Doom Argent Cell Location Guide

Doom Argent Cell Location Guide
The Argent Cells in Doom will let you upgrade your armor, max HP and your how much ammo you can hold. Finding all these will be the key to surviving on the games more intense difficulties. Check out this Doom Argent Cell Location Guide to help you find all of them as you play the game!

Doom Argent Cell Location Guide

Resource Operations Argent Cell Location
You can’t miss this one, it is at the end of the level. These points will let you upgrade your max HP, armor and how much ammo you can hold. Depending on how you are playing, these points could be the difference between life and death.
The Foundry Argent Cells
While going through the Foundry you will come across a locked yellow door that you need to open. It is here on the map. Go down the steps and follow that path to the end of the area for a Argent Cell location. Only one in this level.

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Argent Facility Argent Cells
You can find this cell while you are looking to disable the Argent Filters. When you get to the area with the big blue force field, go inside the building near there and go to the bottom floor. Here, behind machinery you will find the Cell.
Argent Energy Tower Argent Cells

Shortly after you begin the Argent Energy Tower level you find some boots that let you double jump. You need to head to the far end of the main room and jump up some ledges to reach a secret. The image above is the platform you need to reach, the secret is just to the right in a small area you can drop into.

There’s another cell on this mission. Towards the end of the Argent Energy Tower mission you’ll reach a room with a large red beam coming down the middle. There’s a big fight here with some new enemies. Once you finish them off you have to go through a door to use a computer to progress. Before you use the computer walk past it and down the hall to find another Argent Cell.

Kadingir Sanctum Argent Cells
You can see this one in the large area with the red pool of blood in the middle and huge amounts of enemies. Don’t fret, you can’t get it straight away. Progress through until you find the Blue Skull Key. Use that to open the Blue Skull door and the Argent Cell is inside.
Argent Facility (Destroyed) Hell On Mars Argent Cells
You won’t be able to find this one until right near the end of the level. You can see the Argent Cell from a nearby ammunition box. As you reach the station you’ll see a platform with enemies, a hive and a spaceship. Before taking out the enemies and finishing the level turn around and jump onto a large group of rocks just off the edge. The Argent Cell is there.

Advanced Research Complex Argent Cells
Impossible to miss the first one. It’s inside the room you enter to use the terminal straight after you kill the fat enemy demon.

The second cell is a little later in the level, after you go through the first airlock. After you clear the area outside the airlock and remove the blue field, jump the gap to the other side like you are going to progress. Look down and to the left to see a path going up a way. Jump down to that path and follow it to the cell.

Lazarus Lab Argent Cells
This one is pretty hard to miss. When you bring down the Helix Containment Field, look to the right and you should see the Argent Cell.

Titans Realm Argent Cells
The first one is easy to find. Continue through the mission until you’re just about to go through the Yellow Door. Before doing so, make sure to check the door to your right. Inside that room is an Argent Cell.
The Necropolis - The Crucible
Go through the first green portal at the start of the level. In the next room is one of the Slayer Testaments that you have to interact with. Just nearby is an Argent Cell for this level.