Digimon World: Next Order Residents Recruitment Guide

Digimon World Next Order Floatia Prosperity Guide - Find Digimon To Join The Village
Digimon World: Next Order features tons of different Digimon that you can find and recruit to join your city, each raising the Prosperity levels of Floatia. This Digimon World: Next Order Residents Recruitment Guide tells you where to find all the Digimon to join your city alongside information on the perks and benefits you get for recruiting them.

Digimon World: Next Order Residents Recruitment Guide

Below is a list of all the different Digimon we’ve discovered in Digimon World: Next Order including details on where you can find them on each of the maps. Many of the Digimon you can recruit to your city may require you to complete additional tasks before they are willing to join your cause. We also have all the information relating to those tasks, where to find special items and other tidbits.

Vast Plateau

How To Get Patamon To Join The City
Patamon is the first Digimon you can recruit to join Floatia during Chapter 1. As soon as you leave the city he’ll challenge you to a fight. Take him down and he’ll offer to join the town. When he joins he sets up a warehouse that you can use to store and withdraw items.
How To Get Biyomon To Join The City
Where To Find Digimon Biyomon
Speak to Biyomon at the location above and it asks if you know anyone that can help teach him how to fly. You need to progress through the main story quests until you have to head to the volcano area. There you will encounter a Birdramon, he joins your city after you defeat him in battle. Speak to Biyomon after Birdramon joins the city and she will join also.

How To Get Palmon To Join The City
Where To Find Digimon Palmon\
Palmon is at the location shown above. He needs you to find a Cheerful Apple, a Digistalk and a Salty Fruit.

Where to find Digistalk – This is a common item. You start with 10 of these when you begin the game

Where to find Cheerful Apple – You can find the Cheerful Apple on the East side of the map by some trees, near the entrance to Old Cableway. It actually looks like an apple.

Where to find Salty Fruit – The Salty Fruit can be found on the Forest Path map. It was during the day when I found it. It’s a large square often found at the bottom of the trees in the area.

When you give Palmon the items he will join the city. He improves you meat fields so you can get 8 meat a day.

How To Get Tentomon To Join The City
Where To Find Digimon Tentomon
You can find Tentomon at the location above. When you speak with him he will try to sell you a Recovery Disk. You can barter for a cheaper price but he will not join the city unless you pay the full price of 100 Bits. Buy the item off him for 100 Bits and he’ll join the city. He opens an item shop in Floatia

How To Get Etemon To Join The City
You can find Etemon in the same position as where Biyomon was at the start of the game. Once you’ve recruited Biyomon to the city and progress through to Chapter 2, you can find Etemon on Vast Plateau. He asks you to find a battery, which can be found at the Power Plant.

The Digi-Battery is at the Power Planet. Near the large Lemon field behind the hut. Return the Digi-Battery to Etemon and he joins the city to open the Stock Market.

Forest Path

How To Get Numemon To Join The City
You can find Numemon at the location marked above. He will ask you to gather 5 Green Digistalks. These look just like the normal Digistalk mushrooms except they are green. You can find them scattered along the path in the Forest Path map area. You don’t want to mess with the Digimon in this area much so you can exit the map and re-enter to have the Green Digistalks respawn. You’ll have to fight him when you turn in the items, after that he joins the city.

Numemon sits by the toilet in the city and will give you a free portable toilet every day.

How To Get Wormmon To Join The City
Wormmon is also in the Forest Path, near some dangerous enemies. You can still speak to him without triggering the Vegiemon, if you are careful. He will ask what he can do with his silk and you should reply “make fishing line”. He will ask you to find a stick that he can use to make a fishing pole before he will come to your town. You need to select the option “I guess” when he asks you to find it, so you get the Digimail. Head back near the entrance to the Forest Path and you’ll notice a yellow materials marker on the floor, this is the stick. Return to Wormmon and he will give you a fishing pole and join your town. You can find him near the training hall and he will tell you what your Digimon’s favorite food is.

