Dishonored 2 Outsider Shrine Location Guide

Dishonored 2 Outsider Shrine Location Guide
Dishonored 2 features a number of collectibles, hidden items and unique locations that you can visit to complete achievements and get valuable rewards. This Dishonored 2 Outsider Shrine Location Guide lists

Where To Find All Outsider Shrine’s In Dishonored 2

Mission 02 Edge of the World

Outsider Shrine Location #1
This one is introduced during the main story, you can’t miss it.

Outsider Shrine Location #2
The second Shrine can be found once you head into the city. Continue through until you reach the Light Gate. Look up to the right to find a house you can enter, the Outsider Shrine is inside.

Mission 03 The Good Doctor

Outsider Shrine Location #3
When you first enter the area go to the far left. Climb up the black spiky awning and then onto the lamp nearby before heading up to the next level. Proceed up another level, use the windmill as a platform, and then explore the room to find 2 Runes and the shrine.

Mission 04 The Clockwork Mansion

Lower Aventa District

Outsider Shrine Location #4
When you exit the sewers look directly above and behind you, there is a couple of balconies. Go to the 2nd balcony and look across the road. There’s a lit window. Head inside for the Outsider Shrine and 2 Runes.

Mission 05 The Royal Conservatory

Cyria Gardens Conservatory Outsider Shrine Locations

Outsider Shrine Location #5
Continue through the level until you get past the first Light Gate. The other side is a ton of enemies and a watchtower with a search light. Just before you reach the watchtower take a right down an alleyway. Continue up the stairs, keeping your eye above you. There’s a balcony. Jump up and explore the building for the Outsider Shrine and 2 Runes.

Mission 06 The Dust District

Outsider Shrine Location #6
Above the Crone Hand pub. Climb the outside of the building to find 2 Runes and an Outsider Shrine, inside Paolo’s place.

Mission 08 The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace

Outsider Shrine Location #7
Check behind the Black Market, use your ability to jump up and then just move towards the marker away from the town

Mission 09 Death To The Empress

Outsider Shrine Location #8
Use your heart to locate the shrine and head towards it. When you get close you will need to climb a ruined building on the opposite side of the road right to the top. Then climb along the metal sticking out of the building across to the shrine. You need to use the Barometer on the wall to open the secret entrance.