Doom Eternal Secrets Guide

Doom Eternal Secrets Guide
Every level, all the secrets, Doom Eternal is filled with secrets to discover. This Doom Eternal Secrets Guide is a one-stop shop for all of the secrets guides we’ve created for each of the 13 different levels in Doom Eternal. 100% of the secret collectible items all the way.

Doom 2016 introduce Secrets in a fun and exciting way. Special guns, unique abilities, collectibles, lots of the games best content was hidden away waiting to be discovered. For better or worse, Doom Eternal does things a little differently. Much of the difficulty and challenge of locating and collecting secrets is still there but the reward isn’t quite as exciting.

A lot of the secrets are boring consumable items, such as health or armor, some are a little more exciting with toys and albums, but there’s only one meaningful secret collectible item hidden behind all of the Slayer Gates.

That said, there’s still a lot of accomplishment to finding all of the Secrets in each level. There’s tons of items to find, pieces to collect for the Fortress of Doom and more. Below is a list of all of our Doom Eternal guides, in each level we have found 100% all secrets that are collectible items, even some additional ones like Extra Lives if you’re struggling on the latest boss fight or Secret Encounter.

Doom Eternal Secrets Guide

Level NameSecrets Guide
Hell On Earth (Level 1)Hell On Earth Secrets Guide
Exultia (Level 2)Exultia Secrets Guide
Cultist Base (Level 3)Cultist Base Secrets
Doom Hunter Base (Level 4)Doom Hunter Base Secrets
Super Gore Nest (Level 5)Super Gore Nest Secrets
Arc Complex (Level 6)Arc Complex Secrets
Mars Core (Level 7)Mars Core Secrets
Sentinel Prime (Level 8)Sentinel Prime Secrets
Taras Nabad (Level 9)Taras Nabad Secrets
Nekravol (Level 10)Nekravol Secrets
Nekravol Part II (Level 11)Nekravol Part II Secrets
Urdak (Level 12)Urdak Secrets Guide
Final Sin (Level 13)Final Sin Secrets
Doom Eternal Slayer Gate Guide

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Doom Eternal Taras Nabad Secret Location Guide

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