Power Plant #2

How To Get Kuwagamon To Join The City
Kuwagamon Location digimon world
Kuwagamon can be found at the Power Plant #2. He will want you to bring him Royal Digijelly that can be found on the Forest Paths in the Nigh Plains. Head over to the Forest Path and about halfway through you will see a pick up that has rainbow shinies coming up from it, that is the Royal Digijelly. Return to the Power plant and give it to him to have him join your town. If you speak to him at the training area at night he will give you special food that helps with training, you get increased stats when training after eating it.
How To Get Fugamon To Join The City
You can also find Fugamon at the Power plant after you do the story bit there. When you return he will be at the top near the giant Lemon Field and he will be talking about electricity. If he’s not there make sure you’ve already recruited Kuwagamon and return to the city, then come back to the Power Plant. At the end of Chapter 2 when you’re tasked with finding Datamon, another Power Plant opens. Fugamon appears again and will offer valuable items in exchange for Conductor Lemons.

Big thanks to Vinny Erickson-Holtze and LivingHell for their contributions.

Old Cableway

How To Solve Meicoomons Riddle
At some point during Chapter 2 Meicoomon will send you a Digimail to the EX Scenarios folder. He says he is at a place with cables, grass and trees. You can find him on the Old Cableway map. He will ask you to take down a powerful Digimon on the Vast Plateau map. Exit the Old Cableway and take down Growlmon (orange).

Return to Meicoomon and he’ll give you another riddle. Greenery, soil, a waterfall, a fence, a long bridge. Head to Guts Waste, to the location shown below and interact with the item. You get attacked by a group of Piddomon.

How To Get Meicoomon To Join The City

Server Desert – Noise Storm

How To Get Veemon To Join The City
Veemon is right at the entrance to the Server Desert if you enter from the Vast Plateau, you can’t miss him. In order to recruit him you will need to go through the desert to the west and enter the Server Cemetery. You need to find Togemon who can be found here.

Digimon World Next Order Toemon Location

Veemon and Togemon had a battle Togemon told him he was missing something in his attack so he ran off. Offer to help find Veemon and Togemon will be grateful. Return to the Desert entrance and you can recruit Veemon by fighting him. Tell him what Togemon said and then offer to be his training partner. Veemon can upgrade you buildings when you get more people in town, not sure how many yet.

How To Get Greymon To Join The City
How To Get Greymon To Join The City
After you expand the city into the much larger city and have around 15 Prosperity you can encounter Greymon in the Noise Storm area of the Server Desert. When you approach him he will ask you to find a Magma Lozenge, which is around the Logic Volcano area.

Where Is The Magma Lozenge

Head to the location marked by the player icon in the image above. You’ll find the Magma Lozenge there.

When Greymon joins the city he can make and repair tents at the item shop.

Server Cemetery

How To Get Togemon To Join The City
After you recruit Veemon you can then go talk to Togemon again and recruit her as well. Beat her down in a match and she will join the town in the training center. She will give you food during the day at the training gym.

To Hallowed Hall

How To Get Garudamon To Join The City
How To Get Garudamon To Join The City
During the early stages of the game you’ll find a banana and a couple of resource mining points in To Hallowed Hall map, right near the entrance to Noise Storm. When you first approach these items NAME will spawn. You have to defeat him in battle and then you can harvest the items behind him. Come back later, after you’ve expanded the city into the bigger city and have around 15 Prosperity. Speak with him again and he will join the city.

He opens up the Treasure Hunter in the Entertainment District.

How To Get GranKuwagamon To Join The City
This is just a straight up fight with GranKuwagamon. Of all the fights I’ve had so far, this was the closet fight yet. Make sure you can fuse when you try to take him down. He will be in the Dojo and can change the requirements for a Digimon to evolve into a different Digimon, only useable once per day.

Dead End Town

How To Get Angemon & Hackmon To Join The City
During the main story, you will be tasked with going to Dead End Town to take down a fearsome foe. Once you’ve killed it, you can explore the small area of Dead End Town. You will spot Angemon in the area immediately after finishing the story quest here. You need to head to the Logic Volcano, head to the Garbage Pile map. Look for the ! marker and you’ll find Hackmon here. You’ll need to take him down. Once you defeat him, he will join the city. Return to Angemon in Dead End Town and he will also join the city.

How To Get Seraphimon To Join The City
Towards the mid-way point of Chapter 2 Seraphimon appears in Dead End Town. You can’t recruit him yet, check out the Frost Cathedral area of this guide for more information.


