Doom Guide: Weapon Mod Location Guide

Doom Weapon Mod Location Guide
Weapon Mods in Doom will add new ways to use all of the weapons you find. Some of the mods you might just stumble across, but most of them are hidden pretty well. Check out this Doom Weapon Mod Location Guide to find all the weapon mods as you go!

Doom Field Drone Location Guide

The UAC Field Drone Location
This will be your first weapon mod to find. While you are in The UAC level you will have to use a blue key card for the first time. When you go through that door, follow the path below down until you hit a broken bridge. Run and jump across the bridge then look right to see your weapon mod.

Charged burst takes about a second to charge and shoots three shotgun blasts in a row rapidly. This doesn’t have a cool down and you can keep using it as long as you have 3 shotgun shells to spare.

The explosive shot mod shoots an explosive shot. It has a bit of a cool down on it so you can’t spam it. You can normally get one-off every 5 seconds or so without any upgrades.

You will get both eventually but for now you have to pick one.

Resource Operations Field Drone Location
You will find the second Weapon Mod in the Resource Operations level. The robot is right by the yellow key card that you have to find. Now you will get the mod upgrade you didn’t get last time.
The Foundry Field Drone Location
This one is pretty hard to miss but here’s a picture on of where it is on the map.

Doom The Foundry Field Drone Location

When you spawn in just follow the path out to the main part of the foundry. Go right and jump across to the door on the other side. Inside you will find the bot and some other supplies. I went with the missiles on my heavy assault rifle for some extra bang.

Argent Facility Field Drone Location

Field Drone 1 – You actually see this one pretty early but it runs away when you find it. When you get to the first demon spawning thing then you are close. Clear the area and then look down below. Go around the force field and you will see a path that leads down into a jammed oor. Duck under the door and you can find the bot and supplies there.

Argent Facility Field Drone Location 1

Field Drone 2 – You cant find this mod AFTER you close all the filters. Start heading towards the Argent Processor until you run into a fork in the road. Look left fora crate that you can climb up and do so. Jump the gap to the left and follow that path to a building. Inside you will find some enemies and a mod robot.

Field Drone 3Doom Argent Facility Field Drone 3

Field Drone 4Doom Argent Facility Secret 4

Argent Energy Tower Field Drone Location

Field Drone 1 – As you reach the area where you have to cross the bridge stick to the left side. A short distance across you’ll see several sets of stairs that lead up to higher levels. Follow it all the way up into a room. From there cross the bridge into another room. This is the secret area with a Combat Support Drone.

Kadingir Sanctum Field Drone Location

Field Drone 1 – Impossible to miss this one. Towards the end of the mission after you use the yellow jump device.

Argent Facility (Destroyed) Field Drone Location

Field Drone 1 – This is in the room where you move the crane out of the electrified water. Jump onto the crane and then jump to the right. Follow that around and you will get a weapon mod and the secret.

Advanced Research Complex Field Drone Location

Field Drone 1 – Keep progressing through the level and you will eventually come to a fan that will blow you up to the ceiling if you go on it. Go around to the left and deactivate the fan and drop down. Drop below the fan and go through the vent to find a weapon mod bot.

Lazurus Lab Field Drone Location

Field Drone 1 -Can’t really miss this one. Once you get through the Maintenance Door you will find the robot, it’s on the path you have to take.

Titans Realm Field Drone Location
Field Drone 1 – Continue through the level until you reach the room with the toxic liquid on the floor. From there head into the next area, take a right and then a left and follow the path to the end room. You’ll see a red symbol on the back wall of the room so you know you’re in the right one. At the top of the small stairs when you enter there’s a hidden switch, it’s on the left as you walk towards the room. Clear out the demons and the switch opens. Hit it and then walk back towards the way you came in but take a left, the wall is now open. Head inside for the Field Drone.

The Necropolis - Field Drone Location
strong>Field Drone 1 – Continue through the level until you activate both switches behind the yellow and blues doors. You’ll then have to drop down a huge hole. Continue forward through the door with the large skull above it, in the next area you’ll see the drone on the left hand side atop some stairs.

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for updates!