Deus Ex The Human Revolution Stopping The Transmission Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Stopping The Transmission Guide

After clearing the police station mission in Deus Ex The Human Revolution you will be given a mission to stop a transmission. This guide will get you in and out without you having to kill anyone or be seen. Of course if you just want to go in and start a fire fight you can but you could just walk in the front door and do that. Let’s do it. 

The first thing you have to do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution stopping the transmission mission guide is get to Derelict row. This isn’t to hard just follow the way point or check your map. Once you are about 30 meters or so from the door a guy with a white shirt and red vest will basically tell you to go away. Use the big red dumpster to hide from him then go in the door.

Once inside Pricthard will contact you and tell you a couple things. Once you open the door to the next area you will see a guard standing guard. Knock him out and drag him back just in case. Then head down the steps and look right. You should see a spot for you to crawl under. Go under and stop when you hear the guards talking to each other. They can see you if you go through that little gap so wait until they split up and stop looking at it. Then head under the broken metal door. If you can move the trash can do it and go that way. If not you have to wait until they are not looking under the gap. Don’t keep the trash can up to long or else you will be caught. Then wait for the guard to pass and cross to the other side and head behind the cargo containers. Keep moving behind the containers and stop at the end and listen to a guy talk about a rocket launcher. They will leave after they are done talking.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution stopping the transmission mission guide is getting to the Antenna area. After the guys with the rocket launcher keep following the path to the next container. You will see some cement pipes you can go through. Make sure a guard isn’t looking and go in. Once at the next red container look around the corner to see a guard. Knock him out and drag him behind the crate. Then look at the wall and you should see a hole. go through and open the man cover so we can get back out. Look right and behind some barrels is another hole go in there and grab the weapons and ammo if you have room then go through the hole in the ceiling. Then head through the door that is boarded off kind of. After that look to the right make sure it is clear then go through the door.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution stopping the transmission mission guide is getting to the Antenna. Once through the door head right and wait for the guard to pass and take him down. The guys watching tv won’t look behind at you so pass by stealthily and you’ll be fine. Climb up the two ladders and into the next area. Once up there you will see some red lights. Those are mines as it turns out and they scared me the first time I set one off. We are trying not to set them off so save before you start this part. Grab a barrel from the previous room and walk with it. The mines won’t go off with it in your hand. Keep your distance though I’m not sure if they go off if you get to close. After that part you are pretty close and should see an open door to the roof. Two guys are out there so don’t rush out. While they are looking over the railing sneak behind them and get to the tower. You have to hack it and it’s only level one so no big deal. I found out if you get the cubes you get some extra exp so try it if you want. After that a chopper will pick you up. Couldn’t of just dropped me off in the first place right next to the antenna  huh?

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution stopping the transmission mission guide. Favourite our Deus Ex Complete Walkthrough Page and get all the latest updates to our newest Deus Ex articles.

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  • Wow Okaaaay…! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ! I’ve been trying every F’n thing ,Got so fed up that I figured someone else was had the same problem. Turns out carrying a barrel in you hands makes u undetectable to proximity mines … MAKES NO SCENCE WHAT SO EVER!!! :/ lmfao! Thanks again man 🙂

    • I think it blocks there sensor or something. I tried it with a cardboard box on a side quest though and it didn’t work so it must only count the metal things.

      • Philip.K

        Read the above, I didn’t press Reply and I thought you should know 🙂

        • the code to access the antennae is 5962 or 5463, one of those is the code.

  • Philip.K

    The mines arn’t Proximity, they are motion sensored. A barrel in your hands doesn’t make an differance you have to move realy slow that’s all. You can even walk up to them, dissarm them and collect them for self uses or selling.

  • there are no codes for antenna fool they HAVE to be hacked