How To Get Gargomon & GrapLeomon To Join The City
How To Get GrapLeomon To Join The City
At the beginning of Chapter 2, after you defeat the Machinedramon in the StepStep map, return to find GrapLeomon stuck at the top of the sand hill. Speak with him and he’ll ask you to find Gargomon and retrieve some Cyber Grease. Head to the Tower Road (which is the other side of the oasis area on the Server Cemetery map and speak with Gargomon. He will give you the grease and join the city. Return to GrapLeomon to open the Ohguino Wastelands map, he also joins the city.

GrapLeomon opens up the Digivolution Research Dojo and Gargomon sells new battle enhancement items at the store.

Fire Wall

How To Get Birdramon To Join The City
During the main story, when you’re exploring the volcanic region in the Server Desert. You’ll have to find Birdramon to advance. Take him down and he’ll join your city, offering you a fly to destination service for a fee.

Garbage Pile

How To Get BomberNanimon To Join The City
Head to the area on the map above. When you first speak with him it may not initiate his quest. I used a tent, slept nearby and tried the next day. He then explodes and you’re tasked with finding the parts of his body. They are spread all over the game, check below for exact locations.






Return to BomberNanimon and replace his body parts. He will join the city. You also get 5 Reliquite

Flame Lands

How To Get Arresterdramon To Join The City
Head to the very top of the volcano, the Flame Lands, and you’ll find Arresterdramon. He’s level 48 and very tough to kill. Take him down to get him to join your city.

When he joins your city he will add a bonus to a specific stat at the gym every day. Speak to him on Sunday for a special reward.


How To Get OmniShoutmon To Join The City
Another Digimon you have to fight in the Volcano. He is high level and very strong, you might need to Fuse to beat him. Either way. make sure you bring plenty of healing items to get through his damage.

Fire Circut

How To Get BanchoLeomon To Join The City
This is one of the harder fights you will have to do. I popped a defense and offense booster to keep my guys alive long enough for a fusion. After the fusion I was able to beat him and he came back to the city after.

Old Cableway

How To Get Kabuterimon To Join The City
Digimon Wolrd Next Order Kabuterimon
Kabuterimon is no push over. I had Digimon with over 7k HP and they still got one shot by his massive AOE. That being said, he has low defense and only around 2500 HP. I beat him by just doing a lot of damage quick, before he could get his strong moves off. When you beat him he will join the town and he can upgrade your training equipment for cash.

Cave Entrance

How To Get Renamon To Join The City
Digimon World Next Order Renamon
Renamon becomes available to recruit after you’ve upgraded to the big city and Taomon has joined through the story. In order to get Renamon to join you, you need to catch her a Digicarp. You can find one by fishing off the bridge in the Vast Plateau, the first area you can explore. I caught mine at night but I don’t know if you need to catch them at night or not. She will sell food items in your city next to Meramon.

Inlet Cape

How To Get Paildramon To Join The City
Once you have unlocked the Digivolution Dojo in the city you can return to Inlet Cape and speak to Paildramon. He will challenge you to a fight where you start at 1/5 HP and 1/5 MP. He’s a high level and hits like a truck. Once you take him down he joins the city and opens up DNA Digivolution.
How To Get Stingmon To Join The City
Stringmon will join you once you hit Chapter 3 (He may also join earlier if you have over 95 Prosperity in the town.). Just go up to him and speak to him to have him join. He will ask you to find MegaKabuterimon, we are still searching for him. He will open a new Lab in the research area of town. When you get to certain trainer levels he will give you chips to help power up your Digimon.

MOD Ship 1.0

How To Get Seadramon To Join The City
You will need to gather Digifry, Digicrucian and Digikoi, and then return them to Seadramon. Once you have completed his quest he will join the city. You will also get a new lure and the ability to fish at the city. You can catch all the fish off the bridge near town.

MOD Ship 2.0

How To Get Zudomon To Join The City
How TO recruit Zudomon In Digimon World Next Order
Getting to Zudomon is a bit of a pain unless you have some strong Digimon. I got there when on my fourth egg but you can probably do it on your third if you have good Digimon. He will ask you to find Gumdramon and tell him that he is sorry. You might remember Gumdramon from the Logic Volcano entrance, he shows you around. Go to the Volcano, tell him that Zudomon said he was sorry and return to get Zudomon to join you. Zudomon will be in the building shop in town, he goes out to find you stone and liquid.

