Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Guide – Side Quest Guide

Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Guide - Side Quest Guide
Disgaea 5 introduces side quests to help you earn gear and money for the main story. The quests start off easy but will quickly become more challenging. Check out this Disgaea 5 Side Quest Guide to get through them all with no trouble at all!

Disgaea 5 Side Quest Guide

I am doing this as I go so check back soon for updates!

These become unlocked after you do a few missions. Some of these quests are repeatable.

Super easy starter quest. All you need to do is get some Mint Gum. If you don’t already have some, you can buy it from the item store in the Pocket Netherworld. Your reward will be the scroll: Gum Eater.
My Technique
All you need for this one is any type of gun. I’d wait until I got one from a chest or bonus reward so I don’t have to spend any extra money. You will get a Geo Blast scroll for this quest.
Combat Lecture
For this mission you will have to clear the Dried Up Wasteland stage once. Just warp there and beat the enemies, easy enough. The reward is 500 HL.
Stealing Specialist
This mission is to unlock the Thief class for you to recruit. You will need to have a Brawler (Warrior) at rank 2. Go into the menu and into the status of a Warrior to see what rank they are. You need to be in the second star to unlock the Thief. You can set the sub class of one of your main characters to a Warrior and level it that way as well.
Hunter Intern
Another class unlock for you to recruit. You will need to have a Fighter and Healer at rank 2. You will have to grind it out with a Fighter and Healer for a few missions in order to get this. The Healer can just use heal every turn to speed things up. You can set these as Sub classes for your main characters and do it that way also.
Seeking Partner
This is so you can recruit the Gunner. You will need a Rank 2 Mage and Fighter to do this one. Make sure you have the Mage and Fighter in fights to speed this up. I actually set Killia to a fighter for a few missions to get it quicker.
This is to get the Ninja class unlocked. You will need a Thief rank 2 and a Warrior rank 3. I had Magnus as my Warrior and I think Seraphine was my thief. My thief I recruited kept dying so I just did it this way.
Valuing Loyalty
Doing this will unlock the Lady Samurai class for recruitment. You will need a Rank 2 Archer and Rank 3 Fighter. You will have to unlock the Archer before you can do this mission.
Impregnable Guard
This is for the Armor Knight class, solid tanking unit. You will need a Fighter Rank 3 and Warrior Rank 3 to unlock the class. Go with Killia with the Fighter Sub class and Magnus with the Warrior Sub class to make it easier on yourself.
Magical Warrior
This will unlock the Magic Knight class for you to recruit. You will need a Rank 3 Fighter and a Rank 3 Mage. I had Killia set as a Fighter for this and Christo set as a Mage to make this one go quick.
Samples Wanted
This will unlock the Professor class for recruitment. You will need a Rank 2 Gunner and Rank 2 Maid. You start off with a Maid so getting that class to rank 2 should come quick. I set Seraphina as my Gunner class to make it easier.
Space Pirates
This is to unlock the Pirate Class for recruitment. You need a Rank 3 Maid, Rank 2 Gunner and Rank 2 Archer. I had the Maid and Archer on my team at the same time so leveling them was easy. Keep Seraphina on the Gunner Sub class until she hits rank 3.
Pranking Footsteps
This is to unlock the Imp class for recruitment. All you need to do is give the quest guy any item, literally any item.
Orc Pride
This is for the Orc recruitment. Again, just give them any item.
Lets Dance
This is to unlock the Undead class for recruitment. You will need to give up one Monster Attack Weapon. These are the Red Skull looking weapons you can equip on monsters and Prinnies.
Secret To Jiggling
This is to unlock the Sludge class for recruitment. You will need 1 Unopened Soda to unlock them. If you don’t have one, you can buy one from the item shop.
Lets Use Skills
To do this one you will need level up a skill to level 10. This is pretty easy if you just spam the ability in every fighter you do. Healers can do it quickly, they don’t even have to heal a unit that took damage to get experience.
Enhancing Skills
To do this you will need Mana and to visit the Skill shop. Pick a skill and use Mana to level it up to level 3. This will take some time because Mana is hard to come by early on.
1 HL Savings
You just need to save up 100,000 HL to beat this quest. When you unlock the Item World making money becomes way easier, just wait until then.
A Little Effort
This one is to save up 1 million HL. Again, once you get to the Item World this is pretty simple. Sell all the crap you get in there and you will do it in no time.
Capture Enemies
You will need to assign some characters to the Capture Squad in order to do this quest. You have to capture 10 Prisoners and you can turn this one in. I did this in the Item World and captured lower level units to just get it done.
More The Merrier
Need to Capture 25 this time. Again, go to the item world and just capture units.
Capturing Is Fun
Last part of this quest is to capture 50. This one takes some time but if you do it while you go through the item world you can do it within 20 floors.
Boost Pop
You will need to make some of the guys you capture into Citizens to beat this quest. Go to the Interrogation are and select make citizen on any units you want to do it to. Low level units are best, they don’t give much EXP for your squads.
Boost Pop More
This time you need 20 Citizens. If you do this along side the Capturing quests you can do them at the same time.
Boost Pop Even More
Last part is to get 50, just like the last part of the Capture quest (hint hint).
Examine Netherworld
You get this once you unlock the Research Netherworld section. You need to unlock more Netherworlds by completing the ones you already have. Don’t be afraid to recruit new units to send them out, cash comes quickly later in the game.
My Own Color
You need to change your color 10 times to beat this quest. Go to the Assembly, pick a character and change their color.
You will need to turn in a Cafe Au Lait to get the reward for this quest. I had some in my inventory but you can also buy them. If they aren’t in the store you can call an assembly for better items.
Muscle Muscle
This quest wants you to kill 3 Warriors for a Brawny Muscle. You will have to do it twice but the Shriveled Vein in the Blood Parch has two Warriors.
Practice Dood!
You have to clear the dried Up Wastleland stage in one turn. This is the first stage so it is pretty simple. If you throw a couple of units, you can cover the distance needed.
Give Me Gum
Just hand over some ABC Gum, you start with it.
In That Box
The quest wants you to destroy 3 Lost Army Boxes. You can find them in the Shriveled Vein in the Blood Parch.
Martial Artist
This quest wants you to kill 3 Fighters for a Brawny Muscle. You will have to do it twice but the Shriveled Vein in the Blood Parch has two Warriors.
To Get Outisde
This quest wants some Wrinkly Clothes for 400 HL. You can get these from Bonus gauges easily so no need to buy it. I think you might even start with some equipped also.
Now Hiring Dood
This quest is way simple, one Prinny kill. Just go to the first level and kill the Prinnies to beat it.
Trying To Cook
This quest is pretty pointless but I did it because I wanted to do them all. Just hand over any three items you don’t need to beat this one.
Dont Sharpen Nails
This quest wants you to kill 5 Slumber Cats for a decent early shield. You can find the Cats in the Spirit Interment Netherworld.
Love Treasure
You can find a treasure on Shriveled Vein in the Blood Parch. Just attack it to open it and complete the quest.
Secret Treasures
This one will require a rare item from a chest or bonus gauge. I think it had to be the yellow blinking items for it to count.