Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quest Guide

Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quest Guide

Divinity Original Sin 2 is full of side quests for you to do for extra loot and experience. The problem is, you don’t have an icon to know who has side quests and who doesn’t. Check out this Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quest Guide to help you find and complete them all.

Fort Joy Ghetto Side Quests

The Shakedown – You can find this right when you get into Fort Joy. There are two thugs talking to an elf near the entrance and you can intervene. You can talk them down or you can choose to fight them for bonus EXP and loot. After you deal with the thugs, go to the south of the town and enter the cave there. Talk to Elodi inside and she will thank you for your help.

Withermoores Soul Jar – You can find this in the cave where you went to find the Elf for The Shakedown quest. Inside the cave there are two kids playing hide and seek, talk to Mody and offer to play hide and seek with him. Find him the first time and then the second time he will go invisible. He is up the ramp on the east part of the cave, walk up and he will chat with you. You need to dig in the hole that he reveals so you need a shovel or the Red Prince/Lizard to get in. Go to the bottom and pull the spear out of Withermoore and he will give you this quest, you also get his Spear which is a strong early game weapon.

You cannot do this until you go into Fort Joy. You can find this one the Prison Floor of Fort Joy, the area with the silent Monks. Follow the hallway north and you will find a lever at the end near an altar. The Altar is just north of the Door that leads to the courtyard. Use that switch and the altar will move and you can go down into a crypt. Use need to use Teleport to put barrels over the poison traps and go through to the other side. On the other side you will find multiple Soul Jars. Withermoore’s Jar is the one with the plaque that says the Suplicant. The rest will set off traps and spawn Skeletons you can fight. You can choose to absorb the soul or free Withermoore. Freeing him will kill Withermoore and Absorbing the soul didn’t seem to do anything at the moment. Return to Withermoore to collect his belt.

The Imprisoned Elf – You can get this quest either up by Griff and his companions or you can get it in the Elf cave by talking to the Elf by the fire. Griff has an Elf captured and he will want you to help him find out what happened to his missing supplies if you want to free the Elf. You need to speak with a Dreamer Lizard who is on the shore. If you follow the path south out of the town and then follow the beach South you will run into him. As a Lizard or the Red Prince you can convince him to hand over the supplies. I used my wit as a normal Lizard to convince him. As a Human my friend couldn’t seem to convince him so you might have to kill him or use the Red Prince to convince him.

When you return to Griff you have the choice to give him the supplies or fight him. If you give him the supplies you get the key as long as you give up the Lizard. If you choose to fight him you will have to face him and about 4 others. It is great EXP and Griff is a scum bag so I didn’t mind fighting him but it is a bit tough. After you get the key, free the Elf and go to the Elf cave. He will tell you a way to enter the Fort Joy dungeon from the beach. You will need a Lizard or shovel to reveal the entrance.

The Murderous Ghiest – On the wall of Fort Joy you will find three thugs playing cards that want to take a fee from you. I fought them for the bonus EXP but you can probably talk your way out of it if you want. To the east there is a Magister who will give you this quest if you talk to her. You have to leave Fort Joy and go to the South East Beach to face Migo. He is level 4 and pretty strong so be ready for a fight. After you beat him, bring the ring back to the Magister Yarrow and you will get your reward and EXP.

Every Mothers Nightmare – You can talk to a woman named Fara to the west of the Way point in Fort Joy and she will give you this quest.

The Teleporter – You can get this if you go west from the Way point in Fort Joy. Fara is on the wood and this guy in down below, he will stop you once he gets close. If you accept his quest he will want you to kill some monsters to get some Teleport gloves. The gloves are useful even without doing his quest so you want to do it anyways. If you take the path out-of-town to the West and follow the beach up North you will run into the Crocs. Kill them and get the gloves. Return to town and he will tell you the plan is ready for action.

You can find Gawin in the Secret Alcove back on the path you took to get to Fort Joy. Follow his directions and teleport him around until he leaves you. You need to use the stump to make a ladder if you don’t have an extra teleporter with you after he leaves. Be careful though, we broke the stump and were stranded up there at one point. After about a minute you will get EXP for him escaping.

Most Dangerous When Cornered – You can find this quest North East of the Shrine of Lucian on the map, it looks like an old castle. When you approach there will be some Magistars who stop you. I tried to talk my way out of fighting them but they didn’t fall for my Mislead and I had to fight them. Up top there is a man fighting with more Magisters who you can help. If you do help him he will mark a point on your map and ask him to come visit him.

The Purged Dragon – Far West of the Lucian Shrine, about as far west as the map allows, you will find a Dragon that is in shackles. If you free it you will get the quest. He will ask you to retrieve a Wand from a nearby Witch in a cave or put him down. He doesn’t have any decent loot so killing him is kind of pointless unless you want the EXP. The Witchis super close by. You will have to face her and her minions to get the wand and a spell. Return to the Dragon and he will transform into a lizard and reward you.

The Vault Of Braccus Rex – If you saved the guy during the Most Dangerous When Corned mission, you can get this quest. Talk to the people in the Seeker’s Hideout and they will mention a Hideout to the north on a beach. You will have to face some Salamanders on your way there but there will be a cave on the wall once your get there. Enter and you will have to follow the path until the end. There are invisible illusion bridges that you can cross to get through the area. Eventually you will have to face an illusionist and he will drop the Ring Of Braccus.

Follow the path to the end to find some Soul Jars you can interact with. When you get near the Illusionist Soul Jar the Illusionist will pop back up and you can offer to free his soul.

The Cursed Ring – When you get the Ring Of Braccus you will get a quest to wear it. When you put it on you will be cursed and cannot the curse by removing the ring. I just blessed myself and took the ring off to prevent the curse debuff. The quest says you need to find the ring another owner to break the curse.