Ship 2.0 Cabin

How To Get DemiDevimon & Vikemon To Join The City
You can find DemiDevimon inside the cabin on Ship 2.0. He asks you to find a special chalice. The chalice belongs to Vikemon, who can be found inside the Pirates Cabin on MOD Ship 3.0. Head there and take him down to get DemiDevimon and Vikemon to join.

DemiDevimon rewards you with items for trading on the Stock Market. Vikemon gives you fishing challenges to complete in town. You can get the Good Fishing Rod from Vikemon when you complete his challenge.

How To Get Gumdramon To Join The City
Well if you get Zudomon you get Gumdramon as well. He will also be in the building shop in town and will give you rewards for upgrading the town.

MOD Ship 3.0 Cabin

How To Get BlackGatomon To Join The City
Inside the MOD Ship 3.0 Cabin you’ll find BlackGatomon. He will ask you to find various pirate treasures and sell them to him. After speaking with him check the Cabin itself for a pirate treasure in the corner. There is another when you leave the cabin, on the deck of MOD Ship 3.0, one inside the Captain’s Cabin and one on the MOD Ship 3.0 map. They respawn after a certain amount of time. I’ve handed in 10+ items so far and nothing, will update with more information. There is a possible item worth 10,000 Bits though, so it’s not all bad.

Flag MOD Ship

How To Get MarineAngemon To Join The City
You need to travel through MOD Ship 3.0, go into the cabin and exit out the other side to reach the Flag MOD Ship. Speak with MarineAngemon and she will ask you to find an item. There are random items, marked by the special yellow marker with rainbow colors flying off, scattered around the ship, the Captain’s Cabin, the Ship 3.0 Cabin and the Mod Ship 3.0 map. Find an item, bring it back. Continue until you find the Bent Spoon. Then return it to MarineAngemon.

She joins the hospital and can transfer life from one Digimon to another – allowing you to sync up the rebirths of your Digimon.

Ohguino Wastelands – Guts Wastes

How To Get Agumon To Join The City
You need to unlock the Ohguino Wastelands to recruit Agumon to the city. Simply progress through to Chapter 2 and then get Get Gargomon & GrapLeomon To Join The City. That will open the Ohguino Wastelands map. When you enter you will see Agumon near the start. Beat him in battle and he will join the city.

He is involved in the decorating of the Square.

How To Get Gaomon To Join The City
Gaomon can be found just outside the fort. He asks you to bring 20 Hunks of Meat. Simply bring him the meat and he’ll join the city. He opens the Coliseum
How To Get Goblimon To Join The City
How To Get Goblimon To Join The City
The Goblimon is actually inside a cave but it’s not marked as an actual exit on the map. You need to enter the Dori Tunnel Hub 2 cave, marked by the player icon on the image above. 20 pieces of Rotten Meat for Goblimon and he’ll join your city.
How To Get Tyrannomon To Join The City
Another meaty quest here. You need to bring 20 Best Meats to Tyrannomon, you can find him inside the cave near Gaomon. When he joins the city he will let you trade Wood and Liquid materials.
How To Get Ogremon To Join The City
You will have to talk to Leomon behind the Meaty Fortress to get Orgemon. He will tell you about the war between the Veggie and the Meat armies. Go over to the Palace of Thorns and get Lillymon and Vegiemon to join you. Return to Leomon and he will tell you he needs info Orgemon has. Orgemon can be found right next to the bridge in the Wasteland. Beat him and return to Leomon for the next part of this mission. Orgemon will open up a Hotdog stand in the entertainment area.

How To Get Woodmon To Join The City
After you beat Orgemon you and he joins, talk to Leomon and he will tell you to go to the prison near the Palace Of Thorns. Woodmon is the guard here, beat him and he joins you. He will sell you nuts in the field area of town.

How To Get Leomon To Join The City
When you finally beat Rosemon, return to Leomon and he will join your city. Leonmon will be in the Colosseum.

