Dishonored 2 Rune Location Guide – Where To Find All The Runes

Dishonored 2 Rune Location Guide - Where To Find All The Runes
Whether you’re playing as Corvo or Emily you’ll want to find as many Runes as possible to unlock new supernatural powers and upgrade their abilities. This Dishonored 2 Rune Location Guide – Where To Find All The Runes will show you where to find all of the Runes we’ve discovered so far so you can make sure Emily or Corvo enter battle equipped for any challenge.

Where To Find All The Runes In Dishonored 2

Mission 02 Rune Location Guides

Dreadful Wale Rune Locations

Rune Location #1
You are introduced to the Rune system during a dream sequence with Corvo or Emily. Simply use the heart to locate the Rune in order to progress.

Rune Location #2
Use the Heart while aboard the Dreadful Wale to locate another Rune underwater a short distance from the ship

Edge Of The World Rune Locations

Rune Location #3
When you first arrive on the docks go to the left to the giant whale corpse and look between its teeth

Rune Location #4
Use the heart to locate the next nearest Rune. You’ll reach a blocked gate. Just above the blocked gate, if you back up a bit, is a window. Once inside exit via the other window and follow the metal pipe to another window. Head inside and go downstairs for this Rune. It’s in the Black Market and costs 400 Money.

Rune Location #5 & #6
Continue through the city until you reach the Light Gate. Up to the right is a building you can enter, explore inside to find 2 Runes on an Outsider Shrine.

Rune Location #6
Before you enter the Karnaca Enclave. There are two guards outside near a table spouting propaganda. There’s a Rune and a Bone Charm on the table

Rune Location #7
Inside the Karnaca Enclave. There’s a safe inside the Vice Overseers office. The Rune is inside the safe. There’s a room nearby with a projector inside. Grab the note off the table. It will tell you to remember 3 specific things. Go back to the safe and check the book on the bench to the right. Use the numbers from the Seven Strictures that were on the first note. For example it says remember Lying Tongue, Wanton Flesh & Restless Hands, the code would be 2, 6, 3. The code is unique to each player so you have to solve the puzzle to open it.

Rune Location #8
This can be found inside the stream at the very end. It appears blocked off but if you look near the Rune there’s a chunk of wood blocking it. Use a grenade or another device to blow up the wood and the Rune will come rushing down to the stream.

Mission 03 Rune Location Guides

The God Doctor Rune Locations

Rune Location #9, #10
When you first enter the area go to the far left. Climb up the black spiky awning and then onto the lamp nearby before heading up to the next level. Proceed up another level, use the windmill as a platform, and then explore the room to find 2 Runes and a Outsider Shrine.

Rune Location #11
From the Outsider Shrine head around the back of that building until you reach the outside corner with the tipped chairs. There’s a light on the wall nearby. Jump from that to the roof then the building opposite to enter the small hole near the pipes. There’s a Rune on the table inside.

Rune Location #12
On the first floor head to the elevator. Take a left and search the middle of the room. There’s a Rune on the wall

Rune Location #13
Head up to the third floor. Explore the large room full Bloodflies. The Rune is inside.

Rune Location #14
The final Rune is inside the basement. You need to open the lift on the 1st floor and then go to the top floor. Look into the elevator shaft and you will see red couplings, they may be on a lower floor so check the shaft if you cannot see them. Shoot them or otherwise destroy them to send the lift crashing down and opening the basement. There’s also a picture inside.

Mission 04 Rune Location Guides

The Clockwork Mansion Rune Locations

Lower Aventa District

Rune Location #15
Follow the objective marker to the Black Market, you can purchase a Rune there.

Rune Location #16
Directly behind the station. You’ll get jumped by a group of enemies, take them down and pick up the Rune.

Rune Location #16, #17
When you exit the sewers look directly above and behind you, there’s a couple of balconies. Go to the 2nd balcony and look across the road. There’s a lit window. Head inside for the Outsider Shrine and 2 Runes.

Upper Aventa District

Rune Location #18
Head through the Light Gate, after disabling it obviously, and take a left to the pillar in the courtyard. There’s a balcony nearby, jump up to get the Rune inside the house.

The Clockwork Mansion

Rune Location #19
Progress through The Clockwork Mansion until you have access to the special elevator that can go to Floor 3 – Office. Opposite that Elevator on the Maintenance level is a door. Break it down and find the Rune inside.

