Dishonored 2 Guide: Painting Location Guide

Dishonored 2 Guide: Painting Location Guide
Paintings are one of the hidden collectibles you can find in each level in Dishonored 2. Some of the paintings will be easy to find and others are really difficult to locate. Check out this Dishonored 2 Painting Location Guide to help you find them all as you go!

Where To Find all Paintings In Dishonored

Dishonored Mission 1 Paintings
Curtis, Morgan And The Postulate Child – Right after you get out of the Safe Room in Dunwall, you will be in an are right before you hit the streets. In the hallway there you can find your first painting that gives you 200 Coins.

The Obtuse Arguments Of Lady Boyle – After you get on the Streets of Dunwall you can start entering buildings. Right at the start of the street you will find a building with a “For Rent” sign on it. If you look to the left there are some stairs. Take those stairs up and inside that building there is a Painting, a Safe and a guard.

Edge Of The World Paintings

Overseer Painting – This one is actually pretty tricky to find. Right when you enter the on the dock look up. You will see a picture of Deliah and a blacony underneath here. You need to jump up to the balcony below that to the left, and jump up to the fan sticking out. You can use that to get inside the room with the painting.

The Vice Overseer’s Predicate Logic – This painting is in the Overseers Office, next to the Vice Overseers office. In the room with the Type Writer you can find the painting on the wall.

The Outsider In Conditional Dreams – You can find this one right next to Outsider Shrine in the level. It is in an apartment near the Wall Of Light on the map.

Hypatia’s Protective Gaze – This is in the apartment about the Safe store. You can find the key in the back of the safe store and the stairs back there as well. It is the big painting on the wall and it is worth 200.

The Good Doctor Paintings

Duke Abele’s Propositional State – This is in the Main Lobby, near the first Light Gate. It is a man with a white coat on.

I Regard Her, Within and Without – This painting is in the same room as Alexnadria Hypatia, check her office.

Anton Sokolov In Subtractive Light – This is in the basement with a Rune. You have to destroy the Elevator in order to get down to the basement. I used the Whale Oil container you can find in the main lobby that is charging the Light Gate to do it. I tossed it at the elevator and it went down. You can also destroy the couplings on the Elevator to crash it. Make sure it is on the first floor, the door opens wherever the Elevator falls from.

The Clockwork Mansion Paintings

The Spymaster’s Axis Of Asymmetry – Look left after you leave the sewers to find a map. Around the corner from there is an alley with an apartment in it. On the third floor of the apartment there is a door you can break and behind the door you can find this painting. I used a grenade to break the door.

Painting 2 – I missed the name and grabbed it by mistake. If you look up from the entrance of the sewers you can see a balcony above you. Use the smaller building near the balcony to gain access to the pipes that lead up to the balcony. Inside you find a Bonecharm and a painting.

Jindosh Considers An Odd Numerator – This is after you take the tram for the first time. Follow the road to the edge of town and you can see the Clockwork Mansion. The apartment nearest that has a window open on the second floor that you can jump into. There is also a Bonecharm there so you can use your heart to find it easier.

The Grim Topology Of Grim Alex – This painting is found in the same room as Sokolov.

I Look Upon The craftsman – This is in Jindosh’s room, hit the switch near his tub to move to another room. Make sure to go with the tub and you can find the painting on the other side.

Light Along The Inverse Curve – This is in the room where you face off with Jindosh. After you defeat him, go up to the second floor and you can find the painting up there.

The Royal Conservatory Paintings

Ashworth Within An Existential Graph – Near the first apartment through the gate, there is a bar with some dead guys inside. Go to the roof of that building and look across for an opening to the next building. Cross over and look left inside for a weird Hive Keeper enemy and a painting on the wall near the desk.

My Fires Burn Within Breanna’s Marrow – You can find this painting in Breanna Ashworth’s Office, take the stairs up halfway to find it.

Her Heart, I bathed in Poison – Start in Breanna’s office and take the window down into the courtyard, the on with the Big Turtle in it. Kill the guards and slide through the little window entrance. There will be a door on the right with a Charm inside, blow it up. Inside there you will find a key you need. Go out and take the little set of stairs down to the area with the table. Follow the path to the Blood flies and take them out and the Witch inside. There is a sign that says Archive, enter that door and blink on top of the bookshelf in there to access the Painting.

Dust District Paintings

Indiscrete Time Finds Aramis Stilton – This is in the Overseer’s office. When you are in the lead Overseer’s office look up. Blink up there and you can find the Painting in one of the destroyed rooms.

Vera Moray And The Affix Of Her Skin – You will find this right by the Shrine in Paolo’s room.

Paolo and the Inaccessible Cardinal – This is also in Paolo’s room, in the corner of the room.

A Crack In The Slab Paintings
This one gets tricky with the whole time travel going on.

The Commutative Rats And The Weeper – First off you need to get to the Dining Room in the past. Go around to the Vault door from the Dining room and then go to the present. Enter the Vault and then go back into the past and you can get the painting.

The Torturer’s Quaternionic Groan – You can get this one of two ways. If you kill Aramis Silton in the past, the door will be breakable for you. Before you go to the back yard, look right. There is a blocked door in the past, go to the present to enter. Go back to the past and you can find a painting near the window in that room.

If you don’t kill him, go to the blocked door and head all the way down the hall. Right through the doorway at the end look left for a window you can crawl through in the past. Do that and follow the pipes along to the open window on the other side for the painting.

The Grand Palace Paintings

Daud and The Parabola of Lost Seasons – This is in the same room as the rune. Go up to the roof and blink down to the balcony of the building to gain access.

My Name On Their Lips – You can find this on the third floor of the Palace. Take the elevator in the dining room up and enter the room on the right. Look above the fire place for the painting.

Her Face Is My Smile – From the last painting, head out the door on the opposite side of the room. Look left and enter the double doors you see. Near the piano you will find this last painting.

Death To The Empress Paintings
There are two in this level.

Luca, His Eyes Upon Me – This is right before you enter the Dunwall Tower. From the entrance of the Tower, look for a Gazebo. Go to the Gazebo and look over the ledge, down below, and you should be able to see your painting. You will have to face a few hounds to get it, blink or climb down.