Dragon Age Inquisition Companion List

Dragon Age Inquisition Companion List

In Dragon Age Inquisition you will come across characters that can join your party if you want them to. They are scattered throughout the lands and you have will have to find them to get them to join them. Check out this guide and find out where you can get new party members!

Cassandra join right at the start of the game. Shortly after that you get Varric and Solas as well.

Blackwall You can recruit Blackwall after The Lone Warden quest. You get that quest after you go to Val Royeaux and talk to the Templars. Go to the Hinterlands and do the quest and tell him you want him to join you. Blackwall is a warrior and starts off with a sword and shield.

Iron Bull – To get Iron Bull you need to complete the quest “The Captain Of The Chargers” at the Storm Coast. Tell him you want him to join and you will get another warrior on your team. He starts off with a two handed sword instead of a sword and shield. You also get his men as agents for the Inquisition.

Sera – Once you go to Val Royeaux you can get the quest “A Friend Of Red Jenny” from an arrow shot towards you. Complete the quest and talk to Sera and have her join your team. Sera is an elf rogue who starts off with a bow.

Vivienne Vivienna is a Mage you can recruit by doing a quest in Val Royeaux. Do the “Ghislain Estate” quest and after you talk to Vivienna for awhile ask her to join with her Mages.

Dorian – After you complete the quest “Hushed Whispers” Dorian will offer to join your team. As usual if you don’t want him you can say no. If you side with the Templars you won’t be able to get Dorain until you get to the Skyhold later in the game.

Cole – Doing the “Champions Of The Just” quest will get you the Templars as allies. After you beat the quest Cole will come and you can have him join you if you want. If you side with the Mages you won’t be able to get Cole until you make it to the Skyhold later in the guide.

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