Mission 05 Rune Location Guides

Cyria Gardens Conservatory Rune Locations

Rune Location #20
Head to the Black Market when you arrive in the area, you can purchase a Rune there.

Rune Location #21, #22
Continue through the level until you get past the first Light Gate. The other side is a ton of enemies and a watchtower with a search light. Just before you reach the watchtower take a right down an alleyway. Continue up the stairs, keeping your eye above you. There’s a balcony. Jump up and explore the building for the Outsider Shrine and 2 Runes.

Rune Location #22
When you enter the Royal Conservatory you’ll see a statue. Look to the right and there is an open vent leading to the basement. Head into the basement and search the room on the left hand side, behind the blocked door. There’s a key hanging. Grab the key and then search the far corner of the basement. Look up to some pipes and jump up to go through to the next area with Witches and Bloodflies. The Rune is behind the locked door.

Rune Location #23
Head outside the Royal Conservatory and look directly opposite the main entrance. There’s a door you can open. Go up the stairs and over the barricade up to the top balcony. Once there look out to the right and follow the cliff and wooden path to the upper level of the Royal Conservatory and then enter through the window. The Rune is inside.

Rune Location #24
When you reach Breanna Ashworth, check the room above her area to find the Rune. It has a few dog enemies and the grass weed tentacle things.

Mission 06 Rune Location Guides

The Dust District Rune Locations

Rune Location #25
Proceed through the mission until you reach Meagan Foster. Drop down outside and then turn back on yourself, destroy the wood to enter the room and get the Rune.

Rune Location #26
Pull out the heart and head directly to the nearest Rune. Break down the door and go upstairs to grab this one.

Rune Location #27,#28
Above the Crone Hand pub. Climb the outside of the building to find 2 Runes and an Outsider Shrine, inside Paolo’s place.

Rune Location #29
Head to the Overseers area. Into the base, up the stairs and into the records room. Destroy the door and loot the chest for a Rune.

Mission 07 Rune Location Guides

Aramis Stiltons Manor

Rune Location #30
As soon as you enter the Manor head upstairs and take a right. It’s under the table in a room with a large rock and a pickaxe.

Rune Location #31
When you get to the basement make sure you’re in the past. You’ll see two guards inspecting a small hole in the wall. Kill the two guards and then check the display case nearby for a large cog. Throw the cog through the hole in the wall, go to the present, use the cog on the underground vent, drain the water to get the Rune.

Rune Location #32
Use the heart to find the location of this Rune behind a locked door. The door is locked both past and present. It’s behind a very large bookcase on wheels. Check a nearby window in the present, it will be open. Head outside and climb the rubble, enter the room via the window and then switch to the past.

Mission 08 Rune Location Guides

The Grand Palace

Rune Location #33
Head towards the large watch tower. There are some windows nearby. Enter and explore for the Rune.

Rune Location #34, #35
This one is at the Outsider Shrine. Check behind the Black Market, use your ability to jump up and then just move towards the marker away from the town

Rune Location #36
The safe can be found inside the Captain’s Quarters on the first floor. To get the code once inside the Grand Palace take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and enter the room on your right. In the far right corner is a small desk, not the main one, the smaller one. There’s a First Captain’s Safe note on the desk. That contains the code for this safe.

Rune Location #37
Near when you find the impersonator for the main boss, there’s a water feature with a large statue in the middle of it. As you look at the front of the statue take the stairs down to your right and then destroy the wood blocking the door at the bottom. Follow the stairs up and then down to find the Rune in the flooded basement.

Mission 9 Rune Locations

Rune Location #38
As soon as you arrive at the docks use the heart to locate the nearest Rune. That’s the Black Market. Head there to purchase the Rune

Rune Location #49, #40
Use your heart to locate the Outsider Shrine and head towards it. When you get close you will need to climb a ruined building on the opposite side of the road right to the top. Then climb along the metal sticking out of the building across to the shrine. You need to use the Barometer on the wall to open the secret entrance.

Rune Location #41
Progress through the level until you reach the Tower Front Yard. Use your Heart to find the Rune, it’s under a walkway. You can fall down beneath the walkway. Jump down the small gap just above the large 3 metal pipes that lead under the walkway.

Rune Location #42
Once inside the Tower follow the objective to the Security Room. The Rune is inside.