Dishonored 2 Guide: Side Quest Guide

Dishonored 2 Guide: Side Quest Guide
In Dishonored 2 you will get optional missions to complete while you play. Some of these are given to you, and others are hidden on the maps. Check out this Dishonored 2 Side Quest Guide so you can find them all.

Dishonored 2 Side Mission Guide

Mission 1 Side Quests
I forgot the name of the mission when I started writing this up.

The first optional mission you have is to enter the safe room but you have to do that for the main mission anyways.

The second side mission is to knock out the target and lock him in the safe room. To do this, drag him up there, drop him and close the door behind you. He will be locked in there for who knows how long.

I might of missed one in the first mission but I didn’t think there would be many. If you know one I missed, leave a comment for us please.

Open The Supply Room – When you wake up on the boat you will be able to do a side mission there. The supply room is locked and you need to open it. Look through the door window and you will see an open window in the Supply room. Go up on deck, peer over the side and jump down to the window. When you are inside, break the board near the door to open it. The spoils inside the room are yours.

Stop The Leak – You can get this one from the paper right outside your room, on the table, when you return from The Good Doctor mission. Yo will need to find a crank and stop a leak. The Crank can be found on the work bench near Sokolov’s room. Go down to the engine room and stop the leak to complete the quest, didn’t seem to give a reward.

Edge Of The World Side Quests

Locate The Black Market Shop – While you are in the the port city you can find the Black Market and start spending some cash. To get there you need to first go by building that says “Condemned due to infection”. When you get there, look up and you can see an open window. Blink up there and fall down on the other side. There is a woman sitting on the couch and she will give you another side mission. Enter the window in the ally to gain access to the market. You can also buy a map for extra supplies right off the coast.

Sunken Supplies – I’m not even 100% sure you need to buy the map to do this. Instead head to the dock and look out to the Buoy. under that there is a sunk rowboat with some supplies, mines, bolts and a couple of elixirs. You can climb on the Buoy to avoid the fish chomping on you.

Dishonred 2 Bouy location

Get Help From Mindy – You can find Mindy behind the Black Market, in the alley, sitting on a couch. She wants you to get a body for her from the Overseer office. This is tricky quest if you are planning to sneak. The key to the Interrogation room is on the Overseer near the Interrogation room or the one in the Vice Overseers office on the floor below. When you have it, grab the body and you can use blink to travel on the streets and avoid guards. After you turn it in to Mindy, the electric tracks will be disabled so you can walk to Addermine Station.

The Good Doctor Side Quests

Eliminate The Crown Killer – This is really just a choice. After you talk to Alexandra Hypatia she will tell you what she knows about Sokolov. Go to the back room and speak with Vasco next. This will trigger the fight with the Crown Killer. What you do here will effect the ending, spare here for low Chaos and kill her for high Chaos.

The Clockwork Mansion Side Quests

Stealing From The Black Market – This doesn’t pop up as a quest but you can do it if you listen. Outside of the Black Market there is a beggar who wants 5 gold. Give him the gold and he will tell you about a plan to blow a hole in the wall to steal from the Black Market. In order to gain access to the area with the whole, look up above the entrance to the Black Market. Follow those balconies until you enter the apartment at the end. Go all the way to the basement and kill the thugs down and grab the key. The last thing you need is another Whale Oil Keg. Go to where the Light Gate is and make a new one. Bring it back, set it up next to the others and blow it up. When you do this you can’t buy anything from the shop, so make sure you buy anything before hand. Grab the items you want, open the safe and grab the Black Market Key! This will be useful later.

The Royal Conservatory Side Quests

Assist The Shopkeeper – Talk to the Black Market salesman during The Royal Conservatory Mission to trigger this quest. He wants you to find his Associate and promises your a reward. Go to the Apartment marked on the map and enter. Climb up to the top and check out the note on the desk in the room. This will change the objective to “Get the Roseburrow Prototype”. You will have to sneak into the Conservatory in order to get this. You can actually go out the window in the apartment and end up in the Kitchen area of the Conservatory, which is close to the prototype. The door is locked to access the Prototype, blink through the opening above it. Once you take the prototype, the alarm will trigger. Two choices here, take it and blink out, or use a Rewire tool to disable the security system on in the other room. Hand it off to him for your reward.

How To Get Into The Back Of The Black Market Shop – You will want to do this after you complete the quest because he will disappear, grab all the upgrades you want before he leaves also. go to the Black Market Dealer and turn around, you can see a large crank on the floor. Grab that, bring it down to the sewers and connect it near the gate blocking the route deeper into the canals.

Dust District Side Quests

How To get Behind The Black Market – This time the Black Market is locked with a safe combo code. In order to find the code you have to get into the room above the Black Market. Go around to the back alley and look for the open window there. You will see what the door is blocked by, shoot it to open the door. Now enter that room and go to the wedding photo near the Typewriter. Grab the note an dit hsould say what month they were Wed in. Go to the calendar in the apartment, find the month and the day circled and that is your code. For instance Rain is 4 and the number circled could be like 14.

The Jindosh Riddle – You can find this at the entrance to Aramis Stilton’s Manor. There are a few steps to completing it. first you need to go to the Overseer’s office and in the main office, on the desk there is a key you need. This is the room with the Map coming from the Projector. After that you need to go to Paolo’s and open up Durante’s room. Grab the note on the desk and it will tell you the code. Head to the gate and put the heirlooms on the right names. You need to spin the names first, to get the right order, then place the heirlooms. If you get it right, the door will open.