Dishonored Guide: Outsider Shrines Location Guide

Dishonored Guide Outsider Shrines Location Guide
As well as collecting all of the Runes, Bone Charms and Sokolov Paintings, you also have to locate all of the Outsider Shrines. This Dishonored Guide: Outsider Shrines Location Guide will tell you the location of every Outsider Shrine we’ve discovered including links and information to solve any nearby puzzles or remove any obstacles.

Dishonored: Where To Find All The Outsider Shrines

Outsider Shrine Location #1
Not the most detailed first entry as I’m not overly sure where to find it. It’s during the first mission somewhere. I think it’s automatically applied after the first time you meet the Outsider in The Hounds Pub. Feel free to leave a comment if you know more.

Outsider Shrine Location #2
The second one can be found while doing the objective to capture Sokolov. When you enter the second area, the one with the two Guards near the metal barrier. Blink to the nearby roof and then across to the balcony. From there go all the way to the top floor, up the stairs, and exit onto the roof. Turn around as you exit and go behind the door before Blinking onto a balcony. The Outsider Shrine is inside with a Rune.

Outsider Shrine Location #3
The third Outsider Shrine can be located on the Boyle Estate. After getting off the boat, cross the river and go over the road into a house. Climb up the stairs, Blinking over the obstacles and you’ll find it near a Rune.

Outsider Shrine Location #4
Inside the Dunwall Tower Interior in the Torture Chamber on the bottom floor.

Outsider Shrine Location #5
After you speak with Granny Rags in the Sewers. Head up past the Furnace room, into the next room and up the stairs. The Shrine is with another Rune here.

Please note, this is a work in progress and as we’re doing Stealth guides, it’s slow to progress. Please feel free to leave a message if you know one we missed or haven’t discovered yet.

  • About the first Outsider Shrine. You can reach it on the first mission for the loyalists, the one where you kill the High Overseer. Just go to Granny Rags’s apartment (I think it’s marked with an optional quest marker). Go to the bottom floor where Rags is, there’s a door behind her, it leads outside the house and to the shrine. The Outsider tells you that she’s an aristocrat etc etc.

    • Oh also, I’m not sure if the shrine can be reached at a later time, like when you are going after the Pendleton twins in one of the following missions so you might want to check that one out.

  • You can’t reach the first shrine later than the first mission. Granny Rags’ residence is boarded up and she’s moved elsewhere.

    Note, however, that if you are passing over the Granny Rags side missions for any reason, you can still blink up to her balcony, go down to the door, and go to the shrine and collect the rune. Granny is blind and won’t interfere with you unless you talk to her directly.