Doom Guide: Automap Location Guide

Doom Guide: Automap Location Guide
There are loads of hidden secrets and collectibles in Doom and one of the easiest ways to find them all is collecting the Automap for each location. This Doom Automap location guide will tell you where to find each Automap on every level so that you can easily find the secrets and other collectibles.

The UAC Automap
Doom Praetor Suit Upgrade 1 – You can find your first suit upgrade in The UAC level. After you open the door with the blue keycard for the first time, go down and stick to the right. You will find a small cave that you can enter. Kill the enemies inside and grab the automap.
Resource Operations Automap
You can walk right past this one if you aren’t paying attention. When you go to restore the power to the Maintenance Door you can find the Automap in the hall.

Doom Automap 2

The Foundry Automap
Progress through the level. When you reach the Plasma Rifle you’ll enter a room with a few crates and some robotic arms. The next room has some lava being poured into the middle. Follow the stairs all the way up and you’ll see a door on your right. Ignore that and take a left, the Automap can be found at the end of the walkway
Argent Facility Automap
The Automap for the next mission can be found inside the large room with blue lights and electricity surging through various spots. On the bottom level in the far right corner of the room there’s a large door. You can’t interact with this door but there’s another smaller door to the right, you can pry it open and explore inside to find the Automap.

Argent Energy Tower Automap
Progress through the level until you reach the short cut-scene with Olivia running away with some Argent Energy. Head around to the left to enter the room through the door. The Automap can be found in the back right corner.
Kadingir Sanctum Automap
The Automap in Kadingir Sanctum is a bit deep in the level. You can find it right after you open the second red skull door. Follow the stairs down and skip past the teleporter to the next cave. The Automap is in that cave, it looks a little different though.
Argent Facility (Destroyed) Automap
Continue through the mission until you enter the complex where you meet a new type of enemy. The mutant dog type things that charge you. Inside this room walk into the middle and check to the right, the Automap is directly ahead.

Advanced Research Complex Automap
Once you get off the tram and defeat the large demon enemy, take a left and you’ll see two entrances. One to a male toilet and the other to a female. Head into the ladies room and look up, there’s a vent in the ceiling. Jump off the sink area and grab on. Follow it through to find the secret area and the Automap.
Lazarus Facility Automap
This one is close to where you run into the Weapon Mod bot. When you are going through the computer consoles you can find a vent on the wall. Follow that vent down to the area below and you can find the Automap down there.
Titans Realm Automap
Titan’s Realm You will find the Automap right after you take the second green portal, can’t miss it.
The Necropolis - The Crucible Automap
Continue through until you get to the room with the Yellow Skull Key. Clear the room and the Automap will spawn in the small indent in the wall directly next to the key.
VEGA Central Processing Automap
Continue through the mission until you enter a door with “Clean Area” written above. It’s after the large room with the two switches. Go through the door and then through the next door you see, you should be inside a room full of terminals and a couple of holograms. Search the left side of the room for a hatch in the floor that you can interact with. Go down the hatch, past the guy with the blue key and then into the door on the left. Automap is inside.

We’re updating this as we go so check back soon for updates.