Dragon Age Inquisition: Exalted Plains Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition: Exalted Plains Side Quest Guide

After you beat some of the story missions in Dragon Age Inquisition you can scout the Exalted Plains. The area has plenty of side quests and if you don’t look carefully you might miss some. Use this guide to find all the side quests in the area!

Dragon Age Inquisition Exalted Plains Side Quests

Undead Ramparts To The West – This is the quest you get when come first come to the area. Just head to the way marker and you will complete the quest and meet Corporal Rosselin.

Lay Rest The Western Ramparts – You get this quest from the Corporal. You need to head to two way points and burn the pits there. They are protected by magical barriers so use the opposite type of magic on them to break the barrier. For the record I was able to use lightning on a fire barrier and it worked just as well as ice. After that blow the horn at the way point. Return to the Corporal to complete the quest.

Another Side, Another Story – You get this after completing “Lay Rest The Western Ramparts” by asking What’s going on? to the Corporal. Once you make it to the fort talk to Marshal Proulx. Tell him about any deeds you have done in the area then ask about the Freemen.

A Father’s Guidance – You can get this at a book to the east of the ramparts, you should see the ! while you are clearing it out. Head to the way point and you can find a loot box under a tree that will complete the quest.

From Beyond – You can find a Dalish camp south of the river, near a place called the Ancient Baths. They have three quests to give and this is one of them. Go to the way marker and kill all the demons in the area. After that fast travel back to the Dalish camp and turn it in.

Scattered Glyphs – After you beat the quest “From Beyond”, the Dalish will tell you about Glyphs scattered across the land. You will need to use the Veilfire in each area and fine the runes on the walls there. You also need to investigate the ruins for part of the quest but a glyph is there so you’ll go there anyways. After that you can complete the quest at the War Table.

A Well Stocked Camp – This quest also appeared after I beat the “From beyond” quest. Read the book next to Nissa and find the herb that is says. Mine was Spindleweed which I had a ton of. From there it went Elfroot, Iron, Canine Hides and GREAT Bear Hides. I had it pointed out to me that you need Great Bear Hides for this on3 by Dragon Age(thanks), you can find the Great Bears in the Emerald Grove.

The Golden Halla – Another quest you can get at the Dalish camp. The Halla is south of the camp and you have to herd it back to the Dalish. Just get behind it and lead it back to camp.

Dragon Age Inquisition The Golden Halla

By The Grace Of The Dalish – This is the third quest you get at the Dalish camp. You need to earn Dalish favor and then you can get them to join the Inquisition. After you complete all the quests here you can Loranil to the Inquisition.

Something To Prove – This quest can be found on a dead body in a broken house east of Demetrius’s End. This and “Scattered Glyphs” end in the same area. You will need to take down the magic barrier in order to finish this one though. Go through and loot the body to get the quest item.

Something To Lose – I think this quest goes hand in hand with the one above. You turn this in at the Dalish Camp and if you choose he was brave you gain Dalish Influence but Solas slightly disapproves. I’m not 100% sure if that was the body or not but I already had his belongings.

The Spoils Of Desecration – You get this quest by checking the door in the back of Var Bellanaris. I would to do this until after you complete the Dalish quests just in case you lose favor from them. You will have to loot the graves until you find the three key pieces.

No Word Back – I got this after I closed one of the “Rifts On The Battlefied”. After you close it signal the horn above the rift to complete the quest.

Calming Victory Rise – You get this one from the Marshal inside the fort. Same as the west area, break the barriers and burn the pits. After you do that blow the signal horn and you complete the quest.

A Familiar Ring

Lay Rest The Eastern Ramparts – You also get this quest from the Marshal in the fort. You will need to burn on body and kill a mini boss at the way point. After that blow the horn and you will beat the quest.

A Familiar Ring – While in Victory Rise take the trenches until you find a locked door. Open it with your rogue and inside you can talk to a wounded soldier who gives you this quest. You will need to build the bridge at the War Table in order to complete this quest.

Map Of Enavuris – You can find this in Victory Rise as well on the lower levels. This one is through two large doors in the area.

Left To Grieve – Talk to Sergeant Meursault on the second floor of the fort to get this quest. She will want you to collect letters scattered all over the area. Go to the way points and use the search(click the stick in) to find the letters.

Ghilan’Nain’s Grove – You can open this area by going to the War Table. Once you open it up just go in an explore a bit to complete the quest. If you plan to go deep in be ready for a Dragon.

For The Empire – You can do this after you repair the bridge at the War Table. You have to fight your way through a ton of enemies to get to he way marker so bring plenty of potions. Once you get to the door there is a switch you need to turn up the stairs near there. Once you get to the gate use Cassandra to get in and you can complete the quest.

Pressed For Cache – You get this from Celine after you complete “For The Empire”. All you have to do is go to the way markers and claim all the supplies to finish the quest.

I am updating as I go so check back soon!

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