How To Get Antylamon To Join The City
Antylamon can be talked to when you first get to the Wasteland but he won’t join until after you beat Rosemon. He is found to the left of the Meaty Fort. In the area where you beat Rosemon there is a rainbow shiny on the floor. Pick it up and give it to Antylamon to get him to join your city. He will go to the Dojo in town and can help you find out what you need to get a Digimon to evolve into something.

Palace Of Thorns

How To Get Lillymon And Vegiemon To Join The City
Before you speak with Lillymon make sure you go to the other fort and speak with Shamamon to gain entry and then speak with Leomon. Head to Lillymon and she will give you a quest at the start of the Palace of Thorns to take, remove Vegiemon so they can eat the vegetables.

Digimon World Next Order Lillymon Recruitment

After you accept the quest, go here and defeat Vegiemon to have him join you.

Digimon World Next Order Veggiemon Recruitment

Return to Lillymon and she will also join you in town. Vegiemon and Lillymon can both be sent out to collect food from the garden.

How To Get HerculesKabuterimon To Join The City
After you rescue Shine Greymon, return to Leomon and he will ask you to attack the castle. You have to beat HerculesKabuterimon in order to get into the back of the castle, when you beat him he will join it. You need to get WereGarurumon in town before he becomes useful. Once you get WereGarurumon, Hercules Kabuterimon will go to the advanced item shop and sell chips that can permanently increase your Digimon’s stats.
How To Get Rosemon To Join The City
You have to beat Rosemon after you beat HerculesKabuterimon in order to get her to join you. She is very strong and you will most likely need to use your Extra cross Evolution fusion to beat her. Rosemon will be in the Museum area of the Entertainment district.
How To Get Garurumon To Join The City
You need to complete a quest for Wizardmon before Garurumon will join the city. Refer to the Bony Drive area of this guide.

Bony Drive

Tsukaimon Side Quest
Tsukaimon Location
He will ask you to find a list for him in the area. The first page is in the Celeb Red Room. Return to Tsukaimon and he will tell you there are more pages. The second page is in the Graveyard which is connected to the Corpseway. Another piece of paper is at the Pink House in the Bony Drive area. He will give you a Chip as a reward but doesn’t join the city.

How To Get Wizardmon and Garurumon To Join The City
Wizardmon can be found in Bony Drive. next to the Celeb Blue Room. Talk to him and he will ask you to find Garurumon for him. Garurumon can be found outside the Palace of Thorns and he will go to the city when you talk to him. Return to Wizardmon and he will also go to the city.

Garurumon will give you a random amount of bits each day and Wizardmon will teleport you to a random location based on the day for free.

How To Get SkullGreymon and WereGarurumon To Join The City
Speak to WereGarurumon in Bony Drive to start this quest. He will ask you to get a ring from SkullGreymon, he can be found in the Graveyard through the Corpseway. When you speak to Skullgreymon you will have to face him, he is level 20 and decently strong. If you can fuse you can beat him easily. He will join and when you return to WereGururumon he will also join the city.

WereGururumon will open a second shop that sells crystals you can use to evolve Digimon.

How To Get PlatinumNumemon To Join The City
You can find PlatNumemon inside the Celeb red room in the Bony Drive area. When I talked to him he said something about having no money coming off of me and I have just under 200k, I will come back with more later and see if this is how you trigger him.
How To Get ToyAgumon & Monzaemon To Join The City
How To Get ToyAgumon & Monzaemon To Join The City
Head to the Bony Drive map and walk down to the large courtyard type area. There’s a ToyAgumon there. Speak with him and he’ll ask you to find a block he’s missing. Monzaemon has it but don’t worry, he’s nearby. Simply head into the Celeb Green Room and speak with Monzaemon to get the piece back. Return it to ToyAgumon.

These two join the Arena, basically a really boring casino.

How To Get Boltmon To Join The City
Youkomon can be found on the Corpseway and he wants to duel with Boltmon. You will need to have Myotismon in your city before Youkomon will talk to you. You have to run back and forth until Youkomon tells you to talk to Myotismon in your city. Do that and return to Boltmon to have him join your city. He will be in the Entertainment District and quiz you about your Digimon.

