Dragon Age Inquisition: Crestwood Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition: Crestwood Side Quest Guide

Crestwood is another area in Dragon Age Inquisition that you can do side quests in. The area is kind of large and some of the missions can be missed if you don’t keep your eyes open. This guide will help you find the guides while you travel through the area!

Dragon Age Inquisition Crestwood Side Quests

Still Waters – You get this quest when you arrive in the area. Once you get to the village go talk to the Mayor. Tell him you will help with the bandits and he will give you the key you need. After you capture the keep you can go to the Dam Access room and make your way to the dam. Once you make it to the Tavern open up the damn and you can cross the lake. After you lower the Lake go to the flooded caves and close the rift.

Here Lies The Abyss – You get this from Hawke back at the Skyhold. Go to the way point to meet up with the Warden and figure out where the Wardens are meeting up.

The Naturalist – Talk to Gauld in Crestwood about Judith to get this quest. Go to the way point and talk to Judith to complete the quest.

Homecoming – To the north east of the village you can find a path that leads uphill to some ruins. Talk to the sister there and she will ask you to drain the lake. After you drain the lake go to the way point and you can find the bodies in different houses. Return to the sister to complete the quest.

Capturing Caer Bronach – There is a keep in the area called Caer Bronach that you need to take back from bandits. If you take the road south from the town you will stumble upon it. This one is pretty basic but make sure you have all of your potions just in case. When you get to the door break it down. After you capture the keep check out any room you missed for loot!

High Stakes – After you capture the keep talk to Charter and ask about the spy. Head to the way point and right in the center you can find Bucther’s body. Report back to Charter after you are done.

Dragon Age Inquisition Wyrm Hide Quest

Weeding Out Bandits – After you claim the keep go back up to the area you put down your flag for this quest. You can find the Bandits roaming around the hills through the Dam Access door. If you are having trouble finding them leave the area and teleport to the camp near there.

Wyrm Hide – You get this quest from Judith after you find her. Go to the Three Trout Farm and follow the path around to the west. It will up to a mine then a cave where the Wyvern is. These are not nearly as hard as the real Dragons but bring max potions anyways.

Burdens Of Command – Talk to the red spirit in Old Crestwood after you lower the lake to get this quest. You have to kill a Rage demon in the flooded caves which is where you need to go anyways. The Demon is right past the Dwarf Ruins, can’t be missed. Return to the spirit after you close the rift.

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