Diablo 3 How To Identify Items

Diablo 3 How To Identify Items
Most people remember the thrill of identifying items in Diablo 2 and it returns in Diablo 3. Unlike Diablo 2 though this time you don’t need to carry around a bunch of scrolls or a tome. This article will tell you how to identify items in Diablo 3. Here we go.

You need to find an item to identify before you can actually do any identifying though. Simply scroll over the item and right click to start the process of identifying the item. If you get hit during this progress it will be canceled so be sure to be in a safe spot when you try this.

This makes it way easier to check out the items you get right away and without having to go to Deckard Cain and talking to him. You also don’t have to waste any precious inventory space one the tome or scrolls which is an added bonus.

Remember that you can also make rare weapons that you need to identify, but you will likely need to dismantle another rare weapon in order to get the piece you need to make a new one. It’s a good idea to dismantle anything you can at the blacksmith so you can have materials available whenever you want to make a new piece of equipment. Also be sure to upgrade the blacksmith so he can make better items for you.

So how you identify items in Diablo 3 is simply by right clicking them.

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