terminal to disable all the cameras which will make this much easier. Now open the door and take the guard down on the other side. Drag him into the room so he isn’t seen and move back into the vents.

Take the other path in the vent that leads to the stairs. At the bottom there is a guard sitting by the wall. Wait for his buddy to come talk to him and then once they start to leave bring the back one down. You can hide his body upstairs or behind the crates down there. In the next room there is one guy patrolling. Wait for him to look towards the stairs and sneak up on him, hide the body in maintenance room. Now head back upstairs and deal with the guy behind the door. Wait for his buddy to come patrolling in and take him down as well, hide them on the stairwell.

Now you want to head for the two guys standing together on the the floor below you. Take the path that last guy you took down was patrolling and hack the door open. Jump down on the other side and you will see them chatting with each other. After a couple seconds they will separate and one will head towards you while the other walks the other way. Wait for the first one and bring him down, head to the second one and wait for him to patrol back to you and bring him down. I would save at this point just in case something goes funky.

Now head down the stairs to the party and you will be right behind another guard so take him down. Bring him up the stairs just in case a guard patrols by. Next head down to a lower level and you will find a guard by the bathroom. Hop behind the cough and take him down from back there to hide his body and take him down at the same time. There is another guard by the big Safe Harbor sign, do a corner take down on him and that will hide him behind the sign. The last guard is an old man that is balding and clearly has the key. He will go into the men’s room eventually and that is the time to strike. When he is taking a leak, take him down and hide him in a stall.

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