The Corpseway

How To Get Terriermon and Lopmon To Join The City
These two are found in the Corpseway at the bottom of Bony Drive. They will ask you to take a quiz.
1. What do they call this area? Answer Bony Resort.
2. How man horns to Lopmon and Terriermon have put together? Answer Four Horns.
3. Which one isn’t brown? Answer Terriermon.

After you can ask them to come to your city. They will be in the restaurant and offer different food dishes.

The Graveyard

How To Get Mamemon To Join The City
Head to the Graveyard map just beyond The Corpseway. There’s a Mamemon near the church. Speak with him and he will join the city. He opens the Arena.

Pink Stone House

How To Get Myostismon And Turuiemon To Join The City
I did this during Chapter 4 so I don’t know if it opens up at Chapter 3 or 4. Talk to Myotismon and he will give you a mission. He wants you to find Turuiemon in the Volcano and get his item back. Turuiemon is in the Garbage Pile area of the Logic Volcano and you have to fight him. After you beat him he will give you the item and join the city, he isn’t that tough. Tuereiemon will help hunt for Treasure and Myostimon will let you look at any old cards you have found.

Flowerbed Island

How To Get Guardmon and Hagurumon To Join The City
Guardmon can be found on the Flowerbed Island and he wants you to get a item for him. The problem is, the item is on the other side of the area and the bridge to get there is currently not down. So you have to go all the way to the COD Cape and follow that around from the MOD ship one to get to Hagurumon in the Control room. When you talk to him, he will lower the bridge and you can get back to Guardmon much quicker.

Pathfork Island

How To Get Rapidmon To Join The City
Rapidmon is found on Pathfork Island near where you get Guardmon. Talk to him and he will ask you to find his Cellphone. You need to go back to the control room where you talked to Hagurumon and hit the big red button in there. This will lower the bridge near Rapidmon and you can cross it to get his Cellphone, its on the floor right across the bridge.

Drainage Path

How To Get Nanimon To Join The City
The Drainage path entrance can be found on Pathfork Island, in one of the large funnels coming out of the ground. Check the screenshot above for the exact location of the entrance. Nanimon is one of the Digimon inside. Beat him in a battle and he joins the city.

He joins the Entertainment District and will give you free luck coins every day.

How To Get Sukamon To Join The City
Sukamon is another Digimon inside the Drainage Path. Simply take him down and he joins the city. It’s a tough fight so bring boosters.

When he joins the city you can speak to him to lower the turd bar on your Digimon.

ClearAgumon & ToyAgumon (Black) Quest
These two are also inside the sewers. Speak with them, not sure the choices matter. Eventually ClearAgumon will run off. He stays inside the sewers, very close. Keep chasing him trying the different options. Eventually he’ll get cornered near the entrance to King Sukamons place. Beat ToyAgumon in the fight and they will return to their original spot. You get Large Double Discs. You can repeat the quest if you wish.

Boulder Island

How To Get MachGaogamon To Join The City
MachGaogamon is on Boulder Island and all you have to do is beat him to have him join. It is a fight you need to win in 60 seconds so don’t be afraid to pop an attack booster to win.

Freeze Way

How To Get Gabumon To Join The City
Gabumon can be found at the end of the path in the Freeze Way. Talk to him and he will join you if you already have Garurumon in your city. He stands outside the Training Hall in the city. He will boost your partners’ mood if you speak with him at night.

Frost Cathedral

How To Get Gomamon & MegaSeadramon To Join The City
Speak with Gomamon and he’ll ask you to get a picture with MegaSeadramon. You can find MegaSeadramon in MOD Cape, he’s on the deck of the second boat on the MOD Ship 1.0 map. You don’t have to fight him, just grab the picture and he joins the city. Gomamon joins once you return the picture to him.

MegaSeadramon does something once you increase the Fishing area to level 4. Gomamon will trade a specific amount of fish for new lures.

How To Get Ikkakumon & Seraphimon To Join The City
Speak with Ikkakumon and he will ask you to find an excellent chef. The chef he is looking for is Seraphimon. You can find him in Dead End Town. Speak with him and he joins the city. Return to Ikkakumon and he will also join.

Seraphimon joins the Restaurant and sells some incredible food items. Ikkakumon will fill your Digimon’s hunger for free.

Icy Hall

How To Get GaoGamon To Join The City
This one is easy if you are strong enough. All you have to do is beat him within a minute and he will join the city. I had to use a couple of 150 moves on him but he went down quick enough.

