Doom Guide: Weapon Location Guide

Doom Weapon Location Guide
Surviving in Doom is all dependent on what weapons you have. Some guns are easy to find while others are hidden in nooks and crannies. Check out this Doom Weapon Location Guide to help you find all the weapons as you go!

Doom Weapon Location Guide

First weapon you get and you can’t miss it. As soon as you spawn in you have the gun.
You can’t miss this gun either. Just keep walking in the first area and you will pick up the shotgun.
Frag Grenade
You will find the Frag grenades after you open the first locked blue door. These will really pack a punch. Grenades in this game have a cool down, you don’t have to find any extras but you can’t spam them either.
The Chainsaw can be found in the Resource Operations. Eventually you will come to a room that says “To many demons going into lockdown mode”. After you clear the demons you will enter a locker room and the chainsaw is on the corpse in there.
Plasma Rifle
The first truly hidden weapon. During Resource Operations you will run into a locked door that takes a yellow key card. Go to the locked yellow door but do not go in it yet. Instead look behind you for some boxes you can climb up. Climb up and over and cross to the other side. Open the yellow door on the other side and then use the computer. This will open up a few of the other locked doors in the area.

Go into the hallway outside the room and then look right for a hatch that you can open now. Go down the hatch and then go up the other hatch on the other side. Go near the blood smear on the wall up there to find the Plasma Rifle.

Heavy Assault Rifle
The Heavy Assault Rifle can be found on Resource Operations. After you open the door with the yellow key card, look left for a room. Inside that room you will find the machine gun.
Rocket Launcher
During the Argent Facility mission where you have to disable the Argent Tower filters. Keep moving forward until you reach a room with bloodied corpses hanging from the ceiling directly above a strange pentagram style symbol. The nearby body of a marine has the Rocket Launcher
Super Shotgun
This can be found on the Argent Facility mission where you disable the Argent Tower filters. Progress through the mission until you reach a large blue room with electricity surging in locations. You’ll have to fight a mini-boss in here. When you’ve killed it head to the next area. As soon as you exit the door check to your right. There’s a broken area in the railings. Drop down there and walk around to discover the Super Shotgun on a corpse.
Towards the end of the Argent Energy Tower mission. When you reach the room just before the end with the huge elevator shaft, after climbing the entire way up the tower. There’s a Plasma Rifle, the Hologram can be found on the storage box just next to the Plasma Rifle.
Gauss Cannon
Gauss CannonAfter taking the robot lift up to the tower you will end up in a room with a locked lift in it. You can’t do anything from here, but behind that glass is where you want to go. Follow the path out like you are just progressing and jump past the moving energy containers out towards the tower. Instead of dropping down, turn around and jump across. Go forward a bit until you can jump again to the left and do that. Keep going until you are on a path that leads up some stairs. Up here you can see the lift is opened and you can drop down below. Look down before you jump because the landing can be a bit rough, use the double jump if you need to..
Doom Chaingun
During Kadingir Sanctum right after going through the red three skulled door you will take a teleporter. This teleporter will lead to an area with some supplies before a pretty big fight. If you walk to the edge after the hallway and look down you will see a power up and a path going left. Take the path going left and you will get a secret and a Chaingun early
BFG 9000
You can find the BFG in Lazarus Labs. The BFG cannot be missed but there is a little puzzle attached to it. When the laser trap is above you, look around for red lights under the laser grid. Shoot a few of those and this will free the BFG.
Siphon Grenade
You can find this grenade during the Titan’s Realm Mission. I actually didn’t even realize it was a weapon until I walked over it, it can easily be missed. During the mission you will eventually have to pass through something called the Titan’s Core(a green teleporter that is blocked until you clear the room). In this room you can find the grenade on the ground, in a corner behind the warp bubble. These regen some of your HP when you hit demons with it.

We are updating as we go so check back soon for more guides!