Deux Ex Mankind Divided Guide – The Rucker Extraction Secondary Objective Guide

Deux Ex Mankind Divided The Rucker Extraction Secondary Objective guide
During the story mission “The Rucker Extraction” in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, you will get a few side objectives you can complete. These side objectives will help you get extra experience, loot and info for the main mission. Check out this guide for help with The Rucker Extraction Secondary Objective Guide.

Secondary Objective Free Dusan

Freeing Dusan isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are four officers near there and one of them is a brute. There is one officer right down below the stairs, you want to lure him up and take him down. I used my pistol with EMP ammo on the camera and that brought him up, you can also toss an item when he is near the stairs to get him to come up. Once he is dealt with you have two options to get down below. Near the cells up top there are two large crates you can move if you are strong enough, if not look up and you can see a vent chaft. Follow that around to a locked door and open it, it’s only level two. Inside take the vent around and drop down to Dusand. We can’t free him yet but this gets us behind the cops outside. Go to the door and take out the guy outside, don’t worry about the guy on the desk he won’t see just make sure the brute isn’t looking. Move the body inside to make sure he doesn’t get seen.

Next we want to get the guy on the computer so we can take the brute down one on one. Wait for the brute to travel all the way towards the stairs and go around to the left to get behind the officer on the desk, if you go from the front you will get caught. When it is just you and the brute, EMP it and go use a takedown. Head back to Dusan and free him to complete this objective. He will give you a quote that you can use to get past Lubos and access the elevator.

Secondary Objective Talk To Lubos

Lubos can be found at the elevator on the 4th floor of the Utulek Complex. Open your map and you can see the Elevator symbol on your map. Talk to him and pick “When you’ve robbed a man” to gain access to Ark territory. You can use this way to get in instead of talking to Louis Gallois.

Secondary Objective Get Tibors Key

This is another way to gain access to Arc. When you go up to level 4 you will see a cop off in the distance. If you get close he will talk about having a keycard and you can follow him to the toilet and take him down. Loot his body to get the key card and the extra experience.

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