When he joins he stands right near the entrance to the Business District. Speak to him once a day and he will give your Digimon a +5 Discipline bonus.

Frozen Divider

IceDevimon Quest
This is a timed quest, you have 24 hours. However, you can obtain the ingredients required before speaking with him. Save before speaking with him. Speak with IceDevimon and hill will ask you to collect ingredients to help him lose five grams. You can give him up to three ingredients. I used Frostcut Mushroom x2 and Meat x1. It is also possible for him to ask you to lose three grams, but if he does just reload the save and try again for the five grams. You can find the Frostcut Mushrooms in and around the Frozen Palace. I haven’t tried it but the three grams one should work with 1x DigiStalk, 1x Meat and 1x Frostcut Mushroom.

Layer 01

How To Get Devimon To Join The City
This area opens during the story when you prepare for the final battle. Simply beat Devimon in a battle (it’s a tough one) and he joins the city. He creates the Dimensional District but you cannot use the Dimensional Door until you complete the game.

Infinite Cauldron

There are four Digimon you can recruit in Infinite Cauldron. You can get Phoenixmon, Sakuyamon, LadyDevimon, and Okuwamon. Everyone of them is a fight minus LadyDevimon and you can just tell her she can run a shop in town. Sakuyamon and LadyDevimon sell items in the Advanced Shop, Okuwamon will plow the fields in return for healing items and I couldn’t find Phoenixmon.


You only need 100 Prosperity to complete the game, capturing all the Digimon above puts you well over that limit. You can reach a total of 200 Prosperity if you want to progress through the end-game. Once you complete the main story of the game you can return to the Digital World and continue to recruit other Digimon you’ve missed. However, there are also a number of new ones that are only available after completing the game. Below is a list of the additional Digimon we recruited after completing the game. Same may be available a little earlier.

MOD Ship 3.0

How To Get Darkdramon To Join The City
You must have already beaten BanchoLeomon. Once he has joined the city Darkdramon spawns on MOD Ship 3.0 down at the end of the dock covered in Seadramons. He asks you to bring a Digimon that has learned a “deadly punch”. I have all of the fighting move abilities and none of those seemed to trigger him.

Logic Volcano

How To Get Minervamon & Dianamon To Join The City
Minervamon can be found inside the Logic Volcano in the first area. Speak with her and she’ll ask you to deliver a gift to Dianamon in Absolute Zero.
when you give item to dianamon, she will ask you to deliver a letter to minervamon
when you give letter to mineramon, she will ask you to deliver another gift
when you give 2nd gift to dianamon, she will ask you to deliver a gift to minevamon
when you give gift to minevamon, she will go to dianamon
go back to dianamon and you will have to battle both…very hard fight. After it they both join and go to coliseum.

Thanks to Falconreaver for the contribution.

Icy Hall

How To Get Cherubmon To Join The City
Cherubmon can be found inside the Icy Hall. He asks you to take down an evil force. Haven’t managed to get there as my last set of Digimon have died.

Server Cemetary

How To Get Leopardmon To Join The City
Leapordmon is one of the Knights that you can fight after you beat the game. He is level 50 and can do quite a bit of damage. You can find him in the Server Cemetery in the Desert. Leopardmon will be in the Dimensional district.

Server Cemetary

How To Get KaiserGreymon To Join The City
KaiserGreymon will send you on a quest to retrieve a few items for him. The first is a Rose Thorn at the Rose Palace. You need to collect it near the South Wall in the morning, it is near the vines on the outside. The next is a Speed Chip, which I am still looking for because I used all mine. You can sometimes get these from the Daily rewards by exchanging points.

Faulty Ex Machina

How To Get Justicmon To Join The City
Koromon sends a digimail saying there is a cool Digimon at Faulty Ex Machina. When you first appear you see Justicmon and he runs away, then you meet and fight him at Control Island, he says he will fight you again, you will get a Digimail off justicemon saying to meet him at Control Island again, he appears saying he didn’t send the mail, IceFugamon is the culprit, you prove it was him by clicking the correct option, then Justicemon comes to Floatia.

Big thanks to Killa_Bread for his contribution.

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