Dragon Age Inquisition: The Emerald Grove Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition: The Emerald Grove Side Quest Guide

The Emerald Grove is a wooded area that houses the Dalish in Dragon Age Inquisition. The area is full of side quests but it is large and easy to miss a few. This guide will help you find the quests and you go through the area.

Dragon Age Inquisition Emerald Grove Side Quests

Watcher’s Reach Refugees – You get this mission when you arrive in the area. When you get to Fairbanks tell him you will look into the Freemen to get another quest.

The Freemen Of The Dales – You get this from Fairbanks after you turn in the “Watcher’s Reach Refugees” quest. Go the torn page on the wall and read it for another quest.

A Bear To Cross – I got this at the first camp after I finished most of the area, not sure if you can get it earlier. All you have to do is go to the way point and kill the bear there.

A Fallen Sister – You get this from the Torn Page on the wall in the above quest. Once you make it to the quest point kill the mob to complete the quest.

Not Everyone’s Free – Directly after beating the Sister in the quest above you can get this quest. Check the ! on the map in the area and you will get a key for the cage. After you get the key open up the cage and you beat the quest.

Motherly Encouragement – You can find this quest on a body in the river north-east of Andraste’s Mercy. Head to the marker and read the book there to complete the quest.

Map Of Watcher’s Pass – You start this quest in Watcher’s Reach by finding a scroll in a house. You can find the treasure near the bridge that wooden bridge that crosses the river. The bridge is east(Thanks Skyler Redmon) of the Direstone Campsite, use your search to find it.

Devotion – Right next to the Andraste’s Light landmark on the map you can find this quest. go to the way point and plant the candle to complete the quest.

A Corrupt General – This is found to the south east of the Briathos’ Steps campsite. Head to the gate and it will be locked and take a key. The key is on a Freeman leader guy a bit north of that point(near the statue of the betrayer). If you kill him and his loot doesn’t pop up quick travel to a camp and go back to find it. Head through the gate and kill the General to beat the quest.

Once you beat him go to the room behind him and you can find a locked door that takes a Rune Key. There are three parts to the key, use the search function to find them(click the stick in). Part one is in that room, part two is in the East Hall and the last part is in the Private Chambers. After you get all three pieces go to the room with the Red Lyrium inside and use that to form the key, make sure you have a mage energize it. It is the room in the study you need to break with a shield.

Dragon Age Inquisition A Corrupt General

Map Of Elgar’nan’s Bastion – You can find this quest right to the west of Gracevine Camp. The end result is just south of the Din’an Hinin(North East corner over the map, across the river) ruins where the Dalish are. Go up the hill and use the search function at the big tree that overlooks to ruins to find the items.

Observing The Menace – This quest is on a body to the south of Gracevine Camp, near the rift there.

A Lover’s Promise – This quest can found at The Lion’s Pavilion on the wall. Go to the marker and check the corpse to beat the quest. A giant spider will rush you at the end.

Victims Of War – After you clear out the leaders of the Freemen in the area you can return to Fairbanks for a turn in. This also gets you and his men as agents for the Inquisition. I think you get the quest to kill them all at the Mines in the area, not 100% sure because I had them all killed at that point.

Noble Deeds, Noble Heart – Talk to Clara at Watcher’s Reach after you turn in the Victims Of War quest to get this quest. Go to each of the way points and use the search to find the items you need. When you have the items you can return them to either Fairbanks or Clara. It didn’t really seem to make a difference who I have it to when I tried both. I ended up going with Fairbanks because he was an agent for me.

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